JLB Chats #10 w/ Velocet + Ab + Frank (29-Sep-2018)

Was the AA Morris ‘meltdown’ a form of avant-garde performance art? How much do we really know about jet engines, and is there any merit to the so-called ‘jet fuel hoax’? Is the thing we call ‘technology’ in fact blatant form of magic? Why do so many people in the ACT realm seem to believe that the ‘elite’ are evil or nefarious?

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JLB Member Discord #0 | ‘We Have Lift-Off’ (25-Aug-2018)

This was supposed to be a trial run of the new platform (Discord) and the new recording software (Craig bot). Knightly News and I had set aside our Saturday evening for a call to test out the new tech. We were soon joined by unexpected guests, and what followed was a terrific discussion on media fakery, skepticism, the ACT realm, and many related topics.

I had only opened the JLB Discord server less than ten hours before this call took place, which makes the surprise turnout all the more impressive.

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