Erase & Rewind (Rewind)

Why does it matter to me that my airBNB turned out to be on floor 42?

If I no longer believe this realm is more than a couple hundred years old, then how do I suppose everything and everybody 'got here'?

When did it dawn on me that something much bigger than myself might be pulling the strings on this thing we call reality?

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Stefan Molyneux vs Jay Dyer Debate | Post-Debate Review

Two of the ACT realm’s philosophy heavyweights go toe-to-toe in a live debate.

In the blue corner is the lolbertarian and apparent agnostic Stefan Molyneux.

In the red corner is the orthodox Christian and philosophy post-graduate Jay Dyer.

JLB was on the scene to assess the biggest clash of minds on Youtube since Logan Paul vs KSI.

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OriginalSimulant Podcast — Technology, Futurism, Philosophy

How much of what you do with your day tomorrow could be predicted by simple algorithms already in use today? As this thing we call 'digital technology' advances further and further, does the average person have anything to 'fear' (as the conspiratards might have us believe), or is this a time of outrageous opportunity for those with eyes to see? What is the point in trying to change a person's mind and is it even a 'good' thing to do so?

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