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What is all about?

This video is the best explanation you’ll find:

The JLB Mailing List Explained

How often are emails sent?

Usually once or twice per month.

How much does it cost?


What’s in it for JLB to run this Mailing List?

1) Backup in case my youtube account gets deleted again.

If that happens I can let people know where to find the new channel more easily.

2) Promotion of the site.

The emails contain links to material which was previously only available to Members of the site.

The more people who see how good the Member-only content is, the more who will join the world’s best think-tank for skeptics and independent thinkers ūüôā

How can I unsubscribe?

There’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email I send out.

Do I have to give my real name?

Of course not. But whatever name you put in the name field is how emails to you will be tailored, so if you put a silly name like ‘poopeyhead’ in the name field, then every email I send to you via this mailing list will say ‘hello poopeyhead’ at the top. This is automatic thing so make sure you put a name or initial which you’ll be happy to see addressed to you in future emails.

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