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Super Agent Jon le Bon by Alex A

A Canadian fellow named Alex A writes and illustrates
a comic book series about a Super Agent named Jon le Bon.

Jon le Bon or John le Bon?
Jon le Bon and the Brain of the Apocalypse.

I have never met Alex A and had not heard of him
prior to beginning my YouTube channel.

However, after I learned about Alex A’s series,
I purchased a copy of the first comic:
‘Jon le Bon and the Brain of the Apocalypse’.

It is very well-written and illustrated and I’m happy to endorse it here.

See the Jon le Bon comic official website.

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Images of JLB

Here are some of the images I found when googling ‘John le Bon’

John le Bon from a beautiful park in Brisbane, Australia.
John le Bon in Brisbane.

This one is from winter 2016. I was about 28 or 29 at the time.

John le Bon in a Masonic hall.
John le Bon in rural Queensland.

This one is from the Dinoskeptic Roadtrip.
We visited a cafe which had been built in an old Masonic hall.

John le Bon won some money on Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao.
John le Bon at Suncorp Stadium.

This one is from July 2017, not long before my 30th birthday.

John le Bon and Gino from Eccentric Views youtube channel.
John le Bon on the International Space Station.

This one is from early 2018. I was 30 at the time. That’s my friend Gino.

Website banner: Compilation of various images related to the themes and philosophies of johnlebon.com. Created by John le Bon.

Website background: From a film called ‘The Thirteenth Floor’.



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  • Are you still producing any work/research? I think your work on the biosecurity bill was great. Are you on Twitter? How can I follow you?

    • Hello Gai, thanks for the kind words. Now that I have my site up and running, it will serve as the hub for my work going forward. The ARP still convenes sporadically and we broadcast live on election night – the three-hour mp3 is available at ausroundtable.com. Feel free to contact me via email if you would like to discuss things further.

  • In 1787 Thomas Jefferson, the author of the ‘Declaration of Independence’, wrote, “…were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government.. I should not hesitate a moment, to prefer the latter..”

      • JLB – And, I thought, quite an apt one, for more than one reason. As far as I can see, it’s deemed credible, according to the research of ‘Founders Online’ – a collaboration of the National Archives and the University of Virginia. Interestingly, this Jefferson quote was apparently taken from a letter he wrote, as the ‘Minister of France’ (?) to an Edward Carrington, his delegate representing the State of Virginia at the Continental Congress.. AND would you believe, written the very day before the outbreak of the French Revolution?

        Did you know that ‘one’ of the outcomes of this revolt that abolished its monarchy, was the decriminalization of homosexuality, in 1791! This plot as deep as it goes, is becoming increasingly clearer..

  • Hi John

    Just stumbled across your site and have listened to your program on Orlando false flag ……………good to see Aussies like yourself trying to awake Aussies to the real world…Born in Dublin in arrived in Australia in 1987…
    I am a big fan of Ken O’Keeffe and many others too many too mention…I currently own a hotel in Proserpine and am frustrated with the apathy of Queenslanders and Australians in General…

    I would love to have a discussion live on your show in regard to false flags since 1900 Israel/Palestine situation Aussie Politics federal and state …..the current problems in North Queensland high unemployment 18 to 24% from rockhampton to Cairns …what I had written in the Whitsunday newspapers.. North Queensland economy is worse than Greece Portugal Spain and my homeland Ireland ..

    Thomas Dunne

    • You arrived in Australia the same year I did (although in very different circumstances). Queenslanders are indeed apathetic but, in my experience, only slightly more than Victorians; Australians in general are very well indoctrinated and programmed to be docile sleeple. I will be sending you an email shortly to discuss the prospect of having you on as a guest for a live show some time soon.

  • Your videos are absolutely amazing! If you are ever in South Carolina I would love to meet you!

    • That is very nice of you to say so, thank you. How did you find my channel(s)?

    • Thanks for checking out the site, Jeran. Perhaps we will arrange something for Globebusters in the near future. Cheers.

  • Nice job with the banner, John. Can’t ID as many as I thought.

    • Thanks, Campbell. I recently played a game to see how many my interlocutor could ID live on the air, he (Rollo) did amazingly well. Might make it a regular thing.

  • FYI There seems to be no easy way to add a profile pic on my end.. There is a “Gravatar” link which probably requires a separate registration, so, i Guess no pic for me. Hopefully you can change that John. Best wishes for your new site and best wishes to every single benevolent man and woman in this world, with all hope that good (currently lagging way behind) will triumph over evil.

    • When you are logged in, you should be able to add an avatar on your user account. I have installed and activated a plug-in for this exact purpose. Please let me know if you are still unable to upload your profile pic and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Hi John, I have been listening to/watching all your videos and love your fluid opinion and open thinking. It’s too easy for people to just dismiss ideas with no thought, and the way you consider anything based on the weight of evidence is inspiring and has helped me change the way I look at everything, thank you.
    I would like to ask, what is your current opinion/feeling on where we live? Ball, flat, stationary or other? I’d really appreciate your thoughts whether public or private.
    I know it’s hard work but please give us more soon! Keep up the very good work, best wishes to you down there from up here ūüėČ

    • Thanks for the kind words, Max. I have explained my position on the shape of the earth a couple of times recently while on live hangouts/streams, both with the Fakeologist crew and then with some scientism dogmatists on Shawn Hufford’s channel. Here is the link to the latter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ_oFgLSX6s

      I’ll make videos on this topic again at some point in the nearish future, but my priority lately has been to move away from making videos specifically about the Flat Earth cult and watch from a distance. I am currently researching for a book/booklet I plan to release concerning online cults, using the Potatoes/Globebusters as my primary subject base.

    • Thanks, mate. Hope to see some more videos from your good self soon!

  • metajlb

    anxiously waiting to review the top two levels of the hoax hierarchy – as well the dino doc.

    my instincts tell me they’ll include religion / history / money / food / aging / dying … but since the rabbit hole may indeed go far deeper than we can ever dig – perhaps ole granddaddy will soon disappear like a cleared row of tetris blocks, giving way to a even older ancestral past?

    either way – looking forward to gleaning insight from what you’ve unearthed.

    • It may be some time before I go into any specific detail about the Daddy or Granddaddy Hoaxes. Before then I want to demonstrate beyond all cynicism that the Teeny Hoaxes are indeed complete and utter hoaxes. A lot of people in this scene claim to understand things, but they do not act or behave in a manner consistent with the understanding they profess to have. For instance, once somebody truly understands the Atom Hoax, why would they not seek to investigate the where, when and who behind the hoax, what was believed prior to it, etc? Why would they not seek to learn more about the history of the hoax? How can they even understand the hoax without thoroughly studying how the hoax came to be accepted and propagated in the first place?

      The higher levels of the Hoax Hierarchy will make zero sense to somebody who does not truly understand the Teeny Hoaxes and below, and I suspect we are a long way off people in this scene truly understanding even the Baby Hoaxes, let alone the higher order hoaxes. There is a tremendous difference between understanding something and merely knowing of/about it. Generally when I hear people claim to understand something, what I quickly learn is that they know of/about it, but understand little if anything about it. Such people have nothing to gain from ‘knowing about’ the Daddy Hoaxes.

      • metajlb

        these are fair questions and your commentary on the intertwined nature of the hoax hierarchy compels me to examine each more carefully.

        upon seeing evidence for challenger chicanery, i lost respect once held for richard feynman like a hot potato. the footage of enola gay and nuclear test sites look suspect, and while i haven’t spent much time on the subject, dominos will soon fall, such as democritus and the rest of the atomic lineup as torch bearers of human intellectual achievement.

        this is surely a thin layer of comprehension, and doesn’t add to a full understanding of the hoax, but one does not need not study how electricity works in order to get utility out of a light switch. or need to investigate the inner workings of the body’s metabolic functions to benefit from a realization that a reduction in sugar and processed carbohydrates as well maintaining a caloric deficit has a higher degree of likelihood of achieving weight loss. of course there is much more to know about nutrition, its history and tangentially the myriad corporate culprits behind the poisoning of the food pyramid.

        but there are still things to gain (or lose) from an acquaintance with the basics.

        further, understanding something and behavior modification is an entirely different proposition. most people, myself included, still do things they ought not do, despite knowing better. call it lack of self control, risk vs reward, self sabotage, fear of success? et al… each or all may be contributing factors to the disconnect. why am i eating pretzels while i write this? it’s not doing anything but offering temporal mouth pleasure :/

        but i still think i’m better off knowing and not doing – than not knowing and doing. this may be worse for one’s inner moral compass and compromises external opinions, but eventually you can chip away at the chains of bad habit.

        in my experience, knowing x has often led to a reduction in consumption y. for instance, upon learning of the 9/11 shenanigans, it was incredibly easy to put 2 plus 2 together and see the media’s complicity in carrying out the contrived event. from then on, i never trusted any of the mainstream channels, pundits, journalists or even viewers seriously, and soon thereafter stopped following the alternative sock puppets when it was clear they were unwilling to dive into the deep end. from there went the public intellectuals and so on until i arrived in this scene on my quest for clarity on what the heck is going on in this realm.

        all that said, i look forward to your work on Teeny, Daddy and Granddaddy – whether they arrive sooner or later.

  • To JLB: I posted a comment logged in as a free member here to Meta FE 000 and it did not show with no message – if there is a lag before being approved – assuming free memnbers can comment there as well as here which I will now see as I click this “Post Comment” icon yet again.

    You’ve got some bugs to work out here John. can not post my reply as just stated above – and this thread is upside down, recent should be on top.

    Also, I heard Meta Fe 000 from YouTube which I see you’ve since removed and or made private on YouTube but seems still available here. I will attempt again to post my reply which is somewhat long so I will try increments as there may be a limit here?? Which if so is not stated, or a block on copy/pasteing?? Again I am copying from my own sourse as I wrote this reply earlier today.

    Other inconveniences: The login is at the bottom of the main page here as opposed to the top; and a profile picture can not be uploaded from one’s computer – as the Gravatar site seems dysfunctional at best, offering no help. As well Fakeologist.com shows these problems unnecessary.

    [Edited by JLB on 6-Jan-2016 to condense three comments into one]

    • Thanks for the feedback, Black Dog. Regarding comment ‘lag time’, the site is set up so that once you have had a comment approved, all future comments are auto-approved (unless they contain links). As for Meta Fe, I broadcast that show live via google hangouts, and then set to ‘private’ while I reupload the video to my own Vimeo account. I have previously detailed the reasons why I use Vimeo and prefer it over YouTube as a hosting service before, but suffice to say that the YouTube ‘truther’ scene is full of people who are the antithesis of the audience I want my work to reach, and the added benefit of using my own hosting service is greater control over the content (delivery etc). As for the log-in button, that is a good point, I will see if I can add a log-in at the top of the site as well. As for gravatar, others seem to have worked it out; I will post a demo video showing how to use that function as soon as I get the time.


  • Mate

    Sent you an email about trying to get involved in your dinoskeptic project. When I press paypal it does not take me to your account to make a payment.

  • Hey JLB, would your mate Lucas be interested in doing a podcast/video about bitcoin? All those different bitcoin t-shirts he has been wearing lately in your videos have got me intrigued…


  • I am very grateful for what you have done here John.

    For one reason or another I find it impossible to pay for the promise of content, or to pay for subscriptions. It is against my short handed, white trash morals. Long story short, the $20 is always for content I have already consumed. I’m not sure why I need to say that.

    On a different note, I’m riding my bike to Carbondale to see the solar eclipse of 8/21/2017. That will be an experience.

    I am so grateful for everything I have come across, life is so great, don’t believe yucky lies

  • I’ve tried and paid for signing up 3 times and my membership is always cancelled immediately after. What’s going on ? Are you not accepting new members? I want to read so many things on here it’s so frustrating!

    • I have sent you an email. Paypal did not take any money from your account. We should be able to get everything sorted very quickly, and then you will have full access to the site.

      • I got the email, thanks John. It seems I‚Äôve been able to sign up this time without the dreaded cancellation email following! So thanks.

  • Salamanders Earthquake Machine

    Hi there,

    It seems a lot of the videos aren’t available to watch? Just the audio?

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