Late Night Truth Lounge

The Late Night Truth Lounge is an irregular show which is broadcast live sporadically via the JLB youtube channel.

You can be alerted when shows are going live by following JLB on Twitter.

The liveshow is streamed in video format, and then a polished mp3 version is published the following the day.

Below is a list of episodes to date.

Ep #09 – ‘ItS aLL ScRiPtEd’ (20-Mar-2024)

Ep #08 – Why Are You Different? (7-Feb-2024)

Ep #07 – Are We in the End Times? (24-Jan-2024)

Ep #06 – Simulation Theory EXPOSED (27-Dec-2023)

Ep #05 – Simulation theory Deboonked (19-Dec-2023)

Ep #04 – Estonia Special (8-Nov-2024) [Not available]

Ep #03 – Is Mr Beast an AI Character? (23-Oct-2023)

Ep #02 – Boogieman Speaks (8-Oct-2023) [Members only]

Ep #01 – Pilot (1-Oct-2023)