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Flat Earth Flashback (Livestream 3-Jul-2023)

Do you remember the good old days of the Flat Earth phenomenon circa 2015?

In this impromptu livestream, JLB looks back at some ‘lost’ videos from certain prominent truthers.

Their channels may be gone now, but JLB still has the copies: time for some fun!




Flat Earth Maths series – here.

Gino’s experiments – Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Bon Earth model explained – here.

Livestreamed late 3-Jul-2023. Podcast published 4-Jul-2023, minor editing to remove noise etc.

7 thoughts on “Flat Earth Flashback (Livestream 3-Jul-2023)

  • Ravi Vasudevan

    Dear JLB,

    I have wanted to watch and listen to the entire Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable series but most of these

    videos are not available on your website.

    Episodes 1 through 6 are on youtube at some other guy’s site:

    Episodes 7,8,9, and 12 are not available to view from your site, they are private or part of an account that does not exist anymore.

    Please upload these.

    This is some of the best flat earth work ever.

    Regarding your points of rejection of flat earth, I have some quick comments and am still open to the ball model.

    Seeing stuff that is “too far” or under the curve – I agree this is a weak argument

    Your approach of accounting for the height of the observer is essential.

    These things could easily be visible on a ball earth once the height of the observer is factored in.

    Flat earthers will counter that perspective makes things at the horizon disappear from the bottom up.

    This is also correct so this argument can go either way.

    Southern star rotation and southern flights – these totally invalidate the AE model but other

    flat earth models may exist. The only one I have seen is from Awake Souls youtube.

    Please consider their model and try to debunk it.

    Multiple simultaneous observations of the sun along a single line of longitude on the equinox at

    solar noon would settle this for me. An observer at sea level and ground level at 45 degrees north or

    south should see the sun at exactly 45 degrees above the horizon, while someone at the equator

    should see the sun at 90 degrees vertical at the same time.

    Alternately multiple simulataneous Polaris sightings could be taken at night along a longitude line.

    This could only be done in Europe and Africa.

    Sightings would have to be taken at ground level so that on a ball, the tangent line of sight at 45

    degrees north or south would be exactly 45 degrees above the equatorial tangent line of sight.

    If the sun appears at exactly 45 degrees then the ball may be out for good as on a ball, the observer

    would be looking into space perpendicular to the tangent line at the equator and should not be able

    to see the sun at exactly 45 degrees. If the sun or Polaris angles are different then the ball is still in.

    Of course this this would require ultra high precision instruments and this test will likely never happen.

    Probably this does not make sense to you and you are fully committed to Simon Le Bon’s model.



    • Thank you for the kind words about the BESR series, I remain proud of it to this day.

      For ages I have been meaning to reupload the entire series and it is only a matter of time until I do.

      I am not ‘committed’ to any model, I go with the one which fits the available evidence.

      How can you or Ronnie and his mate or anybody explain the flights between Aus and Africa and South America on ANY flat earth map / model?

      It can’t be done.

      This is exactly why TigerDan left FE in 2016 (which he was immediately attacked for by the other leading FE pushers at the time).

    • I would make similar comments after listening to this Live chat.
      The maths is not beyond anyone with a little patience
      I guess many times you wondered what the point was, being ostracized and badly treated

  • Ravi Vasudevan

    Word press has messed up the format of my comment.

    It was numbered and organized into paragraphs.

    Apologies for the poor formatting

  • Well, flat earth did get my attention, which would lead me to JLB. So lemonade out of lemons.

  • Ravi Vasudevan

    The basic answer is that their map/model looks much more like a conventional world map than the circular AE map.

    The distances in the south accord with the distances on the globe model. Acccording to them their map wraps to sphere without any distortion.

    Have you looked at their videos?

    You have put much more time into this than I have and I would like to know your objections to their model.


  • Ravi Vasudevan

    Dear JLB,

    BESR Episode 4 has no audio on youtube, so could you please upload this one as well whenever you get around to it?

    After reading your article on the Bon model I was convinced you were right and had settled the question for good.

    However, I recently came upon the flat earth argument of celestial navigation.

    I was thinking about this during my daily walk today and it seems solid.

    Basically it says that celestial navigation works in the real world and can only make sense on a flat earth.

    You may not have heard this one nor had a chance to debunk it since it did not exist back when you were still engaged in FE.

    The principle of celestial or star navigation operates the same as how cell phone towers and GPS figures out your location, that is by triangulation using the known ground locations of 3 separate towers and their distance to the observer.

    Cell towers are so close that the curvature of the earth can be ignored.

    Celestial navigation uses the ground position directly under stars as the analogue to the cell tower.

    The argument makes sense to me and has got me thinking that flat may be valid again. Honestly I am undecided.

    I would love to hear your take on this one or have you demolish it.

    Thanks again,


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