Bonversations | Ep #07 | Human Vibration (7-May-2021)

How does an intelligent but relatively normal person go from ‘researching Q’ to understanding ‘Nobody Died Nobody Got Hurt’ in the space of a week?

Is it possible that some Baby Hoaxes are more mature than others?

Are you open-minded to the idea that the bright lights above us are much, much more than mere balls of burning gas?

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Sometimes Record #29 | Tanned Gents (23-Jun-2020)

Who (or what) are the 'off-chessboard entities' ruling our world?

Why do some people believe that the fun has only just begun for calendar year 2020?

What's the latest gossip concerning ACT realm characters Markus Allen, Tim the Fakeologist, and Chris Kendall of Hoaxbusters Call?

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