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Falling Down the Rabbit Hole is an audio / video presentation produced by JLB from January through April of 2024.

It was originally intended to be a relatively short (two or three hour) Member Video, but soon grew into something much more.

In total, the series is comprised of seven separate (and self-contained) Parts, which add to 21 hours of content, split across 19 files.

Each piece is available in both video and mp3 format.

This is the single most comprehensive exploration of sync and so-called ‘predictive programming’ regarding 911 / 311 available anywhere on the internet.

The series began as a result of some ‘coincidences’ found in the 1993 film, Falling Down.

Early in the film, we see the main character, played by Michael Douglas, holding a bat in front of a Corona sign.

This occurs in a convenience store which the character believes to be owned by Chinese people.

Recall that in 2020, the official story was that the corona ‘pandemic’ began because some guy ate a bat in China.

Most normal people, upon hearing about this ‘coincidence’, will recoil in visible disgust / horror, that anybody might find it interesting.

‘Oh come on’, ‘that’s reaching’, ‘you can find patterns in anything’, and so forth.

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole is not intended for normal people (lovingly known as ‘normies’ on this website).

Instead, it is intended for those who are interested in exploring how and why these ‘coincidences’ might occur.

It turns out that ‘Falling Down’ (1993) was released in theatres across America on the same day as the World Trade Centre Bombings.

That date, February 26, 1993, is auspicious in its own right.

Across from the World Trade Centre in New York sits a building known as the Millennium Hilton.

The phone number for this hotel is 212-693-2001.

What do you notice about these digits?

The date of the 1993 bombings (2 26 93), and the year of 9/11 (2001), are both found within the phone number of the hotel which sits across from the WTC.

Most normal people will put this down to mere ‘coincidence’, and become agitated if anybody within their presence even begins to suggest that there may be other explanations.

You may be familiar with the Stanley Kubrick classic, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (1968).

The Millennium Hilton in New York appears to have been designed to look like the ‘black monolith’ from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.

This is made all the more peculiar by the fact that a Hilton Hotel appears in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.

The circular object in the poster art above is where that Hilton Hotel is located in the film.

These ‘coincidences’ are highlighted in the following collage of images:

As you can see, the Millennium Hilton, which looks like a black monolith, was sitting across from the WTC on the day of the 911 event.

Let’s return to the phone number of this hotel: 212-693-2001.

Could there be any significance to the fact that the release date of Falling Down (1993) is seen within that number?

Apart from mere ‘coincidence’, are there any other explanations for this corona-bat-china shot in Falling Down?

These are the kinds of questions which Falling Down the Rabbit Hole set out to explore.

Where else can we find similarly bizarre ‘coincidences’ in pop culture, news, and historical events?

And what, if anything, does it all mean?

This series is not for the faint of heart.

At 21 hours of video / audio content, nor is it for the impatient, or folks with poor attention spans.

Instead it is aimed at those who realise, on a fundamental level, that there may be more to all of this than mere ‘coincidence’.

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole is available to all Members of johnlebon dot com.

There is also a free, three-hour discussion of the key themes of the series available here:

Sync Mist

JLB Chats #23 – Sync Mist (7-Mar-2024)

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole is truly unique, there is nothing else like this available anywhere on the internet.

Below is an outline of each Part of the series, with a link to the relevant files.

If you are new to johnlebon dot com, then you’re about to go on a wild ride.

Before you proceed, be sure that you are willing to begin falling down a rabbit hole from which you may never return.

This material isn’t suitable for beginners.

Some might say that it isn’t suitable for anybody

Part 1 (31-Jan-2024) [one hour]

Main topics: Falling Down, 311 / 911

File available here.

Part 2 (4-Feb-2024) [one hour]

Main topics: 42, The Sync Book, Colony, X-Files, Millennium

File available here.

Part 3 (6-Feb-2024) [one hour]

Main topics: Stargate, MST3K, Seinfeld, South Park

File available here.

Part 4 (24-Feb-2024) [two hours] (2 files)

Main topics: Tom Hanks, Pinocchio, Larry Crowne, Mazes and Monsters, Big

File available here.

Part 5 (28-Mar-2024) [three hours] (3 files)

Main topics: Boat into bridge, Dali, Klaus, Conspiracy Ego Trip, Apoc, Simpsons, Apple

Files available here.

Part 6 (5-Apr-2024 and 23-Apr-2024) [seven hours] (6 files)

Main topics: Boat into Bridge, Crocus, Nolan, Dark Knight Rises, Pittsburgh

Super Bowl XXX, Friends, Quantum Leap, Simpsons

Files available here (sections I and II) and here (III through VI).

Part 7 (29-Apr-2024) [six hours] (5 files)

Main topics: Recap of previous parts

Batman (60s series), Simpsons, personal syncs

Files available here.

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