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For new members, there is no single recommended order or pattern in which to get up to speed.

It makes sense to begin with the Welcome video, but from there you can go in any direction you like.

Each piece of content is entirely self-contained, so you can simply skip to whichever title takes your fancy.

You can find the complete list of content of various formats on their relevant pages.

Articles – here.

Podcasts – here.

Videos – here.

There is also a dedicated page for two key JLB topics:

Dinoskeptic – here.

Hoax Hierarchy – here.

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158 pieces @ ~522,000 words


30 Member Videos (~17 hours)
121 Alt Videos (~128 hours)
4 Comment Reviews (~8 hours)
9 Full Member Video Updates (~12 hours)
13 DinoSkeptic Videos (~4 hours)

177 videos @ ~169 hours


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