Maria interviews John le Bon

Are the ‘ancient ruins’ scattered all over the world
anywhere near as old as we have been led to believe?

Do we have to choose between Flat Earth and
Spinning Ball Earth, or is there another option?

Would you raise your child to know what you know,
or are they better off believing whatever school tells them?

Maria interviews John le Bon

Recorded 19-Apr-2023


A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady from Greece named Maria.

She runs a bitchute channel where she uploads her interviews with people from all walks of life.

We recorded this interview on Wednesday, April 19, and I am republishing on this site (with mp3 option) on April 24, 2023.

During our chat we discussed the shape of the earth, the History Hoax, the challenges of parenting when we know the schools are teaching nonsense, and so much more.

If you enjoy this chat, please visit Maria’s bitchute channel and give the interview a like and maybe even a comment ūüôŹ

Over the years I have been interviewed a few times and I enjoy it because I feel more inclined to give my own takes on various matters than when I am the interviewer.

When I’m the interviewer, I prefer to let the guest(s) speak, and do much less talking myself.

When I’m on the other side of the equation, I’m happy to let my thoughts cascade, one after another, sometimes for minutes on end.

If you want to hear another podcast where I am the interviewee rather than the interviewer, check out my appearance on The Higherside Chats here.




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Interview recorded 19-Apr-2023. mp3 and this post published 24-Apr-2023. Audio ripped from video and compressed and noisegated, rendered at 96kbps.

7 thoughts on “Maria interviews John le Bon

  • good chat. you can tell she was a little uncomfortable / taken aback with the history hoax implications, but she handled it better than most.

  • Good listen, I like it when you talk about you views and opinions, good to summarise now and again.

  • agree with markj – always happy to hear JLB in the interviewee seat. and similar to dante, imo Maria actually seems relatively cool in terms of handling the ultra skepticism.

    was also really neat for me to hear her Greek accent, especially so soon after spending some time with my own Greek friends. was unsurprising to hear her push back re: the Parthenon – Greek pride in such things runs deeply, in my experience. very interesting to hear the considerations of the contrasts between Greece and Bulgaria. i would add Greece’s relative lack of winter to their lack of communism – more mediterranean than balkan?

    would welcome a Bonversation with Maria to get more backstory, and also perhaps an update on what her initial encounters with JLB’s skepticism has done to her…

  • Moon Harvest

    Great interview John.

    She was a good host and when challenged she remained relaxed and coherent, which I think is essential when discussing these kinds of topics. I would love to hear her on a future bonversation, she clearly has a story to tell about how she ended up finding and interviewing you, and that is worth investigating.

    Always a pleasure to hear you talk mate!

  • Ravi Vasudevan

    Nice content JLB.

    I always find the hoax material much more engaging and entertaining than sync.

    Even if you are reiterating old ideas.

    Regarding flat earth, Awake Souls – https://www.youtube.com/@awakesouls – do have a flat earth model which accounts for southern hemisphere flights, great circle flight paths, sun positions, and southern star rotation around the southern cross.

    Theirs is a pacman type thing.

    You should evaluate their model and do a video. I disagree with their notion that the sun is a projection but otherwise their model seems solid.

    What follows is a Real Flat Earf proof:

    You MUST draw a diagram to understand, follow my words and try to diagram it out.

    DO IT NOW, please.

    The observable position of the sun at 12:00 high noon on the equinox from different points on the same line of longitude debunks the globe model.

    Assume you are standing on the equator at the prime meridian line of longitude.

    It is 12:00 noon on the equinox March 21st.

    The sun will be exactly overhead 90 degrees above the horizon. If you put a cylindrical pole in the ground it will have no shadow.

    At the exact same time I am standing at 45 degrees north latitude on the prime meridian.

    I will see the same sun at its highest point in the sky at exactly 45 degrees above my horizon and I will be facing south.

    Both of these observations cannot occur simultaneously on a sphere.

    They do occur in this reality and can only occur on a flat plane

    On the sphere my plane of sight, my horizon, will be along the plane that is tangent to the sphere at point I am standing.

    Your plane of sight, your horizon, will be tangent to the point you are standing.

    As such, my plane of sight is already angled 45 degrees above your plane of sight.

    From here I have to look an additional 45 degrees up above my horizon to see the center of the sun.

    My 45 degrees baseline horizon plane + an extra 45 degrees looking up above my horizon = 90 degrees which is perpendicular to your horizon plane of sight at the equator.

    You have to look 90 degrees above your horizon, directly overhead, to see the sun.

    This means we are now both looking in the exact same direction up into space.

    My 45 degrees above the horizon is the same direction in space as your 90 degrees above the horizon.

    Therefore if the sun is directly above you it must be less than 45 degrees above my horizon in order for me to even see it in the first place.

    At 45 degrees, I am looking perfectly parallel to the sun and won’t be able to see it.

    The only way I can see the sun is if I look at a slightly lower angle than you are looking, not in the same direction as you.

    I could theoretically see the sun anywhere below 45 degrees, say at 44.9, but never at exactly 45 degrees.

    I can email you a diagram in Excel if you give a shit.



    PS What do you think the space shuttle launches are? Blimps?

  • That was a great interview. I really liked Maria’s demeanor. She’s polite and calm but also attentive and clearly skeptical, which I think many of her listeners will appreciate (and I do, too). I think she asked just the right questions. And with you up to the task the two of you formed a beautiful symbiosis. (Plus, history hoax, my precious.)

    You touched upon so many topics, and there’d be tons more to talk about. Bonversation with Maria gets my vote for sure. Hope to hear her again.

  • Great refreshing interview on the subjects that keep me continuing my membership.
    This for me was one of your best J and a special thank you to Maria for bringing out some of the real D into our day care session for all to see.

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