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Full Membership

Access to the complete archive of Full Member material.

See the list of available material here.

Over 170 hours of audio/video content plus dozens of written pieces.

New videos, podcasts and articles are published regularly.

Credit in each new, major piece of content produced.

Credit is also given in the Supporters sidebar (on the right of the page).

Invitation to join the JLB Discord server.

‘Normies and conspiratards come not here’.

Regular Member Discord Calls which you are encouraged to participate in (or listen to later).


See the list of available material here

Access to dozens of Member-exclusive videos, podcasts and articles.

Including over 50 hours of audio/video content.

Credit in the Supporters sidebar.

Invitation to join the McMember section of the JLB Discord server.

Caveat Emptor | Volenti non fit injuria

Before you sign up to this website, please read ’37 Things Normies Believe’

Think about whether this is the kind of material you want access to.

The publisher of this website believes that every single item on the ’37 Things’ list is verifiable nonsense.

And that is just the beginning…

NOTE: The Aussie Dollar is Weak
As of January 2020, 1 Australian Dollar is equal to 0.70 US Dollars.
Therefore 30 Australian Dollars is equal to about 21 US Dollars.
Prices listed below are in Australian Dollars.


Full Membership

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$30 AUD per month thereafter (beginning one month after your join date).

In USD this works out to about $40 entrance fee and then $20/month (~$5/week) to remain a Member.

Why the entrance fee?

Full Membership grants you instant access to the complete Full Member archive,
which includes over 170 hours of exclusive audio/video content
and dozens of Member-only articles totaling over 200,000 words.

This is now more than two years of my life’s work,
and much of it involves ground-breaking (world-first) research.

To give all of this way to new Members for just $30 would be insane.

The initial $60 is therefore like an entrance fee,
and if after one month you like the place enough to stay,
then the regular subscription of just $30/month will kick in automatically.

Can I cancel after the first month?

Of course, you can cancel at any time, and everything is handled by paypal,
so the moment you hit ‘cancel’, that is it, the payments are stopped instantly.

Some people do cancel after one month,
and they are always welcome to return in the future if they so choose,
but once you see what is available in the Member’s Section,
chances are that you will prefer to stay, at the expense of just one Aussie dollar per day.

There is truly nothing like this place to be found anywhere else on the internet.
I wish there were, but there simply is not.
You’ll soon see what I mean ūüôā

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