JLB Chats #07 w/ Dave J + Velocet (6-Aug-2018)

Is jet fuel a hoax? Why do some YouTubers seem so sure that this is the case? When we first learn about a grand hoax, it can be a humbling experience. What are some of the most humbling hoaxes you have come to terms with? The boogeymen on the telescreen such as Bashar al-Assad: are these real people, or simply characters played by actors? And how on earth would we know?

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JLB Member Skype #22 – Fakeologist (10-Jun-2018)

What really happened on 9/11, and what was the motivation or intent of those who were responsible for it? Are the wars on our telescreens 'real'? How about the evil villains like Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden: are these 'real' people, or just characters in a made-for-TV narrative? Just how far does media fakery go?

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