JLB Lingo

Here is a list of commonly-used terms, acronyms and concepts with which truth n00bs, normies, and those new to this site may be unfamiliar.

ACTism (scene): ‘Alternative’/’Conspiracy’/’Truth’ scene. The loosely-knit but interwoven online environment inhabited by individuals interested (at least ostensibly) in different narratives and ideas to those generally promoted by the ‘mainstream’. Tends to comprise a large proportion of conspiratards and general misfits looking for somewhere to ‘belong’ and/or feel ‘welcomed’. See ‘Scene’.

Conspiratard: An individual who believes they have ‘woken up’ or ‘taken the red pill’ but is usually every bit as deluded and confused as the typical normie (if not moreso). Have a tendency to prioritise their pet topic(s) over all else, even in regular conversation with family/friends. Make all alternative thinkers look bad. Often drawn into the ‘truther’ or ‘conspiracy’ scene due to lack of ostensible success in the regular system. Rarely engage in actual research, and often do not read non-fiction at all, instead preferring to do their ‘research’ by watching YouTube videos. Long-term conspiratards generally have little hope of rehabilitation; best left alone and politely ignored.

Deprogramming: The process of undoing/removing the near-infinite lines of code (or lies, levels of programming, etc) which have been heaped upon us since birth. This process can only be undertaken on an individual basis, but collaboration with others engaged in the same task can be tremendously beneficial, because many of the same programs have been delivered/installed en masse. See Lie System.

Fetard: Pronounced ‘fee-tard’. An individual who has been involved with or audience to the Flat Earth scene for long enough to realise that it is a joke, but continues to behave as though it is a real ‘movement’ and the leaders are genuine researchers and/or truth-seekers. Contrast with truth noobs who have recently stumbled into this scene unwittingly and not yet had time to realise the truth about the scene. Tend to be the Flat Earth version of conspiritards, but what sets them apart is their genuine belief that Flat Earth is the ‘umbrella truth’ which will soon/eventually go ‘mainstream’. Early intervention has a proven track record of success but long-term Fetards have little hope for rehabilitation. If/when Flat Earth finally dies (or is superseded), most Fetards will likely either go back to crop circles, New Age nonsense, or retreat from the ‘truther’ scene altogether.

Heavy Balls (Hanging in a Shed): The Cavendish Experiment, a laughable ‘scientific experiment’ which underpins all of modern astrophysics. See Scientism.

Lie System: The existential realm into which we were all born – one comprised of lies built upon lies built upon lies and then presented as, and believed by almost all to be, complete and unquestionable truth. Each person’s phenomenological experience of this realm is therefore, to one degree or another, itself dependent on lies, because our subjective reality is not (and cannot be) divorced from the lie system in which we operate. The JLB project is one man’s attempt to see the lie system for what it is, and then to study and understand it, while sharing pertinent findings with other sentient beings of a similar volition. The project is ongoing and may never be ‘complete’. Term ‘lie system’ originally coined and propagated by Lesta Nediam.

LobeBusters: The weekly YouTube-based, Flat Earth show known as ‘GlobeBusters‘ (and those involved with it).

Normie: A typical sleeple. Generally believe the nonsense they were taught at school, and whatever is shown as consensus by the mainstream media. Tend to be easily triggered by thoughtcrimes, especially when expressed in general conversation. Often engage in appeal to authority and appeal to consensus logical fallacies, especially when challenged on scientism orthodoxy. Can begin to deprogram, but this is relatively rare, and usually occurs only when the subject has become disillusioned with the system (for instance, after loss of job, loss of long-term partner, serious medical conditions etc). Morpheus argues that they are the ‘enemy’ and, to an extent, this may be somewhat true.

Old mate: A previously referred-to or otherwise well-known individual. Customarily used in Australian vernacular in place of a person’s name, but often used by JLB in conjunction with the subject’s name to indicate mocking flippancy. Usage example: ‘People who still believe in nukes must be a little bit concerned about old mate Trump’.

PAWU: ‘People Are Waking Up’. A belief system common among, and promoted by, ACT realm regulars (content creators and consumers alike). So goes the belief, the masses are ‘waking up’ to the lies of the establishment. It is suggested, sometimes explicitly, sometimes by implication, that a ‘tipping point’ will soon be reached, and change will follow. PAWU promoters will often tell stories about neighbors, friends, family or so on, who have ‘started waking up’. PAWU is an addictive form of hopium and addicts are unlikely to react positively to skepticism of their belief system. Countless ACT realm content creators take advantage of PAWU’s hook and offer little bumps regularly in their videos, podcasts, and so forth.

PotatoHeads: The individuals directly associated with prominent Flat Earth proponent Patricia Steere and her ‘Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes‘ YouTube serial show.

Scene: As in, ‘this scene’, ‘the Flat Earth scene’, etc. A term to describe the virtual environment in which otherwise-disparate individuals congregate (primarily on YouTube but also elsewhere). Those who have frequented one or another scene for an extended period can begin to see others within it as they would see their ‘real life’ friends and peers (and vice versa); they become oblivious to the relatively infinitesimal size (and significance) of the ‘community’ or ‘movement’ of which they feel a part. An understanding of cognitive biases and crowd psychology can help mitigate common negative consequences associated with involvement in these scenes. See TPWRTS and ACTism.

Scientism: The dominant religion of modern society. So ubiquitous that the vast majority of believers are oblivious to their own faith, despite the strong conviction with which they hold it. This can be explained by the almost universal instruction of orthodoxy from an early age through to teenage years via the ‘education’ system, as well as constant reinforcement by way of television and other mainstream media outlets. Central tenets of scientism include original sin (people emit too much carbon and are harming the earth), creation myths (a random ‘big bang’ caused everything to come into existence; humans morphed from simpler species such as fish), eschatology (the sun will burn out and we’ll be doomed – if we don’t nuclear bomb or climate change ourselves out of existence first), worship (the average person watches several hours of television per day…), sacrifice (…and works 30+ hours per week…), and reward (…for ‘money’ which is printed out of thin air); the clergy are known as ‘scientists’.

Shell Beach: A belief or ‘truism’ which is not actually supported by empirical or genuine historical evidence, but held so strongly within the mind of the believer that any challenge to its validity cannot be even entertained by them. An homage to mythical (?) destination in Dark City (1998). Example of usage: ‘Don’t bother speaking to him about Tesla – ‘free energy’ is his Shell Beach‘.

Subsdy: Pronounced ‘subz-dee’. From ‘Sub SD’, itself from ‘Sub Standard Deviation’. A person whose IQ is (or appears to be) at least one standard deviation below the average (i.e. <85). According to a typical IQ distribution chart, roughly half of all people are of below-average intelligence, and around 16% (or one in six) people will be subsdies. Many, many people in the ‘truther’ or ‘conspiracy’ realm are subsdies. They are attracted to this scene like flies to feces. Coincidentally (?) and amusingly, the typical subsdy lives off or is one way or another dependent on government subsidies, and TPWRTS seem determined to create an entire underclass of subsdies via policies including mass subsidies.

The Sunnies: As in, ‘He still won’t wear the sunnies’. A metaphorical description of the ability to accept and understand that not all ‘humans’ are the same. Many truth n00bs struggle when presented with evidence that there exists a subgroup of humanity who do not view themselves as being the same as the rest of us (and openly express their view that we are akin to cattle). An homage to the famous truth-sunnies of They Live (1988). See Usual Suspects.

Triggered: The state of being of an individual who has been exposed to information/ideas which hurt their feelings to the point of emotional reaction and irrational thinking/behavioural patterns. A triggered individual is entirely unable to process such information logically and has been essentially incapacitated intellectually. Oftentimes, a ‘trigger’ leads a person to relive trauma e.g. the psychological abuse inflicted upon young people in order to indoctrinate them into cultural marxist goodthink regarding race and ‘multiculturalism’. For example, the typical normie is easily triggered when somebody within hearing range points out that miscegenation has been proven to involve statistically significant negative outcomes for mixed-race samples. Said normie was programmed from a very young (innocent and defenseless) age to feel tremendous guilt for what white people (and Hitler) did in the past; then while under the resultant extreme psychological duress (guilt/shame) was programmed with notions such as ‘diversity is strength’ and ‘white pride is evil’. Empirical evidence which calls these notions into question therefore triggers the PTSD related to the psychological abuse they suffered as children (i.e. the guilt they were made to feel for what white man did).

Truth n00b: A newcomer to the ‘truther’ or ‘conspiracy’ scene. Easily taken in by charlatans, deceivers and the deceived. Tend to focus on and/or ‘specialise’ in whatever conspiracy/topic first drew them into the scene. May go on to become genuine researchers, but statistically more likely to either burn out (churn) or devolve into a run-of-the-mill conspiratard.

TPWRTS: The People Who Run The Show. Also known as ‘the establishment’, ‘the elite’, ‘the powers that be’, etc. Much of this existence, and in particular what plays out as ‘news’ via the mainstream media, shares uncanny similarities with what one would expect from a play (i.e. a scripted, pre-planned spectacle). The average normie behaves as an active participant of a larger performance. For these reasons and others, this realm may be described, allegorically if not literally, as a ‘show’.

Tucson: As in, ‘take a trip out to Tucson’. Derived from a key scene in the brilliant film The Thirteenth Floor (1999). Have you ever spent any considerable time trying to trace the provenance of ‘ancient’ writings/texts? To do so it to ‘take a trip out to Tucson’.

Usual Suspects: See Revelation 3:9; then this 2008 LA Times article by Joel Stein, then this 2013 Times of Israel article.

WATTBA: ‘What a time to be alive’; an expression of amazement at the current state of society. Generally stated with an apparent undertone of sarcasm. Originally inspired by Jasper Beardly’s Moon Pie scene in The Simpsons.

WIALOT: ‘We’re in a lot of trouble’; an expression of concern about the current and/or likely future state of society. An homage to the character of Ned Beale in The Network (1976).