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Bonversations | Ep #30 | Learn of the Jesuit Order (11-May-2023)

Are the so-called 'jesuits' really as powerful as some people say?

Is sharing esoteric information online a good way to spend one's time?

What was the 'truth movement' (circa 2013 - 2015) and why did it disappear?

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Tim Osman & JLB Discuss the ‘Truth Movement’

This was originally livestreamed on Tim’s channel on Wednesday 22-May-2019 (Kuching time; Tuesday night US time).

I’ve taken the liberty of converting that video into standalone mp3 file.

Topics include: The ‘truth movement’ and how it can affect us | Tim’s interview with Mick West of | The ‘Nayirah Testimony’ and admitted government/media lies | 9/11, Harley Guy, invincible passports, etc

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