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Member Call on July 13 (Open House)

Hello friends.

It has been a little while.

I propose a Member Call on Saturday the 13th of July.

I’ll set aside my morning into early afternoon, and then also my evening, to make sure that folks in any timeone can join the call if they so wish.

Instead of planning a topic ahead of time, we’ll go with the Open House format, whereby anybody can come along and discuss whatever they like.

I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to run by whoever shows up to the call, I’ve discovered some things and developed one or two new theories over the past month or so.

I’ll also try to get my soundboard up and running beforehand, to bring some extra levity to the conversation.

If we can get some of the call on the record, excellent, in the following days I will polish it up and publish for those who can’t be there live.

Or maybe the entire conversation will be ‘off the record’, which happens sometimes, I guess we’ll see how things pan out.

Hope to see you there ūü•ā

(As always, bear in mind that these are only the nominal starting times, but if you get there late, it is no big deal)

Call Time 1

(Should work for most Australians)

Call Time 2

(Should work for most Americans)


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