Great Quotes

Sometimes a profound thought or idea can be expressed in just a few words.

This is particularly useful when transmitting concepts and information to others on the internet and elsewhere.

The Great Quotes section will provide you with ready-made, meme-like ‘quote-images’ which you can ponder and share with ease.

Each quote is sourced with a link to the primary source documentation. These quotes are far superior to what is commonly found on the internet.

This page will host just one Great Quote per individual. Check the separate pages for more quotes from each.

H.L. Mencken
Dale Carnegie
Gustave le Bon
Aldous Huxley
Friedrich Nietzsche
Carl Jung

Source: In Defense of Women (1918) – available in pdf here as at 3-Sep-2017. Page 20 of that copy.

Source: How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936). Available in pdf here as at 4-Sep-2017. Page 33 of that copy.

Source: The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind (1895), anonymous/unknown translator – pdf available here as at 2-Sep-2017. Page 69 of that copy.

Source: Proper Studies (1927), available is in-browser pdf here as at 15-Sep-2017. Page 1 of that copy.

Source: Beyond Good and Evil (1886) translated by Helen Zimmern – pdf available here as at 19-Aug-2017.

Source: Man and His Symbols (1964). Available in pdf here as at 2-Sep-2017. Page 89 of that edition.