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  • Take No Gnosis

    Fucking great, forget the rest JLB’s site is the best!!!!!

  • If there wasn’t for JLB I would have quit my activity within the conspiracy culture back in 2016. John has made me see the positive in the dark and twisted world of conspiracies. Also the information he is able to dig out is beyond anyone else in this realm. John le Bon is researcher/hoax buster/motivational speaker in one person. His stuff is not for everyone, if you can’t handle criticism or tend to take things too personally, maybe this website is not for you. But if you can put your ego aside, this website can lead you to your personal “Holy Grail”. Eventhough John has uncovered more hoaxes than anyone else I know, I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

    • Thanks you very much, Hando. This made my day ūüôā

      If I can share one thing with anybody who ever stumbles upon this website, it is that I know from first-hand experience what it is like to have a dark view of life/society/reality, and I also know what it is like to have a positive view of this existence. The second option is infinitely better than the first, and it is all a matter of perspective.

      The ACT realm is an echo chamber of negativity, paranoia, and doom, and this is not good for the soul. If it is true that we are affected by the attitudes of those around us, why would we choose to hang around (either online or offline) with people who see themselves as victims of circumstance? Or with people who truly believe that the powers at the top of the social/spiritual hierarchy are ‘evil’ and want to harm us? What a hellish mindset.

      That is not what I got into this scene for and I praise Kek every day that I was able to rediscover my optimism and positivity, after spending some time without it. A good attitude mixed with an understanding of the Lie (Joke) System is a recipe for endless lulz. Here, I’ll share one of my favourite examples:

  • fakeologist

    John first surfaced on a few years back. While I’ve enjoyed many contributors over the years, John is certainly a stand-out. Not only he is eloquent, intelligent, and prickly, he’s a free thinker that caters to no-one.

    The fact that he’s embraced all my favorite psyOps and conspiracies, and then gone on to explore in depth many more than I could ever be interested in, is a testament to his tenacity and determination to find the truth through actual primary-sourced research.

    I am impressed that he’s actually developed a comprehensive website that can support him. He’s proven that people will pay for truth when it comes from a sincere, passionate researcher.

    I doubt I could duplicate his success and make a living at it, but I am happy that he can, and eagerly follow his audios, blog, and videos.

    JLB is one of a kind and I wish him continued success in all his future endeavours. Oh, and thanks for the constant kind words and plugs for!


  • As a philosophy graduate, I think I see how other philosophy students and thinkers get so much from your website.¬† For me, I chose philosophy to try find out and understand ideas for my own life’s practice – I wanted to find the personal applications of ideas to attempt to live the best life, whatever that is.¬† Possibly a lot of psychology graduates are in the same boat. What I really wanted was a ‘practical philosophy’ course. But, how naive I was! My view now is that in an academic setting, a personal and practical application from one’s study is at best an unintended accident. More likely is that the intent is to train that sort of thinking and questioning out of you.

    However, the content on your website itches that scratch, for me at least. The practical application of philosophy you implement draws in the ‘trained’ philosophers and other thinkers. I can say that the ‘world’s leading skeptic’ sets an inspirational example in using skepticism to critique the objective world, wielding it like it like a scalpel to dissect everyday experiences. I continue to be forced to recognize the value of such deep skepticism, and how much of what we ‘know’ turns out to be unreflective belief.

  • Lauramars

    I stumbled into John le Bon’s work the same way I’m sure many of his newer members have – YouTube’s recommended videos algorithm. At the time, I worked at a job that was draining every drop of passion out of me (but the pay was GREAT!) and my coworker and I ran YouTube in the background like a radio. Sometimes we would change the “station”, but the day we got to JLB’s station, we didn’t. I remember laughing thinking – “Haha, who is THIS guy?”. Glad I decided to find out.

    Over the following weeks, we explored more of his channel and eventually wound up at his website. I read his WARNING he kindly offers before you pay for Membership. This intrigued me (as I’m sure is intended to) but honestly, I took heed for a bit and had a few e-mail exchanges with JLB first. Like many of us who feel we’ve become what is often called “red/black-pilled” or “awake”, I had just been through a few shipwrecks that lead to my personal “awakening”. A devastating loss of a friend, elder family members passing, a deep romantic connection shattered and I had to quit that “good” job for my own sanity. So, there I was unemployed and spiraling out of control into a terribly deep, dark depression… Was I really ready to take on all the incredible research pieces and presentations he’s produced over the years, knowing that when I began challenging myself and my own beliefs it was going to be difficult and it might make me feel even worse?

    I thought on it for a while and decided to pull the trigger. I still haven’t even explored all of his content yet. There’s plenty of it and it’s well worth the money. But I knew that as long as I had the means to, I wanted to support a great mind like JLB’s. The “entertainment” is great and he’s only getting better at it, but the community and philosophy I’ve been introduced to in such a short amount time of being a Member are truly invaluable.

    I turned 33 this week and I think this will be one hell of a good year for many reasons (including some sync-y ones). John le Bon (and his community!) continues to motivate me to be passionately creative again and to embrace the mental and physical challenges along the way. Oh, and it’s great to know there’s a group of people out there who consciously attempt to follow the same type of mantra as me: CONSUME LESS, CREATE MORE.

  • watermanchris

    The work that JLB has done has been invaluable to me. Spending time engaging with the content and membership at has helped me to develop as a person and a thinker. The vast majority of people have a hard time exploring ideas and concepts that go against their programming without getting triggered.

    A membership at this website is a membership to an elite club. You are free to bring up and discuss ANYTHING so long as you are not rude or disingenuous.

    If you are interested in challenging your thinking, you would be crazy not to join.

  • This website has been a turning point for me. I was a part time member for a year and joined as a full member in March 2020. At this time I suddenly realised, that all the people I was surrounded by, didn’t think like me. I never engaged in any serous conversation except with a select few, but I assumed most people were somewhat switched on. I was wrong in my assumption, but I did know where I would get some good conversation and idea exchanges, so on the JLB site I jumped.

    I haven’t looked back since I’ve been here. Some of the deprogramming I have gone through, as uncomfortable as it has been, has caused me to see and think a lot clearer in these crazy times. Much appreciation to JLB and to all the fantastic members, who have helped me become a better man and see through the madness of the world.

  • I’ve been a member of the site since 2018 and a follower of the content for a lot longer. Can honestly say that it’s the best 20 bucks Australian that I could spend. Not only is the content well researched and backed up with source material that has saved me 1000’s of hours of my own time as the links I’m after are all listed here. One of the many great features of the service is the Discord server, it contains some of the best diverse minds I’ve come across. The input on any topic from other members is always received well and I always leave with more questions than what I brought, which is the corner stone of any robust growth and that in itself is worth the price of admission.
    Can honestly say that I have grown stronger and wiser as a person from this site.

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