Kiddy Hoaxes


Kiddy Hoaxes comprise 9/11 Planes, Space Missions, the Holohoax, and Nuclear Weapons. Few ‘researchers’ or ‘truthseekers’ ever reach this level of deprogramming. Whereas the Baby and Toddler Hoaxes are primarily (and sometimes solely) ‘news’ media-driven, the Kiddy Hoaxes necessarily entail mass conditioning via other means. Each Kiddy Hoax is supported by several (if not all) of the following methods of conditioning: ‘education’, film (and the Academy), academia, authority propaganda.

The state is openly involved in the dissemination of the official narrative of Kiddy Hoaxes, and as an institution is easily shown to be the sole or major beneficiary of widespread belief in that narrative. Without a strong, central government, the masses would be at the mercy of plane-hijacking terrorists, genocidal dictators, mass-casualty weaponry, while the wonders of space exploration would remain mere ‘science fiction’.

A striking feature of the Kiddy Hoaxes is the relative dearth of independent exposes of and discussion about them. The most prominent YouTube ‘truthers’ pay these hoaxes precious little attention and, when pressed, are liable to deny these hoaxes, and even decry those who speak about them as ‘shills’. Even among ‘researchers’ dedicated to these topics, copious misinfo and misdirection short-circuits the majority of would-be deprogrammers.

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