John le Bon Images

John le Bon Images

John le Bon is the World’s Leading Skeptic

Dinohoax expert, Youtuber, podcaster, and writer.

Sometimes people like to google search the name ‘John le Bon’.

When they do so, a range of images are shown, only some of which pertain to John le Bon.

To help address this issue, here is a small collection of images of John le Bon.

John le Bon YouTube
JLB likes to make youtube videos about the 'shills' hoax and outer space.
John le Bon YouTube video about the International Space Station.

John le Bon likes to make YouTube videos including this one:

JLB and Gino on the International Space Station

While aboard the craft they searched for shills, freemasons, and jesuits…

…but only found bottles of liquor and other contraband.

John le Bon the Shill Freemason
John le Bon visits a Freemason lodge for shill activities.
John le Bon is a shill who likes to visit Freemason lodges. Is this true?

As part of the Dinoskeptic Roadtrip, John le Bon stopped at many outback towns.

In one of them, he found a cafe which had been built within an old Freemason lodge.

One of the first auto-fills when googling ‘John le Bon’ is ‘John le Bon Shill’.

Therefore JLB just knew he had to make a visit to this Freemason lodge.

After all, Masonic lodges are where the shills all like to hang out and plot conspiracies!

For the record, John le Bon has stated many times that ‘paid shills’ are in fact a hoax.

Nobody died, nobody got hurt, period.

John le Bon in Melbourne
Skeptic John le Bon and his buddy Lucas enjoy a coffee in Melbourne.
John le Bon in Melbourne to discuss why he is the World’s Leading Skeptic with buddy Lucas Cullen from Bitcoin Brisbane.

JLB made a long drive into the Australian Outback to investigate dinosaur discoveries.

This project is known as the Dinoskeptic Roadtrip.

The idea was first developed by Lucas Cullen of Bitcoin Brisbane.

Lucas is seen here enjoying a coffee with JLB.

John le Bon the Skeptic
JLB likes to make YouTube videos about skepticism and conspiracy theories.
John le Bon, the World’s Leading Skeptic, YouTuber, podcaster, and writer.

This image is from 2016. Those were the days!

You can find more information about John le Bon on his Bio page.