DinoSkeptic Roadtrip

Nothing like this has ever been done before.

There are over three hours worth of post-produced videos ready to go, and the two ‘Do You See What I See’ videos (produced before the roadtrip) give a good introduction to my take on the dinofraud.

It is not simply a case of saying, ‘dinos are fake’. I look at the official story of these creatures, and how that story is told to the masses, and then explain why I personally do not find that story convincing.

The DinoSkeptic series provides a solid introduction to the broader concept of real skepticism, the method by which I am approaching and critiquing the broader Lie System.

First Attempt – Jan 2017 (mission aborted)

Clip #1Collecting the DinoCruiser (27-Dec-2016) | 6 minutes

UpdateDay One (5-Jan-2017) | 25 minutes

UpdateNight One (6-Jan-2017) | 16 minutes

UpdateDay Two (7-Jan-2017) | 29 minutes

UpdateResurrection? (9-Jan-2017) | 20 minutes

Clip #2In-Car Dino Chat (17-Jan-2017) | 5 minutes

Second Attempt (April 2017) (mission successful)

Daily Updates

Day TwoRoma to Blackall (21-Apr) | 8 minutes

Day ThreeBlackall Park & Steam Scourer (22-Apr) | 14 minutes

Day FourLark Quarry – First Impressions (23-Apr) | 25 minutes

Day FiveKronosaurus Korner for Kids (24-Apr) | 13 minutes

Day SixAAoD Museum – First Impressions (25-Apr) | 12 minutes

Day SevenPleasant, Educated, Well-Meaning Normies (26-Apr) | 28 minutes

Day EightSun Setting (27-Apr) | 42 minutes

Post-Production Short Videos

#03Raw: Tour of Winton Town (9-May) | 10 minutes

#04Holotype Specimen Tour Overview (9-May) | 10 minutes


Article #13DinoSkeptic Roadtrip – Debrief (30-Apr-2017) | 4,000 words