Thinking 101: Reason and Evidence

It is not the job of school to teach an individual how think logically, which is one key reason why so few people today possess even the most elementary understanding of what critical thinking is all about.

Without at least a basic comprehension of logic, an individual is rendered unable to effectively discern truth from lies, or to efficiently communicate their own ideas to others.

In what some might argue was a naively optimistic exercise, JLB attempted to assist those within the so-called ‘truth movement’ by producing several videos which explain, in easy-to-understand terms, what critical thinking entails, and how to spot some of the most commonly-committed logical fallacies.

Below are the three Thinking 101 videos produced to date, listed in chronological order.

Thinking 101: Argument, Premise, Conclusion (22-Jan-2016) (Link to video’s post)

Thinking 101: ‘Strawman Argument’ Logical Fallacy (14-Feb-2016) (Link to video’s post)

Thinking 101: Non Sequitur Logical Fallacy (14-May-2016) (Link to video’s post)


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