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Caveat Emptor | Volenti non fit injuria

Before you sign up to this website, please read ’37 Things Normies Believe’ and make sure that this is the kind of material you want access to. Literally every single item on that list can and will be exposed, critiqued and debunked via the JLB Member video series. And that is just the beginning.

The rabbit hole goes deep. Ask yourself how deep you are willing to go before you hand over your money, because refunds are very unlikely. Read that article thoroughly before proceeding to payment.

Full Membership | AUD $40/month | Available material

Includes access to the complete archive of Full Member material with new videos, podcasts and articles published regularly.

All current Full Members are also given credit in each new, major piece of content produced.

Credit is also given in the ‘Supporters’ sidebar, and members are welcome to include a link to their own website/platform.

Full Members are also invited to participate in the weekly Member Skype calls.

Foundation Membership is the exact same as Full Membership but only $20/month.

It is designed to acknowledge and thank those who began their support of this site before release of the DinoSkeptic film.

Those who sign up as Foundation Members will remain on this plan (should they choose to do so) in perpetuity.

In other words, this price will be grandfathered; existing members will never be charged more than AUD $20/m.

Closing soon.

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Allows partial access to the archive of Full Member material with new videos, podcasts and articles made available occasionally.

Part Membership is intended for those who are new to JLB’s work and want to see more before signing up to a Full Membership.

*If you would like to upgrade your Free Membership to Part Membership, simply email JLB (contact details here) and explain why you deserve access to this material, and why you believe it may be of benefit to you.

Freeloader Membership | Free (no verification required) | Available material

Allows access to a range of archived material, and also the ability to post comments on this website.

Freeloader Membership is intended for n00bs and those seeking to upgrade to Part Membership.

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