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Free Content

Free Content

If you’re new to this site, you probably want to find out what it’s all about before signing up.

This post is intended to serve as your launching pad.

Below you’ll find links to some of the most important content here at johnlebon dot com

Everything listed on this page is available publicly, no login or Membership necessary.

Podcasts, videos, and articles.

You’ll find material on topics including:

*The philosophy and utility of skepticism and empiricism

*Various worldwide mega-hoaxes

*The books 1984 and Brave New World (and their relevance to modern society)

*Synchro-mysticism i.e. the esoteric study of so-called ‘coincidences’ in life and pop culture

There’s enough material here to give you a good idea as to what johnlebon dot com is all about.

As of 2022 there are around 100 Members from all around the world.

We often chat on the private JLB discord server, both via text and the audio channel.

There’s no common consensus among us, no required beliefs or taboo perspectives.

What we do share in common is an interest in researching and discussing some of the topics you’re about to explore.

We also enjoy memes, so I have included a few of those in this post as well.



First up, there’s dozens of hours’ worth of free podcasts available under the JLB Chats banner.

The complete list of JLB Chats is available here.

Since 2016, I have also published approximately 150 podcasts on this site.

Some of them are ‘Member Calls’, featuring anywhere from 2-12 people on the panel.

These panelists are usually fellow Members of johnlebon dot com

Some of the podcasts are one-on-one interviews e.g. the ‘Bonversations’ series.

Almost all of the podcasts published on this site are available exclusively to Members.

It is the Members who make this website and all of its content possible in the first place.

However, below are four Member Calls and one Bonversation available publicly.

To be taken to the relevant page, just click on the image (or the title) of any episode listed below.

You’ll then be able to stream / download whichever episode you have clicked on.

MSC #19 – George Orwell’s 1984 (20-May-2018)

MSC #22 – Fakeologist (10-Jun-2018)

MDC #00 – Dave J and the War Hoax (2-Sep-2018)

MDC S2 E11 – Twelve Monkeys (13-Oct-2019)

John le Bon and Dave J

Bonversation #8 – Dave J (8-May-2021)


It goes without saying that there are hundreds of videos available for free on the JLB youtube channel.

Since 2016, I have also published well over 100 Member Videos on this site.

Some of them are short, almost like youtube videos, only 5 to 15 minutes long.

Most, however, are more like presentations, in the range of 40 to 70 minutes.

Every single one of the longer-format videos is available in both video and mp3 format.

They are designed and recorded in such a way as to be just as listenable as they are watchable.

This is for the benefit of folks who prefer listening to podcasts over sitting down to watch videos.

Regardless of format, almost all of the videos are available exclusively to Members of this site.

Below are the two Member videos which are also available publicly.

JLBA #39 – The Corona Grid (9-Apr-2020) [71 minutes]

JLBA #59 – Vaccine Fear: Why Are They Spreading It? (10-Dec-2020) [49 minutes]


Depending on who you ask, the average non-fiction book length is said to be about 60,000 words.

If this is the case, then there are enough Member articles on this site to comfortably fill four books.

Almost all of these articles are available exclusively to Members of the site.

Below are five of the most important articles I have ever published, now available publicly.

Please bear two things in mind:

1) Some of these articles are rather lengthy and information-dense.

-> They will only suit folks with above-average attention spans.

-> If you are not already a regular reader of books and / or long-format articles, these articles will probably be a waste of your time.

2) The Epsilon Agenda article is a genuine ‘black pill’ piece.

-> If you are a parent, please seriously consider avoiding this article (i.e. ‘trigger warning’).

-> I know people ‘in real life’ who have been disturbed by this kind of information.

-> I’m not writing this to be a smart-ass. Please tread carefully.

Article #16 – The Epsilon Agenda (7-Jun-2017) [7,000 words]

Article #29 – Primary Source Research Methodology (17-Oct-2017) [8,000 words]

Article #30 – The History of Histories (24-Aug-2017) [5,000 words]

Article #33 – The Sync Books – What a Trip! (12-Dec-2017) [4,000 words]

Article #42 – Transcending 9/11 (10-May-2018) [2,000 words]

Not yet a Member?

You’re invited to join us!

Unlock hundreds of hours of exclusive content
and get access to our Member-only discord server


Still Undecided?

Here’s what some of the current Members have to say…

John le Bon YouTube Review


John le Bon YouTube Review

Dante from New York

John le Bon YouTube Review


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This page first published 5-Jan-2022.


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