Bonversations | Ep #08 | Dave J (8-May-2021)

How much can you discern about a person by their ‘tone’?

Was JonBenet Ramsey an entirely fabricated entity,
or are the photos published in the media based on a real person?

What is the real relationship between the colours we see,
and nanometres and wavelengths?


Episode #08 – Dave J

Recorded and published 8-May-2021

A note on the conversation

If you’re new to the Dave J shtick, you may be surprised by some of what you hear during this chat.

Dave J has always had what I would describe as an acerbic personality.

It can come across as confrontational and perhaps to an extent it is exactly that.

Dave makes no apologies.

With that that said, there’s much more to Dave than his manner of speaking.

It is the substance of what he has to say which has long impressed me; that’s what I focus on over his style.

If you’ve been here for a few years, then you are probably smiling (if not laughing) as you read these words.

You can already see where this is going…

A note on the audio

Dave J specifically requested that I not edit this recording, which is why it will sound different from most Bonversations.

Normally I clip out dead air (long pauses) and reduce the amount of ‘talking over one another’ which often occurs during these calls.

A lot of people prefer the more natural, unedited style of podcasts, and for such listeners, this one will be a refreshing change.

For those of you who, like me, prefer cleaner audio, this one will be a little bit messy, but I’ve listened back, the quality isn’t too bad imho.

Going forward I plan to edit most Bonversations and bring them up to the standard which I prefer to listen to.

However in this case I was happy to make an exception for the infamous Dave J.


(Single 90-minute file)

Dave J

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See also his appearance on the Ayz podcast here.

(downloadable file of the Ayz – Dave J chat available here)

Previous appearance at johnlebon.com

MDC #00 – Dave J & the War Hoax (2-Sep-2018)

Coming Soon

Bonversations #07 with Human Vibration

HV and I recorded Ep #07 on Friday night my time (about 24 hours before Ep #08 with Dave J).

It was a fantastic conversation.

I left the call feeling genuinely uplifted in way which reminded me of my halcyon days in the ACT realm.

We had a lot of technical issues with the craig recording bot, which kept cutting in and out through both parts of the call.

It’ll take me a few hours of solid editing to get the finished product up to scratch, but it will be totally worth it.

The episode should be ready to go by Tuesday, stay tuned.

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These individuals make all of this possible

Did you enjoy this presentation?

If so, thank them, not me.

I couldn’t (wouldn’t) do this if these lovely people didn’t support it.

That’s a fact.

Production notes. Bonversations Ep #08. Recorded and published 8-May-2021. Minimal editing (per Dave’s request to leave ‘as is’). Available to Full and 2021 Members.

13 thoughts on “Bonversations | Ep #08 | Dave J (8-May-2021)

  • This was brilliant.

    Dave’s explanation in the beginning of false witnessing death and killing the spirit in a room finally made the idea click in my mind. I think it took seeing this concept myself through COVID fanatics to understand his anger about false witnessing war death. Bringing something like that into a conversation is a very powerful thing and is an attempt to bring down and submit the spirit of other people. It’s something I don’t allow people to do to me anymore.

    I’m gonna get you out of here alive.

    What a legend.

  • I like Dave j, some of his concepts are hard to follow, so there’s no need for him to get cross. It takes time to get your head round it.

  • Permaculturehill

    I find it funny that JLB refuses to stream podcasts! No offense, but it is a little humorous to me.

    Dave definitely has a point he is trying to make, and I respect that. And there is definitely something to what he is trying to say. But….

    With regard to tone, I think he is over looking how his tone completely kills the vibe in the room. This is obviously hypocritical.

    It’s easy to see the difference in how JLB stays composed and unperturbed, compared to Dave getting very perturbed very quickly. Being imperturbable is the highest trait of a man.

    Dave seems to have the same problem most people have when it comes to having their beliefs challenged. He has a lot of investment in nanometers because he worked in that field. It’s understandable that he gets upset when someone asks legitimate questions that he can’t answer easily. Still, this is the complete NPC way of dealing with it.

  • Just listened to the whole podcast, I get where Dave J is coming from, however, I don’t agree on the hard line he takes with his opinions. After all it’s just his opinion (maybe belief!!), but there’s no proof of anything. At least I haven’t seen it in my 56 yrs living in this realm.
    Sometimes, we all need to just take a chill pill and with Real Eyes say we just don’t know it all, and most probably never will.

    You’re doing a great job John. Keep up the good work!!

    Rick K

  • You can use a single laser and two mirrors and a beam splitter

    I have done this in my spare time, one mirror just needs to be on a piezoelectric crystal. This is the same crystal that keeps time in a digital watch and it is made of quartz. When you put a voltage on the crystal it it expands and contracts by a controllable amount. The laser interferes with itself and it will either like water waves interacting interfere constructively or destructively. As you move one mirror attached to the piezoelectric crystal the laser will flash back and forth as it goes from destructive to constructive interference. Red light vs blue light you will have to move the mirror less or more you can compare how much you have to move for each and you will see the . We can easily move things around at the nanometer scale with piezoelectric crystals.

    You can do it without relying on these piezo crystals though. You can use just a screw called a micrometer. You can move things to 100’s nm scale with just a fine screw. You move the screw over let’s say 10 micrometers which is an amount you can easily control accurately with your hand. You count how many times the light goes from light to dark. By counting these wave fringes you can measure the wavelength of the laser. Light wavelengths are very large compares to ‘atoms’.


    The way Dave J treated the topic though and stupid and he made his case look worse and couldn’t really explain it. You don’t need to buy a spectrometer.

  • i love that you let this whole convo rock.

    another unforgettable dave j talk. well done brothers.


  • Negentropic


    “The conspiracy time machine” link you have on you tube to DaveJ’s most watched ever deleted video takes a very long time to access for me and apparently some others in the comments. I did finally connect but only after 10 minutes of trying.

    There are about 197 of Dave’s old videos archived here https://troo.video/videos/dave%20j with much faster access including another one on JonBenet Ramsey but I couldn’t find the exact same one you linked on wayback machine.

    • I tried to access the DaveJ videos. I wanted to see his one on the US civil war .
      I got this message.

      “This server couldn’t prove that it’s troo.video; its security certificate is from chat.fetvguide.com. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.”

  • The Verbal Gambit

    This was amazing! I see why you mentioned Dave J when we spoke. He sounds like an awesome guy! Although I know exactly how you must’ve felt during some moments, but this direct and honest way of talking is so rare, yet so important to expose certain areas that we ignore or hide from ourselves, instead of solidifing our self deceptions, so this really was a diamond in the rough. And it’s very clear in his voice that everything he says is because he actually cares.

    And first time I heard someone else explain 11 and 9 as basic placeholder numbers. I always had this understanding of the reason they leave it. But for some reason never heard anyone else mention that till now.

    Everything that Dave said about numbers is what I wish people would be looking into more and researching, because when you start seeing how numbers shape this realm of existence is where the fun begins.

  • Optical microscopes can get you pretty good magnification, like 1000X or more. Scanning Electron Microscopes can get you 10,000X. The SEM shows you the same features as the optical, with much greater clarity/magnification. Nanometers aren’t entirely impossible to apprehend with that technology. You can measure the lithography and see how wide is the hole you cut with the light wave. The semiconductor industry couldn’t exist without that level of precision. Atomic theory does get you pretty far, despite its flaws. The idea of “backscatter” electrons and different energy levels for electrons being kicked out of different orbitals finds practical application. I’m not entirely sure electrons even exist, but the idea is useful for making teeny, tiny microprocessors and their concomitant accessories.

  • Man Dave is mad as a cut snake. Wild approach to a chat. I have only heard him once prior, on Crow777.

    I follow what he said on a lot of things, but some of his phrases with numbers I don’t have the background to understand the concepts he’s putting forward.

    I find his approach abrasive with the continual cutting over you and assuming he knows where you going with your thoughts and questions. Surely his points could be made in a less confrontational way.

    99% of people will close up to this type of delivery (in person anyway). So whatever wisdom is in there, will most likely be missed.

    I can’t help but think there is some envy in there toward you. Due to the comments on you doing this gig for the money, and being a contentious man as opposed to a truth seeker. I somewhat see his point, but I would call that a logical and reluctant to get emotionally involved trait, as opposed to contentious.

    He seemed like he had a bit of an axe to grind, but that my be a misperception on my part and just his character, if so apologies. I don’t have much previous exposure to his work so I may be lacking knowledge to his genius. Hence the comments above.

  • 48 mins or so … the colour purple: Purple must involve red and blue, two colours supposedly at opposite ends of the ‘spectrum’- so the wavelength discussion is suspect imho
    [@53 mins: purple bruise comes from the red blood ]

    Light is a messed up domain with the normie Newtonian perspective: I prefer the Goethe approach- Tho’ we don’t know what light really is of course. It’s a mystery & who can cope with that?

    “let me stop you before you embarrass yourself John”
    ” I won’t try to convince you John with the ego issues you’ve got. It’s gonna be hard for you”

    He was rather less than accommodating here …

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