Bonversations | Ep #08 | Dave J (8-May-2021)

How much can you discern about a person by their ‘tone’?

Was JonBenet Ramsey an entirely fabricated entity,
or are the photos published in the media based on a real person?

What is the real relationship between the colours we see,
and nanometres and wavelengths?


Episode #08 – Dave J

Recorded and published 8-May-2021

A note on the conversation

If you’re new to the Dave J shtick, you may be surprised by some of what you hear during this chat.

Dave J has always had what I would describe as an acerbic personality.

It can come across as confrontational and perhaps to an extent it is exactly that.

Dave makes no apologies.

With that that said, there’s much more to Dave than his manner of speaking.

It is the substance of what he has to say which has long impressed me; that’s what I focus on over his style.

If you’ve been here for a few years, then you are probably smiling (if not laughing) as you read these words.

You can already see where this is going…

A note on the audio

Dave J specifically requested that I not edit this recording, which is why it will sound different from most Bonversations.

Normally I clip out dead air (long pauses) and reduce the amount of ‘talking over one another’ which often occurs during these calls.

A lot of people prefer the more natural, unedited style of podcasts, and for such listeners, this one will be a refreshing change.

For those of you who, like me, prefer cleaner audio, this one will be a little bit messy, but I’ve listened back, the quality isn’t too bad imho.

Going forward I plan to edit most Bonversations and bring them up to the standard which I prefer to listen to.

However in this case I was happy to make an exception for the infamous Dave J.


(Single 90-minute file)

Dave J

Twitter | More links coming soon

See also his appearance on the Ayz podcast here.

(downloadable file of the Ayz – Dave J chat available here)

Previous appearance at

MDC #00 – Dave J & the War Hoax (2-Sep-2018)

Coming Soon

Bonversations #07 with Human Vibration

HV and I recorded Ep #07 on Friday night my time (about 24 hours before Ep #08 with Dave J).

It was a fantastic conversation.

I left the call feeling genuinely uplifted in way which reminded me of my halcyon days in the ACT realm.

We had a lot of technical issues with the craig recording bot, which kept cutting in and out through both parts of the call.

It’ll take me a few hours of solid editing to get the finished product up to scratch, but it will be totally worth it.

The episode should be ready to go by Tuesday, stay tuned.

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These individuals make all of this possible

Did you enjoy this presentation?

If so, thank them, not me.

I couldn’t (wouldn’t) do this if these lovely people didn’t support it.

That’s a fact.

Production notes. Bonversations Ep #08. Recorded and published 8-May-2021. Minimal editing (per Dave’s request to leave ‘as is’). Available to Full and 2021 Members.

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