Vaccine Fear: Why Are They Spreading It?

The news appears to be spreading fear, uncertainty,
and doubt about the coronavirus vaccines being rolled out.

In popular sci-fi televisions shows of the past few decades,
the idea has been seeded that these vaccines will cause infertility.

The guys behind the depop agenda are represented as having good intentions,
just like our friends at the World Economic Forum with their ‘Great Reset’ plans.

My question is: why?

JLBA #58

Vaccine Fear:
Why Are They Spreading It?

Produced and uploaded: 10-Dec-2020



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Without the support of these individuals, none of this would be possible.

That’s a fact.

Production notes JLBA #58. Produced and uploaded 10-Dec-2020, some editing. Available to Full and 2020 Members. Audio exported at 96 kbps.


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