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Vaccine Fear: Why Are They Spreading It?

The news appears to be spreading fear, uncertainty,
and doubt about the coronavirus vaccines being rolled out.

In popular sci-fi televisions shows of the past few decades,
the idea has been seeded that these vaccines will cause infertility.

The guys behind the depop agenda are represented as having good intentions,
just like our friends at the World Economic Forum with their ‘Great Reset’ plans.

My question is: why?

JLBA #58

Vaccine Fear:
Why Are They Spreading It?

Produced and uploaded: 10-Dec-2020



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[Recorded two years to the day before this post was published on the World Economic Forum website]


Without the support of these individuals, none of this would be possible.

That’s a fact.

Production notes JLBA #58. Produced and uploaded 10-Dec-2020, some editing. Audio exported at 96 kbps. As of Dec 2023, available publicly via Free Content page.


18 thoughts on “Vaccine Fear: Why Are They Spreading It?

  • MattyV

    It’s funny in that the Mulder character aka David Duchovny played a cameo in the film Zoolander where he was a retired hand model, he was the one who revealed the MK-Ultra conspiracy where they used models as assassins.
    Strange how all these plots, and sub plots are placed into movies that poke fun but have a massive element of truth to it.
    My honest opinion is that from day one of the virus coming into play is that they have used both the mainstream and alternative media to confuse, frustrate and misinform everyone. It has become a litmus test to see how far you can confuse, lockdown, frustrate and misinform the entire population. To what end, I have no clue.
    All I know is that I believe nothing and like to look at the entire exercise as the experiment that it is without being personally involved. One thing you can be certain of, there will be no push back from your average Joe citizen, that chance was a long time ago. There will be no civil wars or unrest as it has already been proven that no-one has the fire in the belly enough to fight against anything. As a population we have already been fattened up and dumb down enough that there is no fight left. Bill Gates’s “Final Solution” is just that, the last one in a line of experiments that have already been carried out.
    I still remember when I was young and met old people that were born in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, they had a hard as coffin nails ere about them and a twinkle in the eyes that I haven’t seen since. To sum up mate, I think this is only one big step in something that has been going on for a long time.

    Love the work and is always great to listen to when going on a nice long walk.

  • My conclusion is it’s another build-your-own conspiracy story… just like 9/11 and JFK, but more interactive than 9/11 or JFK because the studio audience gets COVID lobotomy testing, fake death certificates with coronavirus on it, and the chance to jab a needle in their arm.

    The vaccine, along with Bill Gates and assorted clowns, seems like another TV prop to scare those that aren’t scared of the Coronavirus prop. The “whole world is a stage” (alternatively: the stage is the whole world) goes much deeper than using a CGI airplane to take down a steel building.

    It’s just setup too perfectly for this to be anything other than a fake vaccine. They’ll probably even repeat the same thing as 2020 with fake people dying and conspiracy theorists will suddenly believe the MSM…

    I’ve realized it’s the same way a movie will have 20 different layers to it. A story for everyone, basically. And as you pointed out, the underlying theme is always fear. The 5G storyline, the bioweapon storyline, the vaccine storyline, the virus storyline, and so on. It all circles back to fear.

    The only I think is real out of all of this is us having to wear gimp masks, get a vaccine to live a kind of normal life, and the destruction of the middle class. That’s about it. The population will decrease for unstated reasons (social distancing, lockdowns, hypochondria, higher CoL, depression, etc.) that can be blamed on vaccines instead of just having a shit society.


    • bmseattle

      Who can know how to “read the signs” and determine what is in these vaccines, and what they are intended to do… or what the consequences of taking them may be?

      The only time I took a flu vaccine (20 years ago, for work), I ended up having a severe allergic reaction, that lasted for 3 months.
      All that winter I was breaking out in severe hives, over my entire body and face. I had to take benedryl constantly to just get through the day.
      Doctors couldn’t figure out the cause, and would just prescribe steroids.
      At the time, I had no clue… but looking back, the only thing that makes sense to me was that it was related to the flu shot.

      It seems risky to me to let anyone inject anything into my body/bloodstream.
      Even if there isn’t anything purposefully nefarious about the shot, it still seems like a roll of the dice… just hoping that your body doesn’t react negatively to it.

  • TheMerovingian

    I’ll comment on a specific point regarding the sterilization of humans. It seems that this theme has been brought up many times over and over. I wonder if you’ve ever watched Children of Men? That’s another film that revolves around the theme around humans being unable to have children for unknown reasons.

    Perhaps TPWRTS already know that humans will become unable to have children. Maybe this is not something that has been planned, or maybe it has. Either way – after watching your analysis – I’m starting to think that perhaps the truth behind why this may happen will be concealed. These stories therefore will be there so that everyone can have something to blame based on their own interpretation. Could humans become “sterilized” simple due to the lifestyle we lead today (technology, stress, nutrition, etc)? Why they would do this I do not know. Maybe people always need something to blame for their own misfortune.

    Or, maybe these ideas have been implanted into the media in order to sterilize humans. I haven’t watched the other videos you recommended but if there is some truth behind will power then maybe our own minds have the ability to sterilize us. Similar to a placebo/nocebo effect.

    Great analysis by the way! Love these videos.

  • Brandon Berry

    I suspect that the sory of a vaccine causing infertility will be mirrored in implementation, thereby psychologically processing the masses, giving them the ability to understand the turn, without giving away the final act.

    What I’m trying to get at is, geo-engineered transhumanism. Imagine a nano particle is introduced into the biosphere which causes infertility. This particle will cause our bodies to react and create this thing they call a “virus”. Which is a byproduct of our bodies reacting to the toxin.

    However, the “virus” will be labeled as the enemy. It will have appeared as a “virus” which has come out of nature (or possibly some lab), when viewed from the main-stream contagious virus model.

    The end game is a Brave New World breeding program, where the technocracy will decide who procreates. The controllers will be viewed as the saviors with their new fertility vaccine.

    Who, really knows though? I do know that everything in this world is in the process of becoming something else, and we have no way of understanding it. We’ll always be chasing the rabbit.

    “This demonstrates one of our simpler methods. Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure our activities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them, they will release information into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirrors our initiatory procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us. The meme that constitutes our essential structure is then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Success can then be measured precisely to the extent that our work is exposed.” -Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

    • Negentropic

      The media is the real weapon, not any of this other stuff conspiritards keep harping about. The military and the police could never overpower huge masses of people in either civil or uncivil disobedience, large families of like-minded people standing together. But that never happens because decades of Psy-Ops meant to divide-and-conquer and atomize individuals, have made sure of it.

      The media makes sure that the reasons for united disobedience under a single banner are never made clear and given a “legitimate” outlet while the “reasons” or the emotional outlets for every kind of divide-and-conquer frustration are given legitimacy through promotion. It’s the same basic psychology as somebody who is frustrated in their daily life on their job, in school, in social interactions or whatever and then takes out all these frustrations on the people closest to him such as friends and family, knowing that the repercussions there will be less severe, but in the process destroying the power of strong friendships, strong family, strong collective action that can stand up against the instantly collectivizing power of huge masses of people with paychecks and entire lives dependent on the survival of a sick system. They are corrupted because they made a deal with those who extort them, as long as the extortion is not too severe.

      It’s just an expanded version of a simple schoolyard bully scenario, a deal negotiated with the bully: Listen bully, as long as you don’t beat me up and only take one-third of my lunch money every day on the way to school, I’ll give it to you willingly so you don’t have to actually beat me up. I’ll even vote for my favorite bully. A deal is made then that seals the protection racket. I am protected from being beat up by others, by the same bully who originally beat me up, because then he would lose his easy income through intimidation.

      It’s nothing but territorial pissings mixed with a media-promoted mass-psychosis through Stockholm Syndrome: which bully exorter do you love best? The one on the right or the one on the left? Yes both of them will screw you, but you have no chose do you? Choose or exit the system (see-us-them said quick becomes system phonetically, like the Pink Floyd song, as long as we see us and them, the bullies, in a certain way, extortion as a way of life, always the lesser of two evils as opposed to good vs evil or the non-extorter vs the exorter, the system very simply perpetuates itself, the media makes sure of it and people’s own system-invested and repressed psychological corruption, makes sure of it).

      Us (Us, us, us, us, us) and them (Them, them, them, them)
      And after all we’re only ordinary men
      Me (Me, me, me, me, me) and you (You, you, you, you, you)
      God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do
      “Forward” he cried from the rear
      And the front rank died
      The general sat and the lines on the map
      Moved from side to side

      Black (Black, black, black, black) and blue (Blue, blue, blue, blue)
      And who knows which is which and who is who
      Up (Up, up, up, up, up) and down (Down, down, down, down)
      And in the end it’s only round and round, and round
      “Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words?”
      The poster bearer cried
      “Listen, son,” said the man with the gun
      “There’s room for you inside”

      Not taking the lyrics literally to mean “war” in the usual narrow sense of battlefield grunts shooting holes into each other like crazed lunatics and widening it to the realm of PsyOps gives a different meaning: all “wars” of all kinds are simply ways of weakening the herd so that the system of extortion stays intact everywhere.

      Name one country (conned-tree) where you can live your life without being extorted. You can’t? There you go, that means that the psychological corruption and general weakness has spread and become epidemic and those few tiny minorities who choose to “fight” it (fight/white are phonetically as close as can be, that’s because a fight is meant to be for justice right, to white out the blackness, to light the way again, etc.) will be tolerated because while the corrupt majority are busy “having fun and distractions” and wasting their lives on pointless breads and circuses, they won’t listen to the party-pooping “truthers” anyway and once their breads and circuses are taken away, they will then blame the truthers for not shutting their mouths and screwing up the extortion-contracts instead of their own corruption, of course.

      So, if you’re left, blame the right and vice versa and if you’re in the middle sit out all battles (bottles) within the artificial bottle-neck until your entire environment and all of your basic human freedoms are first de-storied, given a different narrative and then “destroyed.” Ramping up the fear is simply a matter of concocting some “emergency” situation where the emergent morons all merge together their free agencies, give up their freedoms for the “common cause,” and then having to fight tooth and nail for decades to get back their lower levels of extortion, but always leaving extortion in place.

  • Again another intriguing piece. It seems that the deeper we go, the more questions we get. One possibility, is that the media is fucking with us. But think about it, the masses will not be aware of this tom foolery, so in a way it’s a wasted exercise if the media we intentionally fucking with us, as it a tiny % of the whole. Is it to cause confusion, quite possible. This type of programming is instilling a version of double think into the populous. The vaccine is here to save us and it will kill some people also, and you’re going to be ok with that.

    I am inclined to think the reason for this type of fear promoting, that JLB has been highlighted in the video, has a connection with consent. There are rules to this realm as far as I understand. One of those rules is, you cannot fuck with an individual without their consent. If you do it has ramifications/karma. This is reflected in a supreme court case in the US from over two hundred years ago. This is still referenced today. It states that “Every Man is independent of ALL LAWS except those prescribed by nature. He is NOT bound by any institution formed by his fellow Men WITHOUT his consent.”

    From my perspective there is a safe guard or natural law in place regarding consent, and this supreme court ruling does hold up in court at present, so its part of the legal foundation of our current reality. So perhaps the most effective way of controlling the masses, is through their own mind. If a suggestion is put forward like the vaccine is going to kill a few people, and people still take it, and it does harm them (actual or nocebo). Then TPTB haven’t dirtied their hands or overridden an individual’s consent.

    It has been consistent, that what we have experienced has been foretold through the popular form of media at the time, books, radio, TV and the internet. Maybe TPTB have no actual power, only the power we grant them through the stories and narratives that they “present” to us.

    It’s fair to say that there is an obvious agenda to reduce or eliminate “natural” biological reproduction and replace it with “unnatural” technological assisted reproduction. Imo, whatever is pulling the transhuman strings, would be more technologically based as opposed to the natural man of this place. Then that raises the question. Has there ever been a natural man on this “earth”? It’s like living a game of Cluedo in real time, “it was the AI in the server room that done it.”

  • Terrific chat here mate, enjoyed it immensely. Glad I still have access to this content.

  • My guess is that Trump will be blamed for excessive vaccine injuries and, by implication, the whole world-wide “populist” anti-NWO movement that was building. Trump opted for “Warp Speed” which, given the real history of past vaccine disasters, was an IDIOTIC idea. He was too “anxious” to return to normal, open the economy, etc. against the advice of the experts, “the science.”

    We must get over the idea of putting people “like us” in power and realize we are unfit to select our rulers unless we follow NWO ideas.

    This theory is independent of whether Trump and the Brexit people are actors on the world stage or in some sense represent a real insurgency by “the people” or a “faction” of the Elite.

  • BTW: I had personal experience with vaccine damage in the Swine Flu epidemic was it 1976 or was it the Hong Kong in 1968. 60 Minutes covered the 1976 scam and dangerous vaccine. That must have been it. Close associates were paralyzed. It was real, and to top it off, the epidemic was fake and “never happened.” One soldier in the US got a weird flu after exhausting march and died. . . or something like that and BIG PHARMA went crazy, taking the blame. Lead to Law Reagan signed exempting BIG PHARMA from vaccine liability!

  • Phantom

    Personally, I am at the point where I don’t know what to believe. I know the virus story has many components that are fake, as in the PCR tests and the overrepresentation of cases. But people are getting sick and showing up to the hospitals. So, I am confused. It could be there is a neurotoxin being released. BUT, the vaccine is definitely part of the sinister agenda.

    • Well, maybe people are getting normal flu and colds and over reacting because they think it’s covid? Someone tells you your sick you make yourself sick…?

  • Klink39

    I’ve just started watching JLB but guess the vaccine fear is about identifying the sheep and sheep not. Apparently when North Vietnam busted the South they already knew who and where the activists lived and were dispatched in days. But also as always it divides us and many are dopey bastards living in fear.

  • Klink39

    Also JLB. I didn’t know this fear shit because the TV is gathering dust and also good on ya mate for your revolutionary spirit and venturing out.

  • Negentropic

    Divide and conquer as always: vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers – both playing into the hands of power, proven recently in Los Angeles:

    So BLM riots were just “peaceful protests,” but now the anti-vaxxers are the cancer on “our” civilization? “Our civilization”? lol What see-will-eyes-ation would this be? The “civilized” extortion racket that has agreed to screw you up the rear end but only put one-third of the shaft in? Is that what you called your “normal” life before the anti-vaxxers screwed it up for you? lol That’s what they’re hoping for: going back to being shafted with a smaller stick. And that’s the bone off the master’s table they’ll wait forever for and NEVER get, as outlined in Protocols of the Elders of Zion over a century ago. Oh, but that’s just a discredited forgery is it? Wrong. Forged documents is what master con artists work with all the time and always have since it gives them plausible deniability. In fact, they might even leak it themselves to later claim forgery and therefore supposed innocence for themselves. Easy tricks. Works very well on the sheeple intelligentsia who are not in the least trained in the subtleties of mass-market international bullshit artistry because the bullshit artists themselves set the curriculum of their university studies and decide what books and ideas are allowed to be distributed widely.

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