JLB Member Skype #19 – George Orwell’s 1984 (20-May-2018)

Is 1984 really set in the future/past, or is it a story about the eternal present? Is there an objective truth, an immutable reality outside of the mind? To what was Orwell referring when he spoke about fake bombs and fake wars? Do we have any reason to fear Big Brother?

Thank heavens for Chad628, whose presence saved this call. He and I were joined — via the magic of technology and post-production editing — by narrator Frank Muller, whose audiobook rendition of 1984 can be found here.

Our call dropped about halfway through, so this podcast is structured something like: Call Pt 2 -> Call Pt 1 -> Call Pt 2. This will make more sense once you begin listening.


Chad628 (eleventh appearance on the MSC)


Clips used in post-production

Frank Muller’s 1984 audiobook. Available here.

Swedish Chef clip. Here.

Wag the Dog (1997) scene. Here.

Eurythmics track ‘doubleplusgood’. Here.

Orwell’s ‘Why I Write’


Production notes. Recorded 20-May-2018; Released 21-May-2018. Released to public on 20-Aug-2019 via Mailing List. Minor edit to page as part of Free Content promotion 14-Mar-2021.


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