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Sync, Dinos, Higherside Chat, Flat Earth Archives

Ah, the memories…


JLB1862 – Sync, Dinos, Higherside Chat, Flat Earth Archives (1-Sep-2018)

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THC chat:
Pokemon dinosaur:
Original June* 2018 video mocking FE:


3 thoughts on “Sync, Dinos, Higherside Chat, Flat Earth Archives

    • Thank you very much. The feedback following the call has been phenomenal. It means a lot to me.

      As for the Black Monolith, it has occurred to me that perhaps I haven’t spoken about this topic for a while.

      Time goes fast.

      You became a member of this site in September of last year, which was after I released the following pieces:

      JLB1724 – What Does Coincidence Mean To You? (9-Mar-2017)

      JLB1733 – 9/11 In Sync (4-Apr-2017)

      It is difficult for me to believe that it has been eighteen months since I released those pieces.

      Anyway, because they were published before you joined this site, you may not have seen those videos.

      They explain the significance of the Black Monolith to me.

      I also put together this montage:

      I was originally inspired to look into this Millenium Hilton thing by Joe Alexander a.k.a. Apophenia Productions.

      And this line of inquiry ultimately led me to what I now describe as 9/11 Transcendence.

      Of course, the Transcending 9/11 Series, like so much of my work, remains unfinished.

      It is very high on my priority list for completion, once the Dinoskeptic film has been released.

  • Ah, the memories…

    I had a sync recently, so Ill comment on it here. A couple days ago I was remembering Lesta, and how you said you downloaded a few of his videos off YouTube. I remembered my favorite Lesta video, and I was considering sending you an email to ask if you had that particular video.

    It was the one of his last videos, NPS did the music for the video I think. It had clips of an ape playing a video game, Buzz Aldrin meeting Stephen Hawking, video of the moon, and near the beginning it had a clip of what looked like WW1 battle footage, and I seem to remember some sad music playing during the clip.

    I never got around to writing that email, but then the next day you posted a link to that video of the WW1 battle, and Ill be dipped if that isnt the same video or nearly identical, and the music was even in the same style.

    I just got off your full moon special, you said you first saw that clip a couple months ago…or maybe last year? Maybe you are confused because you have a vague memory of seeing that video by Lesta?

    Ive been trying to remember what Lesta said about…how if a person believes that something is possible, then that becomes a reality to them…I cant remember exactly. I wish I could reread some of Lesta’s writing, I knew I wasnt grasping all of it, I was still trapped by too much.

    Oh man, I wish lesta would write a column for Its fun fantasising sometimes :~) Oh well, it has all worked out like magic, I couldnt ask for more, i have been blessed, really. Everything has come together perfectly.

    Ive been trying to write my member profile. Jimminy christmas! Its tough, what should I say? I am trying to write about me, but its tough because I want to write something that would help a stranger understand me, but I feel like Im getting too detailed in my description. I figure its best to put in every step along my path because I dont really know what things mattered the most, or what things a stranger might resonate with, but at the same time I feel like Im writing too much. Im so used to people disliking long reading, but then again, most people on here are pretty sharp and probably dont hate reading. Furthermore, long text is a sort of filter, if someone cant read thousands of words, then I probably dont want that person engaging me so much.

    Also, I have always tried to avoid talking about myself, especially after reading Carnegie. Since I was a kid, I always sorta disliked those people that go on and on about themselves. I always thought that it was egotistical and self centered to talk about myself for more than a moment.

    Idk, im still plugging away, but I guess Im giving a warning, my member profile might be long, and maybe relatively boring because of how in depth I go about myself. Whatever, nobody has to read it, and Im not saying that all the details I share are super important or entertaining, im just trying to give as much context as possible about “Nate”.

    Hmmmm, however, there is something to be said about not sharing everything, and instead keeping some things out to preserve a little mystery. Without any mystery, things get dull. Thats why having everyone at their “full potential” is no good, we would just sit around all day meditating. Eventually, some of us fully potent individuals would start putting on a play…but dont worry, ndngh

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