Sync, Dinos, Higherside Chat, Flat Earth Archives

Ah, the memories…


JLB1862 – Sync, Dinos, Higherside Chat, Flat Earth Archives (1-Sep-2018)

Fresh videos at
THC chat:
Pokemon dinosaur:
Original June* 2018 video mocking FE:


2 thoughts on “Sync, Dinos, Higherside Chat, Flat Earth Archives

    • 07-September-2018 at 11:52 am

      Thank you very much. The feedback following the call has been phenomenal. It means a lot to me.

      As for the Black Monolith, it has occurred to me that perhaps I haven’t spoken about this topic for a while.

      Time goes fast.

      You became a member of this site in September of last year, which was after I released the following pieces:

      JLB1724 – What Does Coincidence Mean To You? (9-Mar-2017)

      JLB1733 – 9/11 In Sync (4-Apr-2017)

      It is difficult for me to believe that it has been eighteen months since I released those pieces.

      Anyway, because they were published before you joined this site, you may not have seen those videos.

      They explain the significance of the Black Monolith to me.

      I also put together this montage:

      I was originally inspired to look into this Millenium Hilton thing by Joe Alexander a.k.a. Apophenia Productions.

      And this line of inquiry ultimately led me to what I now describe as 9/11 Transcendence.

      Of course, the Transcending 9/11 Series, like so much of my work, remains unfinished.

      It is very high on my priority list for completion, once the Dinoskeptic film has been released.

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