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What Does ‘Coincidence’ Mean to You?

Sometimes one word can be used to mean very, very different things…

JLB1724 – What Does ‘Coincidence’ Mean to You? (9-Mar-2017)

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One thought on “What Does ‘Coincidence’ Mean to You?

  • Holy crap, JLB, I had weird sync last night.

    I told you that I went on a road trip a few weeks ago, for that trip I had intended on making NY my last stop before returning home, but plans changed and I didnt make it to NY. Over the past week I have been planning another trip, and this time Im going straight to NY because before I made a vow to myself I was going to go there, so I feel as if Im obligated to follow through.

    I had decided about a month ago to go to NY mostly because of the Oz connection you have talking about lately. In fact, i had thought of my previous bike trip as the “Oz” trip because Oz was supposed to be the last stop, but then plans changed.

    The day before yesterday I decided I would reattempt my Oz trip on the 24th, this Friday (tomorrow). Then last night I happened to ride my bike to a town an hour away to hang out with an old friend out in the rural part of the state(im getting to the sync). We hung out at this other dude’s house when I got there.

    I had met the other guy one time before this past July 4th. We were sitting around talking and I was just about to break the news to my friend that, unfortunately, I wasnt going to be around for a few days because I was leaving on another trip, but before I could break the news to him, the other dude starts mentioning a DVD he just ordered off the internet. He was so excited about the movie that he had set aside a special chunk of time this weekend just to watch it. He went through a story of how he recently rediscovered that movie. He said he had watched it when he was a very young child, but he only had vague memories of it. He said he remembered all these weird images and things from the movie. Recently he was talking to his sister about some of those weird things he remembered from the movie, and she happened to remember some of them too. He was relieved when she remembered because it seemed crazy, he had worried that maybe he had imagined all the shit from that movie because he was a kid. His sister even remembered the name of the movie, it was The Wiz! Can you believe that?

    He is a biker in a rural part of the state, and he was excited about watching a “motown production”! He said that he didnt give a fuck what people thought because he loved that movie as a kid.

  • I am listening to your talk with Angus. He said he went through a psychotic episode that was actually a spiritual awakening. I think I can relate to that.

    For a couple weeks I was homeless and camping out in a patch of woods in town. When I found my campsite, first thing I noticed was a dead groundhog at the entrance to the woods. After camping out for a couple days, I realized my tent was set up on top of a groundhog burrow.

    Every night that I camped out I had a full blown psychotic episode. Every night I “realized” that I was eternally stuck in the same day. It was similar to the plot of the film Groundhog Day. It was terrifying, and each night I “died”. I felt like I was christ and I was dying, and the only way for me to live was to become the anti-christ.

    Another way to describe it is Nietzsche’s concept of Eternal Return.

    Then one day I met this lady on the street and she tried to convince me to visit a homeless shelter in town that was run by some Pastor. I looked up the pastor’s website and read his story. Apparently the dude used to be a hobo drug addict, but then one day he sobered up. What date did he sober up? Groundhog day!

    Then I got my stimulus check and I decided to use it to pay for an apartment. The street address of my apartment is “332”. Groundhog day is the 33rd day of the year.

    A few days ago I was sitting in the bar and some people were watching pro wrestling. An old dude was sitting next to me(him and I used to work together at Crown & Cork) and he made some comment about how he didn’t like wrestling because it isn’t real. I told him “Nothing is real.”. He smiled at me and said, “yep, nothing is real…and everything is real.”.

    What does it all mean?

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