What Does ‘Coincidence’ Mean to You?

Sometimes one word can be used to mean very, very different things…

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One thought on “What Does ‘Coincidence’ Mean to You?

  • 07-May-2021 at 12:34 am

    I am listening to your talk with Angus. He said he went through a psychotic episode that was actually a spiritual awakening. I think I can relate to that.

    For a couple weeks I was homeless and camping out in a patch of woods in town. When I found my campsite, first thing I noticed was a dead groundhog at the entrance to the woods. After camping out for a couple days, I realized my tent was set up on top of a groundhog burrow.

    Every night that I camped out I had a full blown psychotic episode. Every night I “realized” that I was eternally stuck in the same day. It was similar to the plot of the film Groundhog Day. It was terrifying, and each night I “died”. I felt like I was christ and I was dying, and the only way for me to live was to become the anti-christ.

    Another way to describe it is Nietzsche’s concept of Eternal Return.

    Then one day I met this lady on the street and she tried to convince me to visit a homeless shelter in town that was run by some Pastor. I looked up the pastor’s website and read his story. Apparently the dude used to be a hobo drug addict, but then one day he sobered up. What date did he sober up? Groundhog day!

    Then I got my stimulus check and I decided to use it to pay for an apartment. The street address of my apartment is “332”. Groundhog day is the 33rd day of the year.

    A few days ago I was sitting in the bar and some people were watching pro wrestling. An old dude was sitting next to me(him and I used to work together at Crown & Cork) and he made some comment about how he didn’t like wrestling because it isn’t real. I told him “Nothing is real.”. He smiled at me and said, “yep, nothing is real…and everything is real.”.

    What does it all mean?

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