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‘9/11 In Sync’: Coincidence and Meaning in Art

What do Planet of the Apes and 2001: A Space Odyssey have in common?

JLB1733 – 9/11 In Sync: Coincidence and Meaning in Art (4-Apr-2017) [3-Apr-2017 US time]

Article | An Introduction to Synchromysticism – Link
Video | What Does Coincidence Mean to You? – Link
Film | 2001: A Hoax Odyssey – Link

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3 thoughts on “‘9/11 In Sync’: Coincidence and Meaning in Art

  • I recently said that Dr Manhattan’s jumping around in time reminded me of the time jumping in The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, but I learned later that same day that I was confused and the book was actually Slaughterhouse Five. I learned of my mistake in a synchy kind of way. After making the comment I went on Youtube to try to listen to Bob Dylan music, i tried to listen to Desolation Row but there were only covers so I clicked on one and it happened to be from The Watchmen movie and when I was listening to it I read a comment mentioning the time jumping in Slaughterhouse five

  • EdwinJohnson99

    my comment on the supposed release dates seems to have disappeared …

    • EdwinJohnson99

      … but I took a leap into “sorry Cassandra, I was wrong: Everything predicts 9-11” What a trip!

      • EdwinJohnson99

        I’m going to let it settle but tx for pointing this out as something to explore.

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