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Impromptu Chat #4 | ‘Flat Earth Renaissance’ (4-Nov-2015)

Join Matrix Decode of the ‘Flat Earth Rebel Outpost’, David Weiss of ‘Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole’, Patricia Steere of ‘Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes’, and host John le Bon for an impromptu chat about the flat earth renaissance currently sweeping the internet.


Where is the ‘flat earth movement’ headed? – 14:00
How long until Flat Earth Theory changes the world? – 36:00
Patricia Steere joins the panel – 40:00
Flat Earth vs Religion? Converting followers? – 59:00
1984 and the ‘outer party’: why will statists stop trusting the state? – 1:18:30
An economic collapse on the way? – 1:25:30
Is it time for flat earthers to branch out into other topics? – 1:29:00
Final thoughts – 1:59:00

Flat Earth Rebel Outpost:
David Weiss:
Patricia Steere:

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