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Why Don’t People Speak Truth? (Livestream 13-Sep-2023)

There are plenty of people out there who know about the hoaxes and the fakery and the deception.

Precious few of them openly tell the world what they believe.

In this JLB livestream we explore the possible reasons (good and bad) why this may be so…



Regarding the audio

Despite spending several minutes trying to get the audio balance right (prior to the show officially beginning) the microphone input into my streaming software was still (it turns out) set too high, so my voice clips a fair bit during the show. Sorry about that. Will definitely try to ensure this doesn’t happen against in future streams ūüĎć


Reddit thread in question – here.

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Bonversation with Media Bear – here.

Outro track – here.

Livestreamed late 13-Sep-2023. Podcast published 14-Sep-2023, minor editing to remove dead air, noise etc.

3 thoughts on “Why Don’t People Speak Truth? (Livestream 13-Sep-2023)

  • Knives Out

    I really don’t think any amount of money would do it. I have a partner, friends, all these people would think I’m a total kook, would never look at me the same again. Plus, I don’t even know how truly I believe all this stuff.

    Conversely, how much money would you need to shill mainstream narratives John? I’m talking a job talking about whatever progressive topic is trending, white people bad, Trump, whatever.

  • bmseattle

    I would do it as a job for an amount comparable to what I currently make with my “normie” job…probably would do it for a bit less, even.
    For me, it would be nothing more than a “job”, though. I have no allusions about “waking people up”, or “spreading the truth”.
    Looking back over my own journey through this minefield of a realm (ACT), I’ve never been motivated by exposing others to this information, but mostly just to figure things out for my own sake.

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