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  • Angus MacGregor

    There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.
    MR SHERLOCK HOLMES in The Boscombe Valley Mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Hi John le Bon;

    I will try to use a standard form argument. I may write something, deeper, in the future. This reply is intended for speed.

    Napoleon Bonaparte did not exist.

    The wars, associated with Napoleon Bonaparte, likely, did not happen.

    Rather than being a man, Napoleon Bonaparte is, likely, part of a 19th century Sun-God mythology.

    Adolf Hitler; shares the same mythological Sun-God characteristics as Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Therefore; WWI and WWII should be examined for mythological themes, rather than merely accepted, as events that were faked!

    Napoleon Bonaparte was born 1869, and died 1821. 2021 is the 200th anniversary of his death, on the island of St Helena.

    Adolf Hitler was born 1889. 120 years after Napoleon.

    (Aside: Queen Victoria & Prince Albert were both born: 1819. 50 years; after Napoleon’s birth. They also seem to be, two mythological characters. Prince Albert died in 1861. 40 years after Napoleon’s death. Queen Victoria; died in 1901. Nearly, 80 years, after Napoleon’s death.)

    The following is from Shrinivas S: answering: What are the Similarities between Napoleon and Hitler? Quota.com

    “Napoleon became Emperor in 1804 and Hitler in 1933.

    Napoleon conquered Vienna in 1809 and Hitler in 1938 (5 years after gaining power)

    Napoleon attacked Russia in 1812 and Hitler in 1841, (8 years after gaining power)

    Napoleon lost in 1814 but returned for a final battle, Hitler had lost by 1943 but returned for a final battle.

    Napoleon finally lost in 1816, Hitler in 1845” (12 years after gaining power)

    There is more. See post.

    Shrinivas S calls his post: “Fun Fact – the strange 129 year similarities.”

    However; Shrinivas, does not seem to connect the dots. One being, that “Victory in Europe Day” 1945, in Britain, is on the 8th of May. It marked the end of WWII in Europe. The 8th of May, is on the 129th day of the year!! See, the strange 129 year similarities between Napoleon & Hitler.

    Napoleon died, 3 days earlier, on the 5 May 1821.

    Hitler was 50 years old, in 1939. 1939 was when WWII started.

    (Aside: Winton Churchill. Note: “chill” in Churchill. Churchill was 40 years old in 1914, when WWII started.

    His father, Lord Randolph died on the 24th January, 1895. 75 years later, to the day, on the 24th of January 1965, Winston died.

    In January 1893, at the age of 18 years, Winston, jumped of a bridge, while being chased/playing. He fell 9 or 10 metres and was unconscious for ‘three days’. Mythological stuff, indeed!)

    In the future, I may mention, how , Coca-Cola may point to a simulated, war. And it’s not an Mandela example. I like how Coke used the slogan: ‘The Real Thing’ in 1969.

    Recommended short reading: Hitler by David Erwing Jr and History is a Lie by David Erwing Jr.

    It’s terrific research, though i came to a different conclusion. Equal; if not better, due to it being broader and more recent history, than John le Bon history’s hoax. However, that could be simply due to the fact that i have just read it. Erwing, does not make use of primary research methods. It doesn’t seem to matter, with the way he argues.

  • Angus MacGregor

    This morning, I reread my post.

    In my post; ‘Winton’, was my mistake.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but this mistake is a revelation to me.

    Winston Churchill becomes Winton Churchill becomes Winter Chill.

    According to the story, Napoleon and Hitler, experienced a large lost of troops, due to the Russian Winter.

    Haven’t made any connection with, Winston Churchill, and the Australian (Queensland) town: Winton. Winton; being the home of the dinosaur, that John le Bon, filmed.

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