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Thirty-Three CC’s of Hopium

You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘Conceive. Believe. Achieve.’

Perhaps you live by this mantra yourself.

We are joined on this site by a man who appears to be living the dream…

Post #128

Thirty-Three CC’s of Hopium

Published 18-Jun-2022

I’m typing this post while sitting at a dining table in the apartment of none other than Super Agent #33, Hando from Estonia.

[Hando from Estonia]

My plane from Sofia to Tallin (via Warsaw) arrived less than 48 hours ago.

To say that the past couple of days have been all kinds of trippy for me, personally, would be understating things.

But this post is not really about me, nor my experiences so far in this strange little country.

Instead I’d like to focus on something I have learned about what is going on ‘behind the scenes’.

I think some of you will benefit from learning about this, as I feel I have benefited from this information.

Looking back, I ought to have known sooner.

I simply did not grasp what Hando had been trying to communicate to me.

Hando Tonumaa Telegram Illuminati

[A slightly younger Hando from Estonia]

Now, having seen the Telegram operation with my own eyes, and having met the great man himself in person, I finally get it.

It may be over for the western world, there may be no stopping what TPWRTS have in store for the creatures we call human beings.

I’ve made that case before and there is zero reason for me to make it here once again.

However, even I left the Telegram office with a renewed sense of optimism (for want of a better term…)

Not optimism for humans in general, nor the plight of ‘humanity’, nor even the future of beautiful little Estonia.

Instead, optimism for Hando and those he cares about — and, by extension, optimism for anybody with a vision and a purpose.

Can good people with good intentions truly manifest good outcomes in the real world?

After just two days in this city, and around 35 years on earth, I cannot pretend to have the ultimate answer(s) to this question.

What I can say is that it didn’t take me long in Hando’s presence to find myself asking questions I hadn’t been asking myself for a long time.

Too long, I’d dare say.

Before we go further, let’s revisit this ‘Hando from Estonia’ character, and his previous contributions to the broader JLB ‘World’s Leading Skeptic’ operation.

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Hando from Telegram Estonia

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The long story short

Hando first joined this site in December of 2016 (only local_chump, Mezzie, MRutkowski, Dante, and mas, have been here longer).

He began his own Estonia-based independent media outlet, known as, several years prior. grew out of the success of a ‘truther’ style youtube video series Hando uploaded, which somehow went viral in Estonia.

(Bear in mind that Hando created without any knowledge of or reference to the app now known as ‘Telegram’. They are entirely different things.)

Estonia is a small Baltic country with an official estimated population of around 1.3 million people.

The capital, Tallinn, is situated in the north of the country, basically on the Baltic Sea.

As you can see, Tallinn sits around the same latitude as Stockholm, and is relatively close to Helsinki (around 50 miles, or 80km across the water) and St Petersburg (200 miles, or 320km by road).

Hando heard of ‘John le Bon’ in 2015 due to my work at the time on the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable.

He didn’t appear on the Member Calls until Member Skype Call #18 in May of 2018.

Then, in September of the same year, Hando was party to one of the most important events of this site’s history, when he joined myself, Dante, fuhng, and Mezzie, for our chat with ‘Crazy’ Dave J.

You know the soundbite:

‘With regards to nobody died nobody got hurt in these wars…’

That is from Dante’s questions to Dave J during that call.

An all-time classic.

(If you’re not smiling simply due to reading these words, then you haven’t been here long enough, fren)

Later on, Hando began sending me emails which I would then convert to ‘Super Agent Field Reports’.

In the first, he explained how a normie had basically gone Agent Smith style on him, and pretended to know people who ‘died in 9/11’.

When Hando refused to fall for the gimmick, the normie admitted that he had been lying, and then things really got interesting…

[We are surrounded by these people, as Hando saw for himself]

In the second Super Agent Field Report, Hando recounted his attempts to run for parliament in Estonia — despite openly stating in public material that 9/11 is a hoax, and the earth is not a giant spinning ball.

[Vote 1 the dude with the cool hair who says NDNGH]

In the third Super Agent Field Report, Hando took the time to share what he had seen at an exhibition for the so-called ‘Titanic’.

[I’m guessing those are Hando’s flipflops in the reflection]

This was not long after my piece detailing why I believe the ‘Sinking of the Titanic’ was a hoax and nobody died, nobody got hurt.

Then in the fourth Super Agent Field Report, Hando described how he had baited some ‘experts’ into trying to recreate the infamous ‘Cavendish Experiment’.

[The good old ‘heavy balls hanging from a roof’ trick, trololol]

There is so much more I could try to recap right now time but time is quickly getting away from us.

The main point here is that Hando is a man who walks the walk, and we have known this about him for years now.

However, largely because his material is published in the Estonian language, for an Estonian audience, myself — and, I’d dare suggest, the rest of the Membership of this site — have probably not quite appreciated how much impact Hando has had on the general political and philosophical discourse in his native country (until now).

In early 2020, I published a post recounting my experience meeting some Estonian people while in northern Thailand.

[Even in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Hando’s name sends shivers…]

In short, every Estonian seems to know of Hando.

This is, quite seriously, not an exaggeration. They all know of him.

More on that in a moment.

Here’s the thing: I did not appreciate until yesterday just how well the operation was doing for itself.

So now let me share with you what I saw when Hando took me for a tour of the headquarters…

Welcome to Telegram HQ

My thoughts

Is it just me or is that a kickass office?

Hando is running an operation every bit as real and independent as johnlebon dot com

They publish articles on the History Hoax, the NDNGH fake events, the lies / dangers surrounding quaxxines, and so much more.

Telegram dot ee pulls no punches whatsover.

This is not the commercial / mainstream media. Far from it.

[Mariann and Hando Tonumaa]

Beginning from nothing but a youtube channel, Hando has been able — with the assistance of his wife, Mariann — to build something special here in Tallinn.

So much so that Hando and his family are able to not only live from the rewards of their endeavours, but also reinvest into the operation for further growth.

They may not have a large catchment audience, given Estonia’s relatively tiny population, but the Tonumaas have risen to the top of the Estonian alt scene and, importantly, capitalised on their knowledge, plans, and efforts.

It was a humbling experience for me to see what they have accomplished (and I am sure my enthusiasm came through in the video above, which I recorded off the cuff).

In my most recent chat with Hando, for Bonversations #21 (late 2021), Hando explained to me that his goal is to generate 33 million dollars via Telegram dot ee.

Hando from Estonia Telegram

[If you haven’t yet listened, now is the time]

Now that I have spent time with Hando in person, and seen some of the messages he and his wife have left for themselves around their home, I realise that he really isn’t joking about this.

(I’d post photos of some of their affirmations here but I don’t feel it is my place to do so, this is their home, however you can imagine what I’m talking about: reminders hung on the walls about thinking the right thoughts in order to achieve their goals)

Moreover, despite my unrelenting skepticism of all things, I now think Hando might actually be well and truly along the path to achieving his dreams, as lofty as they may sound.

It’s getting late, and I need to wrap this post up soon.

I’ll finish with a brief anecdote.

Last night I was on my own, Hando had returned to the countryside where his family spend their summers.

(He picked me up at the airport, spent a day showing me around town, and was a terrific host. Then he gave me the keys to his apartment and basically said, ‘See you in a few days, have fun’, lol. What a legend.)

We plan to rendezvous on Tuesday but until then, I have this place to myself (although fuhng arrives on Monday, which is going to be shwoit).

So last night, Friday night, after Hando had departed back to his summer home, I decided to go for a drink in the city, and happened to meet, among other people, a 26yo Estonian dude named Kurt who works — he told me — as a paramedic.

[An Aussie with a British passport who lives in Bulgaria walks into a bar in Tallinn…]

Kurt asked me what I was doing in Tallinn and, after a few drinks, I finally told him the truth:

I’m here to hang out with Hando from Telegram.

Sure enough, as has happened every single time I have met an Estonian person and revealed that I am friends with Hando from Telegram, Kurt was visibly disturbed.

By this stage, Kurt and I had been chatting for at least an hour.

He must have figured, prior to this revelation, that I was a normal, likeable dude.

(You might be surprised how normal and likeable I can come across to normies, when I am on the drink — it is like some kind of special skill I have developed, paging Dale Carnegie yeah yeah boi)

How could I be friends with Hando?

The crazy, antivax, flat earth, ‘9/11 was an inside job’ guy!?

Kurt seemed to get over it fast enough, don’t get me wrong.

However, once again I was reminded:

Hando and his wife are putting themselves out there, in the public eye, speaking the truth, and no doubt receiving serious hate (some spoken, some unspoken) for doing so.

[I don’t know if you believe in the idea of energy the way I do, but let’s just say that I think those of us who open ourselves to hate, on a public level with social media and what have you, are playing with a certain kosmic and spiritual fire. It isn’t nice to be hated, is what I’m trying to say. If energy is real, we are absorbing some bad energy, those of us who engage in this line of work]

Despite this, Hando and Mariann persevere and, as you saw in the video, they are reaping the rewards for their conceive -> believe -> achieve (manifestation) attitude.

They are doing better for themselves than anybody else I have met in my eight years in the ACT realm.

There is so, so much more I could add here, but I’ll leave it for now.

My final point is this:

I may have, on a personal level, lost some of my conceive -> believe energy over the journey.

Especially the past couple of years.

That’s my problem, not anybody else’s.

In some little far-flung country — full of blue-eyed people who endure bizarre weather for most of the year — there exists at least two people who continue to conceive, believe, and achieve.

If that isn’t some of the most potent hopium I’ve ever ingested, then my name isn’t, erm, John le Bon.

– John le Bon.

Post #128, written and published 18-Jun-2022. Video recorded 17-Jun-2022. Members only. 2,000 words.

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