The Syncing of the Titanic

What on earth could the Titanic disaster possibly have to do with 9/11?

Seriously, what?

The Syncing of the Titanic
Article #53 | 30-Jul-2019

The more we allow ourselves to notice sync, the less barriers there are and the more our depth of perception will grow, allowing us to penetrate deeper into the world — a world which starts to feel inseparable from what we consider ourselves.

-Jake Kotze, ‘Sync’, in The Sync Book, pp. 248-249, section entitled ‘All is sync or nothing is sync’



1 – Precursor material – Sync

2 – Precursor material – Titanic Hoax

3 – Precurser material – 9/11

4 – A few of my favourite syncs

5 – Recap of my favourite syncs

6 – Syncs which didn’t make the cut

7 – That syncing feeling

8 – Screen boundaries disappear

9 – Syncing into the abyss


DVD Bonus – What is an Apoc Shaker?


In this article I want to outline some of the meaningful coincidences I have come across during my time looking into the Titanic Hoax.

Specifically this piece will focus on:

*The syncs between the Titanic and 9/11

*The meta-syncs between Titanic -> 9/11, other pop culture, and my ‘real life’.

Much of what you are about to read is the result — sometimes direct, sometimes indirect — of work done by our resident syncologist, Apoc Shaker.

At a later time I will publish an article explaining why I consider the historical event known as the ‘Sinking of the Titanic’ to be a complete Hoax.

There is, in my opinion, no such boat at the bottom of the deep blue sea, which is why all of the expensive tours to visit the wreckage are canceled shortly before departure.

For now, whether or not you still believe the Titanic actually exists/ed, hopefully you can enjoy taking a look at the relevant syncs.

1) Precursor Material – Sync

Even if you are familiar with Sync it is always worth revisiting the key concepts and ideas.

The best way to do this is to find your copy of The Sync Book and read a chapter, any chapter, to help get your mind back ‘in sync’, as it were.

I list my own favourite chapters from the book in the following article:

Article #33 | The Sync Books – What a Trip! (2-Dec-2017)

For the purpose of this piece, here is an overview of Sync, as I see it.

Sync is all about finding and considering the significance of things and events which we might otherwise term ‘coincidences’.

A coincidence involves two or more things / events which seem, in some way, to be connected.

This means that we are dealing with a form of pattern recognition, which I for one would suggest is related to what we might term ‘intelligence’, or the ability to think.

When the Kosmos, this thing we call ‘reality’, throws a bunch of coincidences in our face, do we ignore them, or do we take them as signposts, encouragements to think further?

I sometimes like to believe that the Kosmos uses these coincidences to test me, or to remind me to pay attention, possibly even to reveal to me the way forward.

If nothing else, the ‘sync as Kosmic communication’ framework outlined above makes life more interesting for me personally.

If it is possible that Sync, or some syncs in particular, are akin to signposts of Revelation, then why not think through some of the major syncs we uncover, and see where they lead?

2) Precursor Material – Titanic Hoax

I will release a more detailed piece on the Titanic Hoax sooner or later.

In the meantime, a recent Member Call touched on the subject and gave a fair overview of some of the more outrageous elements on the Titanic story.

MDC S2E7 | The Futility Hoax (30-Jun-2019)

And recently we were fortunate enough to receive a pertinent communication from an Agent in the field.

Post #56 – Super Agent Field Report: Titanic Exhibit (26-Jul-2019)

For the purpose of this article, here is an outline of the Titanic Hoax.

The official story is that in 1912, a grand vessel, promoted as ‘unsinkable’, struck an iceberg and sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean, on her maiden voyage, en route from Southampton (UK) to New York.

About 1,500 people died as a result.

The wreckage was finally found in 1985.

A major Hollywood motion picture based on the sinking, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and directed by James Cameron, was released in 1997.

It was at the time listed as the highest-grossing film ever made (since surpassed by only Avatar and Avengers: End Game).

The discussion on this website about the Titanic Hoax was instigated by Take No Gnosis who raised the issue of ‘The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility’ on MDC S2 E6.

‘The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility’ is the title of a book which was apparently published several years prior to the ‘real life’ sinking of the Titanic.

It was written by a man named Morgan Robertson.

The tale includes several ridiculous similarities to the official story of the ‘real’ event:

*Grand ship which can carry 3,000 passengers

*Not enough lifeboats should disaster occur

*Strikes an iceberg around midnight on the starboard side while 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland

*In the month of April

And of course in the book the name of the ship is ‘Titan’.

As I noted during the call with Hilly and TNG, it is possible that the 1912 ‘republication’ of Robertson’s story is itself a deception.

Until we see an original 1898 copy of the book, how do we know that Robertson didn’t simply copy the details of the official story of the Titanic and pretend he had written his own tale earlier?

Apparently, I’m not the first person to wonder about this.

In any event, the ostensible Titan / Titanic sync got me looking into the official story of the Titanic more closely.

I have since discovered that although several companies advertise (or have previously advertised) tours to the wreckage, none in fact ever actually go there. They kind of admit this, too.

I even emailed one guy who claimed to have organised over 100 tours to the wreckage and in his email response — which I was surprised to receive — he stated that not only has he not gone back since 2005, but nobody else has, either.

Which is to say that the official story today is that nobody has toured the Titanic wreckage since 2005.

Of course I do not believe that the gentleman in question ever toured the wreckage, nor do I believe that anybody else did so, in 2005 or before, because there is no wreckage, because there was no Titanic, because the whole thing is an elaborate hoax — nobody died, nobody got hurt, period.

I’ll go into more detail about this in a later piece.

As far as this article is concerned, it doesn’t matter quite so much whether you believe the Titanic ever existed or not, because the syncs (i.e. the apparent connections between Titanic and 9/11) remain the same regardless of whether the Titanic is real or a hoax.

3) Precursor Material – 9/11

It may be worth your time checking out the dedicated 9/11 page on this site, or the first couple of parts of Transcending 9/11.

Article #42 | Transcending 9/11 (May 2018)

For the purpose of this article, here is an overview of 9/11, as I see it.

In short: 9/11 was a made-for-TV movie, replete with gigantic props standing 110 stories tall.

It was, according to some metrics, the most-watched TV show of all time.

The event appears to entail tremendous esoteric (not obvious to the ignorant masses) significance.

However, like any great piece of art, it will be up to the individual to arrive at his or her own conclusions about what it all ‘means’.

For me personally, I see 9/11 as gigantic window or stargate of initiation into the true workings of the world, an introduction to the philosophies of The People Who Run The Show.

For example, the masses are stupid. Dumb as rocks. You can show them clown planes flying into buildings and they will swallow it whole.

And they will attack those who point out that the planes are clown planes.

Thus, humans are not all the same.

Some can ‘see’ and some cannot. In most cases, those who cannot see will never see. Ever.

It is thanks to 9/11 and my pursuit of ‘knowledge’ about the event that I finally came to accept and understand this fact of reality, and incorporate it into how I interact with the world around me.

And this is just one example of what a deeper understanding of 9/11 might offer the enthusiastic student of 9/11 esoterica.

4) A few of my favourite syncs

Now I will list my own top five Titanic -> 9/11 syncs, in reverse order.

#5: Falling Twins

On 9/11 the Twin Towers fell into the earth.

The South Tower first, and then the North Tower about 30 minutes later.

The North Tower.

In the official story of the Titanic, the ship broke into two pieces which sunk to the earth separately.

From wikipedia:

The two main parts of the wreck of Titanic present a striking contrast. Although fourteen survivors testified that the ship had broken apart as she sank, this testimony was discounted by the official inquiries, and it was supposed that the ship had sunk intact. It is now clear that the stresses on Titanic caused the ship to split apart between the second and third funnels at or just below the surface.

The citation offered for this claim in the wikipedia article is ‘Ballard 1987’ i.e. Robert Ballard, the man credited with discovering the wreckage of the Titanic in 1985.

In other words, this is the official story today: the Titanic broke apart and fell to the bottom of the North Atlantic as two large, separate pieces.

You can see this story reinforced by James Cameron himself in a 2012 video.

New CGI of How Titanic Sank

In 1912 two pieces of a grand ship fell to the bottom the sea.

In 2001 two great towers fell to the earth.

#4: Jumpers

In both 9/11 and Titanic (1997) we saw people falling (or jumping) to their deaths.

9/11 Falling People

People Falling from the World Trade Centre

Titanic Falling People

Titanic sinking

In and of itself this might not seem so interesting, but when coupled with the falling twin motif, it takes on a new significance.

We see people fall from the sky to their death, moments before the structure they are falling from itself falls to the earth.

It’s worth remembering that Titanic was released just four years prior to 9/11.

#3: The Spire

In 9/11 the spire on the North Tower fell to earth, in Titanic (1997) a spire on the boat did similar.

North Tower

Note the antenna (spire).


This is a screenshot from a youtube clip of the scene in question, but the video has been removed from YouTube.

You can see the same scene (just in worse resolution) here.

The important point is this: the spire is shown a few seconds later (i.e. a moment after this screenshot) being the last thing to fall into the ocean.

In the case of the North Tower, it is not clear how the spire is supposed to have fallen.

If there is an official story on this, I haven’t been able to find it.

For example, if you load the wikipedia page Collapse of the World Trade Centre, and search for ‘antenna’, you will get zero results.

Higher res verion here. ‘Antenna’ not found.

The same thing happens if you search that page for ‘spire’.

Somehow the details surrounding just how the antenna fell on that day seem to have been overlooked or forgotten.

I honestly didn’t know about this until sitting down to write the article you are reading right now.

WTC North tower collapse

I found an intriguing thread on this very topic on ‘international skeptics forum’ which has almost 500 replies, but even they could not arrive at any firm conclusion as to where or how the antenna fell.

With this being the case, I can’t definitively say that the North Tower antenna was the last thing to fall to the earth as part of the WTC collapse.

What I can say is that the North Tower fell after the South Tower, and since the antenna began on top of the tower, then it is fair to infer that the antenna would be, in theory, one of the final things to hit the ground, if the tower collapsed in pancake fashion as we are led to believe by the official story.

And the video footage, as suspect as it clearly is, supports this notion. A third and final time:

Spire seems to fall at same speed as rest of building.

With this being the case, we can see the Titanic -> 9/11 mirror going on once again:

Titanic breaks in two, the bow (front) sinks first, followed by the stern (rear), with its spire-looking thing the last piece to submerge.

Twin Towers fall, South Tower first and then North Tower second, with the antenna on the top of the North Tower (presumably) the final piece to hit the ground.

#2: The 1985 press conference

Recall that the wreckage of the Titanic was, according to the official story, discovered during an expedition led by a man named Robert Ballard in 1985.

Apoc Shaker took the time to dig through the news articles of the time and made an outrageous discovery (original emphasis):

I found this article from Sunday, September 8, 1985. From the article:

“Hart said he did not know if any anyone from the French institute would be at Monday’s homecoming or at a news conference scheduled for Wednesday in Washington.”

So the homecoming was on 9/9 and the historic press conference was on 9/11. That “mesmerizing” September 11 news conference at the National Geographic Society was recounted the next day in the following article from The Washington Post [NOTE: When you click the following link, immediately stop the page from loading or it will get redirected. It may take a few tries, sorry]:

Discoverer Reveals Titanic’s Secrets

So the world learned about Titanic’s secrets on 9/11. Somebody pinch me, I’m dreamin’.

In other words, AS was able to determine the date of the Washington news conference by simple, logical inference.

And the date of the news conference was September 11.

According to the story, after sitting there for over 70 years, the wreckage of the Titanic was discovered by Robert Ballard in 1985, and the world-first press conference to announce the news was held in Washington on September 11 of that year.


There were 365 days in 1985. The press conference just so happened to be scheduled for September 11.

What are the odds?

#1: James Cameron and Bill Paxton on September 11, 2001

It turns out that James Cameron was out at sea making another Titanic film on the day of September 11, 2001.

That film is a ‘documentary’ named Ghosts of the Abyss, which was ultimately released in 2003.

‘Unscripted. Groundbreaking. Historic.’

It stars Bill Paxton (who also featured in Titanic) and James Cameron.

From Wikipedia:

While diving on September 11, 2001, the filming crew hears about the 9/11/2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Afterward, they all compare and reflect on the tragedy of 9/11 with the tragedy of the Titanic.

I haven’t seen Ghosts of the Abyss but apparently the 9/11 link forms part of the narrative of the film.

Put another way, it isn’t a mere piece of trivia that James Cameron was out at the site of the Titanic on the day of 9/11, but this coincidence is itself a key element of the story arc of the Titanic-centric Ghosts of the Abyss.

James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss – The Unthinkable

Which is to say:

*The man who made the 1997 film Titanic was making another film about the Titanic on the day of 9/11

*He directly references the similarities between Titanic and 9/11 in the second of his two Titanic films.

Cameron and co just happened to have a 9/11-esque plaque with them at the time, which they claim to have placed at the Titanic wreckage on 9/11.






If we look at the chronology of events, it seems that James Cameron / Titanic effectively sandwich 9/11:

1997: Titanic released.

2001: 9/11 happens.

2003: Ghosts of the Abyss released.

A sandwich made all the more sweet by the fact that on the day of 9/11, Cameron was filming his second Titanic film alongside a star of his first Titanic film.

Bill Paxton.

Did somebody say a ‘star’ of Titanic?

Bill Paxton.


The Star.

We’ll come back and taker another look into the Abyss in a moment…

5) A Few of my favourite syncs – recap

#5Two halves of the Titanic fall to the bottom of the ocean, Two towers fall to earth.

#4 – People jump or fall from a ship in the sky, people jump or fall from the towers.

#3 – A spire is the last thing to submerge on the ship, a spire is the last thing to fall to earth with the tower.

#2 – The 1985 news of the rediscovery of the Titanic is televised by a press conference on September 11.

#1 – The director and a star of Titanic were at the wreckage on 9/11 making another film about Titanic.

6) Syncs which didn’t make the cut

Above I detailed five major Titanic -> 9/11 syncs.

It would be remiss of me to fail to mention some of the other connections made by Apoc Shaker, whose work was the basis for — or otherwise underpinned — much of what you have just read.

In no particular order…

i) The unlucky April 15

Titanic sunk on the same day of the year as other major events: Boston Bombing, Notre Dame, Lincoln Assassination.

ii) The White Star Line ships

The Titanic was owned by White Star Line.

White Star Line

This name may be seen as resonating with Sirius, the star of initiation in certain occult traditions.

iii) Famous people saved by fate

We have been told that many famous people narrowly avoided death on 9/11.

Similar tales surround the official story of the Titanic.

iv) The first images of the Titanic sinking look similar to the Towers collapsing

See for yourself.

Titanic (1912) by Filson Young. See more about the book here.

This book was reportedly published just 37 days after the event.

vi) There’s an Express article ‘debunking’ 9/11 conspiracy theories…

…which explicitly refers to the tower weighing as much as the Titanic.

Read for yourself.

Prof Greening continued: “I ran the program and it showed that the buildings would come down, but even more interesting was that the computer program predicted the exact collapse times.

“Once the building started to collapse, there was no stopping it. The mass of the upper block in the north tower was equivalent to the mass of the Titanic – about 38,000 tonnes.”

Note that this article appeared on the 17th anniversary of 9/11.

7) That syncing feeling

I suggested at the beginning of this article that it might be worth revisiting The Sync Book.

I’ve probably read my favourite chapters five or six times now, maybe more, and I always get something new out of the book every time I give it my attention.

Also at the beginning of this article I pointed out that even if you still believe the Titanic did/does exist, it might be fun to consider the relevant syncs.

For some people, this is enough to make sync worthwhile: it can be fun.

My purpose here isn’t to claim that the Titanic -> 9/11 syncs ‘mean this’ or ‘mean that’.

Every individual will be responsible for determining for themselves whether or not there is a pattern to be recognised and, if so, what that pattern might mean to them as an individual.

From Jeremy Knight in Chapter 3 of the first Sync Book:

In the end, whether a consensus can be formed about the interpretation or not, it really comes down to the unique story that one can tell using the numbers, names, symbols, and themes which they find. It’s more important that the audience of this material feels the same sense of revelation, the epiphany that I feel, while researching their own story.

-p30, ‘Reflections on the Cinematic Underworld’ in The Sync Book.

Stories are not just something we tell one another. Stories are something we tell ourselves.

When I have had my own story about who I am and why I’m here, and when I’ve truly believed in my own story, I’ve been happier, more motivated, and achieved more of my goals than when I have allowed self-doubt, ‘existential angst’, to enter and even take over my mind.

For the past few weeks, the story of the Titanic has become part of my own story about who I am and what I’m doing with my life.

I wake up, I go to the gym, I have some food on the way home, I have a shower, and then I pack up my laptop and head to a cafe, where I will usually spend the rest of my lonely day.

Lately this last part, the time at the cafe, has been centred on my investigation into the official story of the Titanic.


So that I can write articles or record videos or produce podcasts exposing yet another Hoax. Because that is what I do now. For some reason. I sit around exposing Hoaxes.

I wake up in the morning and who am I? Oh yeah. The dude who exposes Hoaxes.

And as I’m walking to my local cafe on July 17, 2019, I’m thinking about the article I’m going to be working on. On this day I am of course going to be continuing my work on the Titanic Hoax.

What do I hear on their outside speakers as I ascend up the stairs to the entrance of the cafe?

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

From Kevin Halcott in Chapter 15 of The Sync Book:

One of the definitions of the word “film” is “A Thin Skin or Membrane.” I do believe this is true, even of the Cinematic definition of a film, that it is a membrane or medium through which greater intuitive knowledge of the self and the universe are expressed in symbolic form.

-p176, Kevin Halcott, ‘The Synchromystic Aura’, section “Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane”

9/11 was by some metrics the most-watched TV show of all time.

Titanic was the most-watched Hollywood film of all time at the time of 9/11.

I watched both on a TV at home.

Information was channeled to me (and probably to you) by a screen. That information was a story. Many stories.

Stories of bravery, courage, love, death, fear, loss, mourning, disaster, recovery…

And now as an adult, traveling through Vietnam for some reason, the stories seem to be bleeding through into my ‘real life’.

As though the skin, the membrane, has been punctured, or begun to disintegrate.

Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ playing on the speakers as a I ascend the stairs at my local cafe on July 17 to write about the Titanic?

If only you knew. If only I knew.

What the hell is going on here?

8) Screen boundaries disappear

Let’s turn our attention to the trailer for James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss.

Ghosts of the Abyss trailer

Here I will simply copy what I wrote in response to Apoc Shaker, who brought this film to my attention in the first place:

An ACTOR, Bill Paxton, takes us underwater to the greatest sea wreckage of all, and even notes himself how silly it is that he of all people should be involved in this project, since he’s just an actor. The lines between fiction and non-fiction are blurred, the screen itself dissolves.

Let’s not forget that ‘film’ is a word with more than one meaning: a film can be a thing we see at a cinema, it can also be a thin layer between two substances (e.g. food and air). Ghosts of the Abyss, according to its trailer, is here to dissolve that film. And they use an actor to help us do it!

Not just any actor, either, but Bill Paxton, the man who went first to the moon in Apollo 13 (1995) and then explored the other^ extreme, the bottom of the deep blue sea, in U-571 (2000).^^

^Which holds its own dualistic significance given that much of what we are shown about ‘space’ appears to have been filmed in large pools, and the physics we are supposed to believe about space is similar to what we experience when in water.

^^And of course in U-571 the brave submariners are risking their lives in order to obtain… the enigma code-breaker!

I don’t have too much more to add to the above.

Except this:

*The Apollo 13 mission (which was the basis of the film of the same name, starring Bill Paxton as astronaut Fred Haise) launched from the Kennedy Space Centre on April 11, 1970.

*Ghosts of the Abyss, also starring Bill Paxton, would premier on April 11, 2003, exactly 33 years later to the day.

And this:

*My personal ‘Heart Will Go On’ sync occurred on July 17, 2019, sometime in the morning (approaching midday).

*The Apollo 11 mission launched from the Kennedy Space Centre on July 16, 1969, at approximately 9:30 EDT.

Vietnam is 11 hours ahead of EDT at this time of year, which means that my personal Titanic sync happened 50 years to the day after the first mission to the moon was launched.

According to the official Apollo story, exactly fifty years before my walk up the cafe stairs, at that precise moment, the Apollo 11 crew were on their own ascension towards the moon.

That the moon landings were an obvious Hoax does not detract from the apparent (or potential) intermingling of stories. If anything, it only adds another dimension to all of this.

The Titanic Hoax. The 9/11 Hoax. And the Apollo Hoax. All somehow affecting me or related to my personal story as I ascended the stairs on the 17th day of the month.

What does the trailer for Ghosts of the Abyss tell us to expect?

The boundaries between you and the screen will disappear.

9)  Syncing into the abyss?

Let’s consider the title of Cameron’s second Titanic film, Ghosts of the Abyss, which was being filmed on the day of 9/11.

‘Ghosts’ and ‘Abyss’.

I don’t want to belabor points already made elsewhere, so with regards to ‘ghosts’, I will link to previous work.

JLBA#19 | Descent Into Sync (11-Jan-2019)

The tl;dr can be summarised as follows:

42 is a recurring number in pop culture items related to life/death and the ‘underworld’.

In the film Ghost (1990) we watch on as the protagonist struggles with the realisation that is dead.

At subway station #42 he learns from a fellow ghost how to interact with the marterial world around him.

Station 42 in Ghost (1990)

Is it possible, perhaps even practical, to sometimes interpret this realm as though oneself is akin to a ghost, struggling to effect change in the material/external world?

Is it possible, perhaps even prudent, to sometimes interact with the material/external world as though one is, in a sense, already dead?

In the film Waking Life (2001) we see a 42424 boat picking up the protagonist from the airport.

All assure that’s going ashore.

Spoiler alert: We later find out that the kid is already dead. Hit by a car.

In the film Donnie Darko (2001) we see the 42 once again, this time marked on the protagonist’s arm.

28 days 6 hours 42 minutes 12 seconds.

And Donnie is told by the giant rabbit that in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds, the world will end.

Spoiler alert: We later find out that the kid is already dead.

Yes, this one, too. Donnie’s dead. Killed by a plane engine though the roof.

But not before we see Donnie follow the rabbit, and visit a cinema, where the boundaries between he and the screen disappear.

While Donnie is at the cinemas.

When the plane engine crashes through Donnie’s roof, what artwork do we see hanging up above Donnie’s bed?

2h 02m of the film (illustrative copy of the poster superimposed by myself).

In the image above I have taken the liberty of circling the poster on Donnie’s ceiling, and superimposing a separate image of the same poster, for illustrative effect.

The poster is known as ‘Swan Song’ which was apparently a record label launched by the band Led Zeppelin.

The artwork is reportedly based on ‘Evening: Fall of Day’ by William Rimmer.

And what is Rimmer’s painting supposed to depict?

Rimmer’s most famous work, though not normally associated with him, is Evening: Fall of Day. This paint-on-canvas portrays Apollo rising from the earth during a sunset, and a modified version was used by Swan Song Records, the recording label founded by Led Zeppelin, in their label art. It is often mistaken to be a picture of Icarus, Lucifer, Satan, or Daedelus.

The plane engine which kills Donnie as he sleeps must first crash through a picture of Apollo during its descent.

So in a 42-resonating film we see the boundaries between viewer and screen disappear for the ghost who sleeps below Apollo.

What happens when we investigate the final book of the bible, Revelations, and flick through to passage 9:11?

King James Version:

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

New International Version:

They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).

Apollyon (Apollo) as the angel of the abyss. According to Revelations 9:11.

A reference to the bible at this point may seem somewhat tangential, but keep in mind that when Donnie is at the cinemas, there are two films playing: The Evil Dead (1981) and The Last Temptation of Christ (1988).

So we see a string of 42s involving ghosts (who don’t apparently know they are dead), one of whom lay below Apollo — and we learn that Apollo, by way of Revelations 9:11, is the angel of the abyss.

Remind me, what was the name of James Cameron’s fecond film about the Titanic?

You know, the one which he was making on the day of 9/11?

That’s right.

And the trailer for Ghosts of the Abyss tells us that ‘the boundaries between you and the screen will disappear’.

In Donnie Darko, we see Donnie follow the rabbit to a cinema whereby the boundaries between he and the screen disappear.

Donnie Darko is one of the very few films which has an effect on me when I watch it, one I can’t really explain very well.

I was born, according to my birth certificate, on 18 August 1987, or 18-08-1987, or 1 8 0 8 1 9 8 7.

If you add those digits together, one by one, what number do you arrive at?

Sometimes I can’t help but suspect I’m already dead and have been for a long, long time…

Did I ever mention that throughout 2017 and 2018 I lived at house number 242 on my street?

And that it was during this time that I first got into sync and read The Sync Books?

And that The Sync Books changed my life forever?

The sensation that things are being specifically orchestrated for (or even by) yourself, is a normal result of the emerging sync consciousness… if the external control concepts are replaced by the personal and internal, the individual experiencing sync can start thinking him or herself God.

-Jake Kotze, ‘Sync’, in The Sync Book, p251, section entitled ‘How do we know we are understanding the messages from these syncs or signs?’


1 – Sync is all about finding and considering the significance of things and events which we might otherwise term ‘coincidences’.

2 – I got into looking into the Titanic Hoax due to an amazing coincidence involving a book called ‘Futility’ which appears to have predicted the Titanic.

3 – 9/11 was a made-for-TV movie which seems designed by somebody or something to encourage those with eyes to see to look below the surface.

4 – There’s some intriguing connections between Titanic and 9/11:

*Two falling pieces of boat, two falling towers.

*Falling / jumping people.

*The spire on top submerges / falls last.

*Discovery of Titanic wreckage announced during September 11 (1985) press conference.

*James Cameron filming another Titanic film on the day of 9/11.

[Part 5 is a recap of the above]

6 – There are a bunch of other potential Titanic -> 9/11 Syncs which didn’t make the cut.

7 – On the 17th of July, 2019, I experienced a pretty trippy personal Titanic sync.

8 – James Cameron’s Ghosts of the Abyss is promoted as a film in which ‘the boundaries between you and the screen will disappear’.

9 – Getting into sync can lead to questions — Revelations? — about what this realm really is…

…or who we really are.


If you enjoyed any of what you just read, don’t thank me, thank Apoc Shaker, and all of the names in the Credits list above.

Without them there would be no johnlebon dot com. That’s a fact.

Production notes. Written across 28/29/30 July. Minor edits made 1-Aug. Exclusive to full-access Members. 6,000 words. Made available to 2020 Members 20-May-2020 in line with JLB 20081.

DVD Bonus – What is an Apoc Shaker?

None of what you have read in this piece would have been written were it not for the work of Apoc Shaker, one of the few people I have ever interacted with who seems as fascinated by and keen to study the Syncs as I am.

I don’t want to speak out of turn so I won’t say too much here, other than AS has sent me numerous emails over the past few weeks going into further detail about the syncs he has discovered, and his own speculations about what is going on in this realm, ‘why‘ these things are happening, ‘how‘ Sync really works.

Perhaps AS might like to pen an addendum for me to add here. I for one would be delighted to read it, and I’m sure many of you would as well.

For now, let me copy what AS wrote in a comment on the Titanic Field Report post:

I have more to say about this but I need to get this freshly discovered sync off my chest, ASAP.

Last week, after diving into the Futility hoax discussion, I did a news search for “Titanic” to see if synchronistic news stories might be popping up to accompany the collective energy was giving the subject.

Sure enough, there were a couple of doozies which I’ll share in another comment.

I just checked again today and at the very top of the feed was a supremely syncy story displaying the link between the Titanic and 9/11 so boldly, I nearly fell out the window.

Take a look at this:

In case you missed the connection, focus your attention on this graphic.

Yes, that’s the word “Titanic” right next to a pair of Twin Towers. All thanks to the newly created Blue Star Line Company, located in none other than Brisbane, Australia.

WATTBA, indeed.

The graphic AS wants us to focus on is this:

Titanic II banner.

AS then added this to his comment:

I just noticed something crazy about the poorly-rendered banner graphic for the official Titanic II Twitter page. Look at where the ship is placed on the NYC skyline.×500

The image he is focusing on is this:

Blue Star Line Twitter Page.

Because this is a photo of the New York skyline, and the Titanic has been superimposed atop…

Obviously pre-9/11.

…the Twin Towers.

That is, the company which is apparently building a replica of the Titanic, and calling the new ship ‘Titanic II’, is promoting itself on Twitter with a banner featuring a superimposed Titanic atop the Twin Towers.

Titanic II image superimposed on New York skyline image.

What’s more, the Titanic II Twitter account claims to be based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The very same city I lived in from 2011 until I set off on my little Asia ‘digital nomad’ thing about six months ago.

This is because the Titanic II project is the brainchild of a seemingly-eccentric millionaire-turned-politician, Clive Palmer, who is himself a proud Queenslander.

Crazy Clive.

The chances of the Titanic II ever being built, much less setting sail, are slim to nil. And that’s being generous.

I’ve got nothing against Clive but the man is a shameless self-promoter and it is not even clear that he really is a millionaire to begin with.

A few years ago he was the president of a professional football club called Gold Coast FC. They soon went broke and no longer exist.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if Clive were one of those phony millionaires used by the authorities as a Goldstein-style fake enemy for their own ends.

Recently he has been promoting himself as Australia’s answer to Donald Trump. His political party doesn’t seem to attract many votes, however.

When I worked in South Bank I rode past Clive on my bicycle one day, he was sitting on a bench all alone outside the South Bank cinemas, and I specifically remember thinking how strange it seemed that a well-known multimillionaire would be sitting there all alone like that, with no bodyguards around, no apparent protection whatsoever.

Looking back now, it would all make sense if he were really just an actor pretending to be a millionaire. But the Wealthy Industrialist Hoax is a topic which can wait for another day.

In any event, Apoc Shaker has obviously noticed the Brisbane connection between myself and Titanic II.

I remember hearing about the Titanic II idea years ago but had completely forgotten about it until AS raised it in his comment.

What are the odds that the modern-day Titanic II would use a Twin Tower-esque skyline and Titanic mish-mash image as a promotional banner, and be the project of a company based in the city where I lived when ‘John le Bon’ was born?

I’ll let AS speak for himself when it comes to where I think he is going with all of this…


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