Super Agent #33 is Famous

Just a quick post I thought some of you might find interesting.

I’m here in Chiang Mai, the mecca for so-called ‘digital nomads’.

Tell the world I’m coming home.

This town has been my dream destination for several years.

I explain everything about the DN thing here.

Last night I attended a large meetup event, there were probably 100 people there at one point.

It was a ‘language exchange’ meetup, basically an easy way for people to meet new people.

It was not strictly a DN meetup but plenty of DNs were in attendance, given that the summit is this weekend.

Some of the attendees were local, some were tourists, some were expats.

I met a lot of German people for some reason, not sure why.

So anyways, towards the end of the night the crowd is beginning to thin and I’m at a standing table with three or four other people having a chat.

I see two people who clearly have only just arrived, they’ve got that awkward, ‘oh no, we don’t know anybody here, should we just interrupt a random group?’ look on their faces.

Being the nice guy I am, I motion to them to come join us at our table, and sure enough they are more than happy to do so.

Everybody introduces themselves to our new friends and we’re all sweet.

These were youngish people, I guessed mid to late twenties.

I would later learn they are engaged and soon to get married.

At this particular meetup event, attendees all wear stickers of national flags on their shirt: a sticker for their home country, and another for the country of the language(s) they can speak (or want to learn).

Naturally I was wearing an Australian sticker and a Chinese sticker.

In all honesty, my Chinese is pretty poor, been a long time since I studied, but watevs, the stickers are really just a way to make it easier for people to spark up conversation.

And that’s exactly what happened, because I quickly noticed that our two new interlocutors were wearing a particular flag:

No jokes, this has grown on me.

By crikey, I know that flag!

I just so happen to know a guy from that country, in fact I hope to visit him.

So I did something I like to do when I’m out on the town, I got the group to play a bit of trivia.

‘Who knows the name of that country?’

Only one other person at the table was familiar with the flag, and he was from Germany, which is relatively close geographically to the country in question.

The two noobies asked me, how did I know anything about their homeland Estonia?

I’ll paraphrase my response:

‘One of my main collaborators in what I do online is from Estonia, I even plan to go there to meet him. You might have heard of him, he runs’

sorry wat?

They both looked startled by what I had just said.

Polite smiles, but other than that, the body language of people who looked like they just saw a ghost.

And they knew exactly who I was talking about.

Them: ‘Telegram? Do you mean Hando Tonumaa?’

Me: ‘Wow, you guys do know him!’

Them: ‘Yeah…’

They trailed off, as though they had been left quite literally speechless.

The other people at the table didn’t quite know what was going on.

To be fair, at this point, neither did I.

But I quickly explained to the others at the table that Estonia is a small country, about a million people, and my collaborator is the most well-known guy in his particular field in that country.

What I didn’t tell them, just yet, was that this field is known by some as ‘conspiracy theories’.

My new Estonian comrades, however, already knew all about Hando’s interests and opinions.

And it soon became apparent that they are not exactly Hando’s biggest fans.

Nor would they be fans of myself or many of the members of this website, if they knew what we really believe.

From this point forward the young couple remained polite and, later, even jovial.

Estonians tend to be very decent people from what I can gather, there were no problems which ensued from all of this.

But I would later learn there was one topic in particular which makes them dislike Hando.

That is, there is one opinion Hando has expressed, or is known in Estonia for, which obviously is extremely offensive to the two individuals in question.

I’m going to tell you what that topic is, but first, I want you to guess!

In the comment section below, take a stab at what topic really upset the two individuals.

What is it that Hando says, that makes these people dislike our much-loved Estonian Super Agent?

I’ll reveal the answer once we get seven guesses. Join in the fun!

P.S. Hando, I’m impressed. You really are the big conspiracy guy in Estonia. You are famous, bro. I can only hope that I’ll eventually reach similar fame/infamy in Australia. Maybe one day, some Aussie will be at a bar somewhere in the world, and somebody will say, ‘Oh, you’re from Australia? I know an Aussie guy, you might have heard of him, John le Bon?’, and the Australian will respond, ‘Yeah, I know about that guy…’ while awkwardly putting on a polite smile. Also your run for office seems to have been what brought you to these two young peoples attention, that was a genius move by you, perhaps I ought to start a Dinoskeptic Party in Australia…

Previous work by / about Hando

Super Agent Field Report #2 – Hando’s Candidacy

Those of you who are new to the site may find this hard to believe:

Our very own Super Agent Hando from Estonia ran for office in his country!


The cojones of this guy, to run for office, and openly reveal his opinions on controversial topics such as 9/11.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend you check out Super Agent Field Report #2.

We’re lucky to have Hando on this site, you’ll soon see why.

Send through those guesses!
What did Hando say that really upset my two young interlocutors?

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18 thoughts on “Super Agent #33 is Famous

    • 15-January-2020 at 7:40 pm

      No but funny you should guess this.

      At the table we did spend some time discussing what I do, I explained that I have pretty controversial views on a lot of things, etc.

      One guy was tallish, very well-presented, expensive watch, nice clothes, excellent haircut, maybe 35 years old.

      He either wasn’t wearing stickers or had worn the wrong ones, because I found out he was from Israel… after he had asked me about the Holocaust.

      Thank christ I didn’t say too much about that one when he had asked me.

      With the number of Germans around, I wasn’t going to chance it by revealing my power levels on that topic.

      He seemed cool enough about it all, but then again, well, you know what I mean.

      My main focus throughout the night last night was dinosaurs.

      I got back into my old routine, I had forgotten how effective this is:

      Person: ‘So what are your videos about?’

      Me: ‘Well I like to make videos about how monsters are not real. Do you believe in monsters?’

      Person: ‘No’

      Me: ‘Oh good, I don’t want to offend anybody. But how about extinct monsters, do you believe in them?’

      Person: ‘No, what do you mean?’

      Me: ‘Monsters, as in like, big creatures, stomping around, do you believe in them?’

      [This is where some people start to clue on, but if not, I just keep going until they click]

      Person: ‘No’

      Me: ‘How about extinct monsters we’ve never seen in real life, do you believe in them?’

      Person: ‘Wait, do you mean dinosaurs?’

      Me: ‘Yeah, they’re the ones, do you believe in them?’

      Get a few Leos into me and I can do this same routine over and over in one night, and never get bored by the responses.

      • 15-January-2020 at 10:20 pm

        Was it about the refugee children washing up dead and drowned on the shores of Europe-hoax?

    • 15-January-2020 at 7:46 pm

      No but they did mention this one, as in, do I believe in chemtrails?

      It worked out well for me because I was able to say that this is one of the popular conspiracy theories I personally do not believe to be true.

    • 15-January-2020 at 7:47 pm

      Nope, I don’t believe 9/11 even came up once in any conversation last night, now that I think about it.

      Flat Earth is the go-to these days. ‘Oh so do you think the earth is flat’?

      I wonder if, five years ago, 9/11 was more of a go-to.

      As in, ‘oh, you’re a conspiracy theorist, do you believe 9/11 was an inside job?’

  • 15-January-2020 at 8:35 pm

    iirc, he had a club called 9/11 and was proactive about that topic ….but I wouldn’t guess 9/11 would trigger Estonians, as many foreigners I’ve spoken to – especially Eastern Europeans – are way more open minded to 9/11 problems as well most US ‘political corruption’ matters. For them to get upset about a topic .. id Lean more on something questioning their national identity (eg Russian relations (war hoax) / history) .. or existential Based (science /skepticism)

    eenie meanie minee moe….


    Without too much conviction …I’ll allocate 5/10ths of my guess to nuke hoax …with 4/10ths a close second ndngh event like sh (which humans everywhere are largely incapable of processing the possibility)

    yet for you to mention this for a trivia ..I also suspect The answer might be a little less obvious.. (even though much of traditional jlb trivia can be 😉

    Hmmm.. I’m sure he gets his fair share of “science denier“ normie blowback. birth stuff or space… hmmm. Ok. Last 1/10th of a point punt on NASA / space hoax. * I realize one can only get one guess but this is the jlb universe so I’ll create my own rules (similar to trivia rules / point totals being made up on the spot : ) while also accepting some dilution / asterisk to the win – if any of the above are correct.

    please excuse typos I’m using a phone half asleep at 2am. But wanted to throw down a guess. I enjoy ‘contests’ like this

    ** fe definitely a default ‘so you believe that?’

    happened to me the other night when I had a random exchange with this guy stemming from the famous drummer of a rock band who Recently died.

    ***great technique on the monsters. igst one day

    • 15-January-2020 at 10:07 pm

      Dante gets to buzz in with three different answers? This is so bogus.

      • 16-January-2020 at 5:07 am

        so are late round arbitrarily inflationary point totals!

        re-reading the post, it was a couple so assuming male / female could shift the possibilities toward diamond hoax, abortion, gender stuff…

        but if Hando is “mostly known for FE” – and alluded to it above – i guess that would be it.

        people all over the world are attached to their pale blue dot spinning around in space.

        *i have found that there’s not always a direct correlation between the height of the hoax and the intensity of trigger. for example, circumcision – even if you grant it Daddy block medical level, is low within it. yet i’ve found this topic to be incredibly high on the hierarchy of human sensitivity.

    • 16-January-2020 at 8:04 pm

      This was the correct answer, by the way. Vaccines.

      I’m pretty sure OS correctly guessed the answer for a similar quiz a few months ago, too.

      Shame we never see him on the MDCs these days.

      Would give former interim champion Dante a serious run for his money in the JLB Trivia.

  • 15-January-2020 at 11:09 pm

    LOL 🙂

    What can I say.. it is not difficult to get some fame in a country so small.

    The weird thing is that before and after FE I have covered so many controversial topics, but a typical normie won’t notice most of that.. Only flat Earth, that’s it 😀

    In recent years I have definitely talked and written more about the history hoax and more recently the war hoax – both of which at least to me are just as fascinating as the cosmology hoax but most people are not interested in that. I guess that is the reason also why Globebusters, Sargent etc can talk about the same stuff for years and still have an audience.

    I have even tried to rebrand my schtick and have started to use the words ‘cosmology hoax / ball-earth skeptic’ etc but it won’t stick 😀

    This one dude said to me he is totally fine if the earth is a cube or square or even wiener shaped, as long as it is no flat. Some food for thought..

  • 16-January-2020 at 5:33 am

    Are we still guessing? Could it be the sinking of the MS Estonia?

    Interesting fact: I traveled on that very same boat from Stockholm to Tallinn roughly a year before the disaster. I remember the entire bow of the ship raised up mechanically when we were docking and thinking, “Shit, that would be bad if that thing malfunctioned and opened up in the middle of the Baltic.” And then a year later, that’s exactly what happened! (allegedly)

    My mother’s family is from Estonia and the sudden appearance of a Hando post here is a super-special personal synchronicity for me. Just last night, looking at those weird photos of Nate’s ancestors on Discord, I was thinking about the two surviving photos of my grandfather from Estonia who was reportedly sent to a Russian prison camp during WWII where he died some years later. He went off to war when my grandmother was pregnant with my mother, so mother never met him. Sad story all around.

    But learning about the war hoax and hearing some dubious secondhand tales from WWII, I’ve begun to wonder if maybe the story about what happened to my grandfather was untrue. There are actually some pretty good reasons why he might have wanted to “disappear” from his new family. I recently discovered that his family was directly connected to “the Elites” by marriage and I’d always been told that his family was not happy about him marrying my grandmother who was a lowly commoner.

    Anyway, Hando, would you mind if I sent you a private message over on Discord and give you some more information? Maybe you can help me finally unravel this mystery! I was actually considering sending you a message last night and now this post about you suddenly pops up. Crazy stuff!

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