JLB Chats #07 w/ Dave J + Velocet (6-Aug-2018)

Is jet fuel a hoax? Why do some YouTubers seem so sure that this is the case? When we first learn about a grand hoax, it can be a humbling experience. What are some of the most humbling hoaxes you have come to terms with? The boogeymen on the telescreen such as ‘Bashar al-Assad’: are these real people, or simply characters played by actors? And how on earth would we know?

On Monday, 6-Aug-2018, I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server. I was joined by veteran Youtube hoax-cracker Dave J from California, and relative ACT-realm newcomer Velocet from Sydney, to discuss all of these questions and more.

This podcast features that discussion, mirrored straight from the Fakeologist audiochat. In the past I have recorded introductory and closing remarks to accompany ‘JLB Chats’ re-releases of the Fakeologist audiochat files, but this particular piece is presented ‘as is’ i.e. direct from the original upload (edited only to remove the section not involving myself).

The full call, which features myself and Rollo chatting for the first ~15 minutes before the conversation was hijacked like Flight 77, can be found here: FAC482.

See my previous chat with Dave J below.

JLB Chats #05 w/ Dave J + Rollo (12-Apr-2018)

If you would like to hear more of Dave J then please let me know in the comments below, and I will try to organise it soon. I can’t know which personalities in the ACT realm you guys would like to hear more from unless you leave feedback (be it positive, negative, or otherwise).

Production notes. Recorded late Monday night into early Tuesday morning. This edit and reupload performed mid-Tuesday but timestamped for the day of recording i.e. Monday.


23 thoughts on “JLB Chats #07 w/ Dave J + Velocet (6-Aug-2018)

  • watermanchris

    Great chat. I listened to it twice – once on the extended version where Ab fumbled around trying to login to the site for 30 minutes and once to your edited version. The edited version is much better. Thanks.

    Man, as crazy as Dave J seems on many issues – JLB is Tristan, Tony A is Tony B, Jesus Christ, etc. – he really is one of the ONLY other ACT personalities to fully understand the history hoax and the war hoax. Sometimes, when I listen to him and find myself agreeing, I think to myself – maybe I’M crazy too or will be soon. Lol

    He seems to have been looking at these things for a long time and he clearly understands the ridiculousness of things like “Ancient Egypt” and “heat-seaking missiles” so why does he end up at these other odd positions? Are “we” destined to also end up at the same or other (perhaps Sync?) “out there” positions? Is this an inevitable path?

    When I was a conspiratard, I used to try to imagine where the path would lead – dropping out of “civilization” and moving to Costa Rica to live on a farm; fighting the system from an undisclosed bunker in the US; or capitulation and acceptance of the situation. I am very glad for this website as it has allowed me to transcend my former positions as any of those options would not have been particularly healthy for my mind or relationships.

    I now focus on using “the system” where it benefits me and avoiding things that could potentially harm me and ny family. I was always walking around with contradictions in my head – money is “evil” yet I spend the vast majority of my life trying to obtain it. Looking back, this was very unhealthy. Thanks again for giving us a place to flesh out these ideas.

    • OK I know maybe this isn’t the right thread.
      Excuse me folks, but I keep being unable to grasp this “money is “evil” yet I spend the vast majority of my life trying to obtain it” meme.
      In the context of human action money is just a tool that makes indirect exchange possible, nothing more nothing less.
      How can a tool be “evil”? That’s beyond my comprehension.
      The only way for you to “get” money (honestly) is trading it for your services/goods, i.e. your valuable work, time and effort. The more valuable to others your services the more money you get in return, money being also a unity of measure of value. How is that “evil”?
      If the rephrased meaning is something like “this fraudulent world monetary system is “evil” yet I spend the vast majority of my life trying to take the best personal advantage from it”, I have a few questions (if not just skip the questions):

      .How is the world monetary system fraudulent and what is its purpose?
      .Is an honest monetary system possible, and how do you see it?
      .If you see an honest monetary system possible, is it worth “fighting” for it and what’s the best way to do that?
      .How significant would you personally regard to be the role of the monetary system in keeping “the elite” in power? (assuming there’s one)
      .If you’re concerned by the inner contradiction of being aware of a fraudulent scheme yet living in it, do you think there’s a way to fully escape the contradiction other than:
      1) killing yourself
      2) relocating to some remote areas trying to live off hunting and fishing (i.e. de facto just another way of committing suicide)
      3) assuming (conveniently imho) that the system “is not evil after all”

      .Are we somehow implying that since we do not kill ourselves we have no right to complain about “the system” being “evil” or to see it for what it is?

      Any clarification will be appreciated thanks.

      • watermanchris

        Hi CM,

        Your comments are completely correct and I see that NOW. At the time, I was in full conspirarard mode and could not work out the logic. I was one of those “Austrian Economics” anarchist types that believes only gold or silver are “real” money and that the fiat system was inherently evil. At the same time I was working at a bank and helping “the system”. It was a dark place to be.

        Now that I have learned to accept the way the world works and I’ve come to see that the lemming masses could never handle what I would consider a “free” society. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems clear to me that humans in general need their stories and their cheap, unnecessary crap. Whoever or whatever is running the show is giving the humans exactly what they want/need.

        I honestly had plans to move somewhere “off-the-grid”. Although in retrospect, I was probably just coping as I never actually took any steps in that direction.

        • Hi Waterman
          you didnt answer any of my questions, but I see this isnt the appropriate thread and I wouldn’t blame JLB if he shows up kicking us out of it 🙂

          “I was one of those “Austrian Economics” anarchist types that believes only gold or silver are “real” money and that the fiat system was inherently evil.”

          I assume you’ve changed your mind. May I ask what part of your above statement do you see now as incorrect and why?

          “it seems clear to me that humans in general need their stories and their cheap, unnecessary crap. Whoever or whatever is running the show is giving the humans exactly what they want/need.”

          I think there’s no need at all to have a fraudulent monetary system to provide humans with stories and cheap, unnecessary crap. On the contrary, the present system severely hinders production in the long run, therefore the lemmings are actually getting their crap less cheaply and in less quantity.
          I dont think that’s the purpose of the scam.

          • watermanchris

            Sorry, I was just trying to give a short response but I will give a proper response this weekend.

            I would still say that gold or silver are honest money (but if you look into who owns all the gold and silver you will see that the same group would be running the show) and I still believe in a “stateless society” or Anarchy – without a ruler.

            However, it seems to me that this society is marching in the direction the people want. After all, TPWRTS are a very small minority (so far as what we can tell) and are probably frail old men. If people are dumb enough to let this go down, would they be able to operate in a “stateless society”? I used to believe that they could but the evidence seems to point to the contrary.

            The main difference in my position now is that I used to believe it was my job to spread the word of the “free market” and that if enough people just understood, the state would wither away. While that makes perfect sense in theory, it will likely never happen. Now, I better understand human nature and the fear people have of “rocking the boat”.

            These are just short responses while working but I will further elaborate when I have time.

          • No, you guys are more than welcome to continue this thread here.

            The only point I would make is that I don’t think WatermanChris quite understood where you were coming from with your comment/questions.

            Correct me if I am wrong, but you are basically trying to suggest that is is okay/logical to simultaneously believe that ‘money is evil’ while still trading your time away in the pursuit of money.


            And this in contrast with my position, which is that believing/claiming that ‘money is evil’ while simultaneously trading your life for it is, at best, bizarre, and at worst, completely self-contradictory. A case study in severe cognitive dissonance i.e. believing/thinking one thing, while acting/behaving in the opposite manner.

            Have I understood your line of inquiry here?

            If so, I know that I have tried to explain my position on this on several occasions, via comments and audio/video.

            What more can I say? If people want to continue to trade their finite time for money, while simultaneously believing that ‘money is evil’, then that is their business 🙂

            • Correct me if I am wrong, but you are basically trying to suggest that is is okay/logical to simultaneously believe that ‘money is evil’ while still trading your time away in the pursuit of money.

              As I’ve tried to explain in several occasions, I don’t believe at all that money is evil. By definition, a tool can’t be “evil”, furthermore I personally regard money to be the single most beneficial “invention” in human history.
              We are not trading our time away in the pursuit of money, we are trading our services in exchange for other services that we think will increase our welfare. People are in pursuit of welfare, not of money, that’s a key distinction. Money is just the tool that in a highly complex society makes the exchange possible. A tool that allow me in Italy to exchange a part of my services with (e.g.) the historical researches of a guy in Brisbane, without having to send to Australia, what, a crate of tomatoes?
              How much of his time and effort anyone is willing to trade in his life is a matter of personal choice, and the tool we call money is just neutral about it.
              I hope I made my position about money clear enough.
              Unfortunately, money is also a very special tool that performs a very peculiar function, making it very easy to be hijacked, to create a “monetary system” to the (huge) benefit of a few privileged and to the detriment of all others (no desire here to delve into technicalities that I take for granted we know already).
              All you need is convincing the masses that “money” is something that has to be “printed”, and then, sa va sans dire, that we need some kind of authority in control of the printing press.
              Et voilà, instead of having an honest neutral system, welcome to the fraudulent, rigged, fiat monetary system.
              Again, no need to explain how much power you gain, directly and indirectly, by controlling the printing press. I would say it is something like playing a chessgame with your pieces being all queens.
              Credit cards and digital accounts are proxies of the real thing, and that’s perfectly fine, as long as people are aware they’re using proxies and not the real thing. But now there’s no real thing anymore, just proxies, and that’s a big problem coz it open the door to the mother of all scams, but people are too dumb and busy to care about any of that.
              That said, a rigged monetary system is always way better than no money at all, so this system still provides us with a good and comfortable life, I’m not so naive to dispute that.
              Yes, I see through the scam and call the system evil, does this make me unhappy, sad and depressed? Nope.
              Do I live in fear of a boogeyman getting me for seeing it? Do I think life is not good or not worth living coz we have a rigged monetary system? Nope.
              That’s why I don’t feel the need, nor see the point, to “unplug” myself from the “system” committing suicide or relocating to some aussie outback chasing kangaroos (I’m too old for that).
              Honestly I wouldn’t call my reasoning/logic bizarre or completely self-contradictory JLB, nor can I see any severe cognitive dissonance in my position, but if you see it that way, well, let’s just agree to disagree 🙂 .

    • Chris said:

      “Man, as crazy as Dave J seems on many issues – JLB is Tristan, Tony A is Tony B, Jesus Christ, etc. – he really is one of the ONLY other ACT personalities to fully understand the history hoax and the war hoax. Sometimes, when I listen to him and find myself agreeing, I think to myself – maybe I’M crazy too or will be soon. Lol”

      I would love to hear more from Dave.

    • I agree that this abridged version is superior to the original FAK call. I was genuinely surprised by Ab’s conduct in that call. For somebody as intelligent and audience-aware as Ab usually is, the whole thing struck me as bizarre. Live broadcasting a technical support issue? Complaining about functionality of a website when it has not been established that the issue is the website itself?

      It would only make sense if Ab was trying to actively discredit my site, and I have zero reason to think that this was his intention. He remains an Honorary member of this site, and I remain a fan of his work. So after I had spent several minutes promoting Fakeologist at the beginning of the call, I was genuinely puzzled by what happened over the next period of time.

      By the end of proceedings, the second half of the original FAK involved significantly more Fakeology than that section which included the Fakeologist himself and his 2IC (Rollo)! Just think about how strange the whole situation is.

      When Velocet encouraged me to stick around and try to discuss Fakeology after the others had left, I had to explicitly state that if Rollo began acting like a ****wit again, I was out of there. Rollo obliged by remaining silent, which is often the most useful thing he can do, when he is drunk (or ‘drunk’, which may simply be an act he likes to engage in).

      As for ‘Crazy Dave J’, I completely understand what you mean. If a man who claims that ‘Tony Abbott is Tony Blair’ is in the top bracket of media Hoax awareness, then what on earth is going on?

      Note that Dave J has said in the past that his ‘person A is person B’ schtick is not necessarily to be taken literally. I personally think of it as more of a thought experiment. How do we know ‘who’ is ‘who’? I’ve never met Tony Abbott, I don’t know where he lives, and even if I did know where he lives, I’m not going to go and spy on his residence to see if he really does live there. ‘Tony Abbott’ could easily be a charatcer being played by a man who plays a politician. Whether or not this is the case is not the point in question; the point is that these are characters on our telescreens, about whom we tend to believe a lot, but know very little.

      I remember when I was a conspiratard. Like your former self, I too used to imagine going ‘off grid’. It was my own Shell Beach. A place I knew existed, because I could see it in my head. So much of the normie’s life is fantasy and escapism. Imagining a time when they have money. Look at the enduring popularity of the lotto. The ticket gives people an excuse to dream. And that is what they want: dreams to pacify them while live of a life of sleep.

  • Oct 1 would be great. more time to review his material – old and new.

    do you have link to his civil war work?

    • No, I do not have a link to any of Dave’s old videos — except for about half a dozen which I downloaded for my own collection two years ago.

      The videos in question featured Dave J claiming that I was a guy called ‘Tristan Alexander’, a real-life friend of Gino’s who only somewhat looked like me.

      Oh, and that I was a ‘paid shill’ for pretending to be JLB when I was really Tristan Alexander.

      We both had beards and wore beanies. That was enough for Dave J to convict me of being somebody else.

      I have an article all written up and ready to go, including the videos in question. It will give everybody a good laugh.

      Hopefully Dave will be able to look back and have a laugh at that nonsense, too.

      As far as I am concerned, it is all water under the lol-bridge.

      I try to focus on the good rather than the bad, and Dave J remains one of the few in this scene who has figured out things like the missile hoax.

      As a way to say thanks to the supporters of this site, I will publish that article as soon as we reach five total Super Agents.

      It may take a week, it may take a year, but once we reach five Super Agents, the lulz will flow!

      • “As a way to say thanks to the supporters of this site, I will publish that article as soon as we reach five total Super Agents.

        It may take a week, it may take a year, but once we reach five Super Agents, the lulz will flow!”

        looks like it took a week. looking forward to the lulz : )

  • bmseattle

    I gotta say, I enjoyed this chat more than i anticipated I would.

    My only previous experience of listening to Dave J (a couple of times at fakeologist, plus his comments there), left a bad taste. However, when he isn’t arguing with people, he brings a lot to the table.

    I particularly think the dynamic of Dave J and JLB conversing is interesting, as they agree about enough, but also seem to have some key differences in their thinking, that makes for an intriguing conversation.

    • I agree with you about Dave J: the difference between his best and worst (i.e. when being constructive vs being destructive) is like day and night.

      Of course, the Fakeologist audiochats can bring out the worst in anybody. There are some cool and worthwhile people there, but there are also some complete wastes of time there as well.

      I suspect that if we were to be joined by Dave J on a MSC some time, we would see his best side.

      The problem is that most of his videos are no longer available online. You should see some of his older videos on ancient Egypt and things like that.

      I’ll contact Dave J today and see if we can arrange a chat with him.

  • What a great show!
    Yes, more of Dave J please 😀
    I wish he went into details abott the About and Blair being same dudes.

    I don’t buy his claims not accepting money from the top if they offered it the way JLB said. Like Seinfeld said, people will accept money, this is what separates us from animals.

    Love the part where Dave said he realised early on in school he didn’t have to believe to story, only repeat the story.

    About missiles JLB, if you have some unpublished stuff regarding the missile hoax I would love to read it as we just had a missile event here in Estonia.


    • So far the feedback about this call with Dave J has been overwhelmingly positive.

      I’ll contact Dave J today to see if we can arrange a call with him.

      Yeah, the whole ‘what would you do if offered a lot of cash’ hypothetical is an interesting one.

      I openly state that if offered a large enough sum of cash, I would happily claim — for example — that dinosaurs are real.

      Sure thing, boss!

      See this claw we found in the dirt? 70,000,000 years old, I tell ya! What an amazing paleontological find!

      Blimey, check out this vertebrae! Found by Jack Brown right here on his farm in outback Australia!

      The baddest, meanest dinosaur in the southern hemisphere, and old Jack Brown found his vertebrae!

      Lol. Anybody who would refuse to be a dinosaur-promoter ‘on principle’, my question is simple: how much money have you left on the table in your life?

      And of course the answer is usually none. Zero. Never walked away from a wad of cash in their lives but they claim they would walk away from dino-dollars.

      Give me a break.

      This kind of self-delusion is what helps to feed the paranoia of the ACT realm.

      The lie to themselves about themselves, so they are blind to the truth in other matters, too. their thinking is all screwed up.

      Oddly enough, though, there is something about Dave J which makes me think that he is more likely than most to refuse dino-dollars on principle.

      Certainly more likely than most of the barnacles in the ‘truth movements’ who glom on to this scene to make themselves feel special.

      Sadly I don’t have any unpublished work on the missile hoax which is ready for release, but it is a topic which still fascinates me.

      Some of these missiles are physically impossible and yet even self-styled ‘awake’ people can’t see it, such is the power of TV brainwashing.

      Oh yeah, heat-seeking missiles! We just launch them into the sky and then they hunt down their targets like an attack dog!

      And the lemming masses never bat an eye-lid.

  • just started writing comments on the Markus Allen call and bam…a new one with Dave J.

    body blows left and right! was planning on starting a real ‘productive work’ week, but all this new content and commentary is distracting me (in a good way : )

    listened to Fak chat last night where DJ stated the caduceus symbol is / are waves on a plane. hopefully he can expand on this further.

    would def like to hear more from him – especially a good natured Q&A session about his journey and if he’s amenable to it..his epiphany and how that relates to the history hoax as well the bible hoax.

    would like to hear you and Eric Dubay have a deep dive discussion on dinos and giants…and of course FE. though before i joined i remember him calling you a shill so doubtful he’d participate.

    would like this operation to extend beyond the boundaries of ACT – if only on the ‘less’ sensitive topics …for example – Evolution. I know this can trigger ‘educated’ normies just like asking bible gripper’s basic questions about their beliefs, but compared to Holo or Fake Space – i think it’s more acceptable to debate. Maybe Kenneth Miller is up for a chat or Jerry Coyne? some of these authors / profs don’t make that much money. I’d offer a donation if that would move their needle to get on a 15 or 30 minute q and a. they tend to get very technical, so maybe a multi-part follow up ‘series’ could be arranged.

    likewise, getting a mainstream nasa apologist or astrophysics professor that currently or previously worked there in some ‘legitimate’ capacity.

    i still like sofia smallstorm.

    def would like to explore more of the ‘law’ / legal / strawman topic. but from a skeptical angle. many have said they don’t owe money etc. but i’ve yet to find any who have gotten a mortgage, defied foreclosure proceedings from a bank, and kept the deed / home. if this is an achilles heel of the system, well..we can build bontopias all over the world : )

    Joe Alexander

    Jeff berwick (crypto, general life stuff)

    screenwriter(s) of any and all of: Truman Show, The Prestige, 13th Floor, etc..

    Max Igan

    Nik Research


    Synch Guys

    Marty Leeds

    Crow (more for JLB.com exposure than his schtick)

    Don’t have names right now but less controversial ‘red pill’ topics that could cross pollinate into the stuff here probably have more of a subscriber base (e.g. health / vaccines, marriage / relationships etc..)

    Michael Shermer. (i met him once at an event he spoke at in NYC. his speech which was titled “why people believe weird things” or something like that – he mentioned ‘Bush Team Blew Up the Towers’ —- his speech had nothing to do with the topic of the conference, and he didn’t even offer a conceptual bridge, but i yelled out “they did” right after. (obviously think different today)

    anwyays, afterwards in the vendor exhibit he was hawking one of his books..i bought one ‘ The Mind of the Market’ never wound up reading it but it at the time was just waking up to 911 and i was like ‘you think tower 7 came down from fires” he rolled his eyes at me. i shook my head and kept walking. guy’s a total poseur.

    and this might be wishing on a start…but…. Lesta Nediam!

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