JLB Chats w/ Dave J + Rollo (12-Apr-2018)

Is it okay to hold and share ‘crazy’ opinions? Is it possible that the politicians on our telescreens are literally actors (who sometimes even play more than one role at a time)? Is the moon anything more than a light? Why do so few people either know about or discuss the War Hoax and/or History Hoax?

On Wednesday, 11-Apr-2018, I made another appearance in the Fakeologist audiochat Discord server. I was joined by controversial YoutTube personality Dave J, and Fakeologist’s resident lunatic Crazy Rollo, to discuss a range of topics spanning the entire spectrum of alternative thought (and beyond).

This podcast features that discussion (unedited) along with introductory and closing thoughts recorded 12-Apr-2018.

Full call on Fakeologist (includes about half an hour of Rollo + Dave J before I got there): here.

Chaser’s War on Stan Zemanek (and others): here.

9 thoughts on “JLB Chats w/ Dave J + Rollo (12-Apr-2018)

  • Negentropic

    DaveJ has been churning out some of the most hilarious troofer drama comedy gold for the last 2 weeks while managing at the same time to be one of the few original and creative thinkers in the fakeologist roster. “Crazy” usually goes with that “thinking out of the box” territory. Why John Adams couldn’t just laugh off the label of “spiritual murderer” (lol) with a grain of salt, the way Gaia did the week before, and keep his friendly relations with Abirato and the fakeologist site is anybody’s guess. But it doesn’t surprise me that he wanted DaveJ banned. DaveJ pre-empted his confusion-&-doubt-spreading shill operation over there before it could start! lol

    • You should see Dave J on the Fakeologist Discord server. Trolling the nuffies like nobodies business. By nuffies, I mean the sad-sacks there who seem to live for petty conflict. Dave is giving them exactly what they want — and they do not like it!

      Dave is showing me that I have been too polite to certain people for far too long. When you are dealing with a misbehaving pooch, do you try to talk sense to it? No. You give it a clip, maybe even rub its face in its own poo to make it realise that it has pooed in the wrong place. For too long I have been trying to reason with creatures who have more in common with pooches than they do with considerate, thinking people like myself. This may seem harsh, it may even seem unfair, but it is the truth of the matter.

      Not all 'humans' are the same. Some are good by nature. Some are not.

      Take how Dave handled Gaia a few weeks ago in the livestream. Took about two minutes to size up Gaia and call him out for the obstructionist and obfuscationist he is. I had been wasting hours of time trying to reason with 'figure eights' like Gaia and Phil, whereas Dave just bulldozed them from day dot and hasn't looked back since. I took a lot out of that.

      As for John Adams, I don't believe in 'paid shills', but if I did, then I would be very suspicious of JA's conduct. Then again, if I believed in 'paid shills', I would be very suspicious of most peoples conduct. This is one of the reasons why I am thankful that I was able to ascend beyond belief in 'paid shills'. It adds a load to the engine of the mind, like a faulty air conditioning unit in an old car. The engine has enough work to do as it is, why add more strain?

      Anyway it is good to hear from you again, Negentropic. Hope you are well. WordPress tells me that this is your 117th comment on the site. I personally consider this one of the luckiest numbers in existence. Numbers everywhere…

      • bmseattle

        Dave J may enjoy instigating with the people at fakeologist, but it isn’t particularly enjoyable to listen to, in my opinion.
        Gaia is an easy target, and as annoying as he can be, listening to Dave J berate him for daring to say that “he (Gaia) can’t know anything” isn’t great audio. I think I understood what Gaia was trying to say in that instance, and it was particularly annoying to hear Dave J repeatedly throw that comment back at him in his bullying fashion.

        All that said, I think 90% of the folks at Fakeologist are not worth the time and effort, which is why I don’t bother commenting there anymore. I lost all respect for Faye when she attacked Mark Tokarski, and then didn’t have the backbone to even comment on the picture he posted of himself with Miles Mathis.

        I haven’t followed the John Adams situation, and so, have no opinion on it.
        My impression of him vs the rest of the fakeologist crowd is that I’ve tended to respect Adams more than most. He listens to those he speaks with, at least, and is capable of responding without misdirecting. I enjoyed the chat that JLB had with him a couple of weeks ago a lot more than anything with Rollo or Dave J.

        • Negentropic

          DaveJ’s said at the beginning of his JFK-dummy video that in order for people to learn the truth “they have to unring the bell of their ego,” which is very close to what I’ve been saying that right is really “rite” or the ritual of movements of mind and body you perform to do something efficiently and with the least energy (inner-grace or balance) wasted, therefore “rightly,” and w-rung is being w-rung by Pavlov’s bell to salivate to an empty plate (in DaveJ’s comment’s case, the “empty plate” is the “truther’s ego” built up from eating baits from gatekeeping controlled opposition “truther” personalities. When the Pavlovian bell of a new PsyOp is rung in the media, these built up egos salivate and go looking for the empty baits that will keep their egos intact, at the cost of hooking them within this or that gate, of course).

          Jim Morrison’s “a subtle kind of murder” echoing DaveJ’s “spiritual murderer” 50 years later:


          Tokarski said in one comment that he was a Jew, so I wouldn’t even trust him across the street, never mind to do honest internet research. I have no respect for Miles Mathis because he acts as if the holohoax was a real event. If it was anybody else, that could be excused as troofer-dipshittery or ignorance, but not with Mathis. In his case it’s evidence of shilling, since his other stuff is very “advanced” as far as theories of media-fakery go. I refuse to give anyone in the TM (truth movement) any time if they do not at least pass the holohoax litmus test.

          After that, there’s the “Uncle Adolf Litmus,” which helps a troofer veteran like myself avoid wasting time with people who bash Hitler, which is basically the easiest thing in the world to do — dump on the single most demonized and slandered person in history — and claim Hitler was a “Jew” or “British agent” and/or “a lifetime actor.” The “Uncle Adolf Litmus” (aka “A slave is one who can speak neither well of Hitler nor ill of Jewry” – Frederick Toben) almost never fails.







          • bmseattle

            I’m aware of and respect your feelings about Mathis. In the above comment, I wasn’t advocating (or criticizing) either Mathis’ or Tokarski’s research. I was simply commenting on the fact that Faye, at Fakeologist, accused Tokarski of lying about being at Mathis’ conference (specifically citing a lack of photos as evidence of his lies), and when Tokarski produced a photo, she dropped out and didn’t address it at all. In fact, none of the folks at Fakeologist.com, who had been claiming that Mathis was ‘fake’, had the nerve to comment.
            It was like it never happened.
            Whatever ones feelings about Mathis are, it was very telling that Faye was unwilling to address evidence that contradicted her preconceived beliefs.

            As for Dave J, I do think he brings a lot to the table, when he is able to control his temper, and I enjoy listening to him when he is actually presenting his research/thoughts.
            He has recently been at the forefront of things over at Fakeologist, and I’m sure he has his own reasons for doing that.
            From my own perspective, it is much more valuable for the listener when Dave J remains calm in his delivery. I can completely understand his tendency to fly off the handle with those people, however. They can be an infuriating bunch.

          • It is easy to bash Hitler, you are right about that. At the same time, it is also easy to fall into the false dialectic, good guy vs bad guy.

            I maintain that ‘Adolf Hitler’ is and was effectively a fictional character, a puppet in a grand play; and Germany as a nation was never controlled by one man, let alone a man who supposedly took over the place following a plot among regular men in a beer hall.

  • Negentropic

    This last audiochat of DaveJ’s with Velocet and Rollo was the best one yet:


    This one audiochat alone, regardless of what other nonsense goes on at Fakeologist, is already worth more than the entirety of Jim Fetzer’s or Jeff Rense’s output for the last year. This is due to “crazy” DaveJ’s original contributions in creative thinking while most of the rest are being merely analytical. Big difference between analytical and creative thinking. Analysis happens within boxes or linguistic constructs of stories. Sometimes these many storied buildings or maps that may have been originally useful for navigation become out-dated and become prisons (pre-zones, pre-sons, what the sons or suns of creation and birth are born out of). At that point, creative thinking and thinging alone moves you forward to a better map and analysis, however, detailed and “logical,” keeps you in a “figure eight,” beating a dead horse of ideas that have run their course.

    Numbers and words are made out of symbols that map out or measure a certain area of reality for navigation. Navigations hopefully “true” which “get you thru” to “the other side” or destinations of grace, balance and well-being if rooted in this thing called the t-root. Each number and letter is a symbol and also derived from combinations of symbols to arrive at more complex measure through metaphor combinations. When you make a mouth noise to announce a word or pin-down of the territory you have isolated with that word, that’s a sound metaphor combined with the visual of its form isolated with borders from the field of experience processed through the human senses. Even the most basic word learned by an infant such as “mama or papa” with just the lips touching and no tongue is arrived at through a combination of a visual and sound metaphor and is already two metaphors away from “the real territory” unaffected by the interventions of mind or intelligence through its sense-perception-constructed metaphorical maps or “concepts.”

    These concepts are then combined in sentences to construct stories (what is stored as maps and what gives your inner buildings and constructions of stories or levels of height and weight). Reality is neither entirely spiritual or physical, but always a subtle combination of the spiritual and the physical. It can never be isolated completely, it can only be mapped and moved within through stories. When these storage levels are “true,” they get you THRU that territory. When these stories have the proper foundation or are t-rooted and become “the truth,” not the “eternal truth” or anything but the best approximated map for getting us “thru” that territory of experience. When you “feel good,” you have applied the map to the territory efficiently and have wasted the least energy possible to get to your destination.

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin — ‘Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.’

    Therefore, the leaves of be-leaf or stories people have adopted, if wrong, or w-rung by a false bell (later called Pavlov’s bell), if rooted in improper (not creating proper-ty) or illogical combinations of conceptions (in the widest sense of “logic,” as the valid ways puzzle pieces can fit together from all sides to form a bigger picture or map, not just linearly or step-by-step from end to the other) which make them experience “falls” are called “false.” And hence also why “fools” are called fools because they take a lot of “false.” Every wonder why fool and fall and so close in sound? Well, now you know.

    Therefore to experience the real t-root of the “truth” tree, to have the most workable maps of navigation, you have to take the “rabbit hole” all the way down to the very formation of words and concepts and numbers through symbol combinations and metaphors. Music, for example, is said to be inexpressible in words. What they really are inexpressible in are non-poetic words or words w-rung by the standard stories of reality in the Pavlovian linguistic prisons we live in where we are made to salivate to empty plates while those who know “the real deal” rob us of the food that was used as bait or “limited hangout” before.

    For example, a great piece of music needs no “words” or “wards” (words warden and warn the wards in the prison) to bottleneck it and can express far more in 5 minutes than a 200 page book written by a great writer or a poem written by a great poet, etc. Even when a piece of music is combined with spoken lyrics, you can have the barest sketch of words which would mean very little by themselves, combined with the proper sound metaphors (within the logical-in-the-widest-sense joinings of melody, harmony, rhythm, etc., synergizing together) to create a new map of “spiritual navigation space” or feelings triggered by ideas beyond our current “warded” words or story-constructed linguistic prisons. Here’s a great example from one of the best 1970s bands:


    The mood or area of spiritual navigation this musical map puts you in has little to do with those barest sketches of lyrics and this is, of course, intentional. Bryan Ferry went to art-school and was a painter before he became a musician and understands (or at least understood, back then, now he seems to be caught in the same pleasant-but-mostly-empty rut for 30 years) how to paint or construct a space with sound metaphors and textures.

    DaveJ talks about all these things, which I learned from reading Nietzsche, (specifically this essay http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/phl201/modules/Philosophers/Nietzsche/Truth_and_Lie_in_an_Extra-Moral_Sense.htmin ) in his own way. Therefore, “crazy” or not, sometimes completely wrong or not, “rude” to others like John Adams and Gaia or not, his contribution is great for even broaching these subjects few have the balls to broach (they’ll be called “crazy” and ridiculed if they do) and goes to the very bottom of the so-called rabbit-hole or the source of all our “w-rung bells” within the falsely conditioned realities we exist and suffer unnecessarily in like eternal children who cannot fathom that their parents are not just insane but evil and anti-life (falls for us or any of us not aware of these t-roots, which is most of us, and getting thru and being t-rooted for the elite classes that know these things and deliberately mislead us to retain their power, ultimately to evil or anti-live de-struct-ive ends even for themselves).

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

    • That is a good point about the difference between analytical and creative thinking. For all of his alleged or supposed flaws, Dave J has done more to push the boundaries of YouTube ‘truth’ than just about anybody else in the scene. It takes a certain mindset to even consider tackling a topic like the ‘Civil War’ (Hoax), and Dave J has demonstrated that he possesses that kind of mentality.

      It has been interesting to watch on from the sidelines as Dave J has taken the Fakeologist platform by storm. All they had to do was give Dave J a chance and actually listen to what he was saying, and soon they realised that he may not be quite so ‘crazy’ after all.

      • bmseattle

        I suppose there might be a lesson there about how one must behave in order to garner attention and respect at places like Fakeologist.com.
        Though, I can’t help but wonder if it’s worth the effort.

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