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‘Jet Fuel Hoax’? No Way! But Then Again…

I know, I know, it sounds completely bonkers. But there are actually some people out there who genuinely believe that we live on a giant spinning ball! Wait, no, wrong conspiracy theory…


JLB1852 – ‘Jet Fuel Hoax’? No Way! But Then Again… (7-Aug-2018)

Full call here: JLB Chats #07 (6-Aug-2018)

Third-party videos used in this video

A day in the life of a fueler – here.

Aircraft Refuelling at the Frankfurt Int. Airport – here.

Converting waste gas into jet fuel – here.

How to fuel an Airbus – here.

United Airlines flight almost took off with jet fuel gushing out – here.

Page updated with reuploaded video 17-Jul-2019.

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