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Trolls, Truth, Tim (Osman)

My first new YouTube video since being deleted. Includes a monologue on the unnecessary nature of ‘truth’, the power of beliefs, why people are so easily triggered, and related topics.


JLB19008 – Trolls, Truth, Tim (Osman) (20-May-2019)

PODCAST: Tim Osman speaks with Mick West —
PODCAST: F.A.R.T. episode¬† where they discuss Tim Osman/IPS —
VIDEO: Truth is the Greatest Troll —
PODCAST: JLB, Timmy, Ged Skeptic, Gempanda —
PODCAST: JLB, Timmy, Adam Moyer, Cathexis —


I’ll be chatted with Tim live on his channel on Tuesday night (U.S. time).

See the video and mp3 files here:

Updated 26-May-2019 to include link to podcast.


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