Tim Osman & JLB Discuss the ‘Truth Movement’

This was originally livestreamed on Tim’s channel on Wednesday 22-May-2019 (Kuching time; Tuesday night US time).

I’ve taken the liberty of converting that video into standalone mp3 file. I removed a few sections of dead air and balanced the audio a little bit, but other than that, the mp3 is identical to the original livestream audio.

Topics include

The ‘truth movement’ and how it can affect us

Tim’s interview with Mick West of Metabunk.org

The ‘Nayirah Testimony’ and admitted government/media lies

9/11, Harley Guy, invincible passports, etc


See also

My recent YouTube video about Tim Osman and related things – here.

Production notes. Original stream 22-May-2019. This post and mp3 file published 26-May-2019. This post timestamped to original livestream date.


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