Sometimes Record #31 | Mud Flood Reset (8-Jul-2020)

What are the 'Mud Flood' and 'Ancient Tartaria' theories all about?

Why do some people believe there was a sudden 'reset' of civilisation within the past few hundred / thousand years?

How come some people can see that the TV is lying to us whereas the majority seem blissfully unaware of the deception?

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JLB MDC | S2 E7 | The Futility Hoax (30-Jun-2019)

Did an obscure novelist really predict the sinking of the Titanic in 1898, more than a decade before the 'real' event took place?

If some of the humans around us are like 'non-player characters', what kinds of 'Turing tests' can we apply to determine who is more than a mere robot?

The permaculture scene has many useful insights to share about healthy living and eating, but does it suffer from the same ego-tripping elements we see elsewhere in the ACT realm?

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