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Is the ‘Non-Player Character’ (NPC) Meme a HOAX?

Their robotic reactions may indeed be programmed, but are these creatures we call ‘humans’ really NPCs after all?


JLB1885 – Is the ‘Non-Player Character’ (NPC) Meme a HOAX? (2-Oct-2018)

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5 thoughts on “Is the ‘Non-Player Character’ (NPC) Meme a HOAX?

  • Samurai Blue

    “If you’re playing a video game, the non-playing character has to play out what it is programmed to do. How is the average human today any different to that?”

    I love how that was put. Bang on.

    I personally hadn’t heard the ‘NPC’ term being used outside of gaming, until a couple of years ago when my American friend remarked upon some people, hypnotized by their smartphones, as being NPCs. It made me chuckle. However, I couldn’t imagine that anyone would take this literally as an actual concept! As you alluded to in your video, it’s more a state of mind than anything to do with some ‘finite distribution of souls’. And to digress slightly, this is a big problem I have with a lot of technology. As the most recent example at my job, I’ve been getting internal emails pushing Google’s new ‘smart compose’ for Gmail. A system that, quote,

    “intelligently autocompletes your emails. At launch, it can fill in common phrases; in the future, it will get smarter – learning your most-used greetings.”

    This is terrifying to me. Imagine how homogenized and generic everyone’s content would become. We’re not just being programmed anymore, we’re being trained to program ourselves. ‘Smart’ technology is just making us dumber. The masses will lap it up no doubt, but it pains me to think that soon there will be hardly anyone who can navigate without GPS, cook without an app, drive for themselves, or write a message from the heart.

    NPC’s indeed.

  • Negentropic

    Yes. But it also “pained” older generations when no one could ride horses anymore because they had affordable cars, when no one knew how to cook over fire anymore and everyone switched gas stoves, when people didn’t squat to take a dump anymore and had to have toilet seats, when drivers could no longer drive stick and had to have automatic transmissions, when heartfelt emotions had to be ink-leashed on thin slivers of trees called paper and sent through the mail, not delivered in person or voiced through the phone avoiding face-to-face contact, etc. An e-mail message “from the heart” is already quite a ridiculous concept when you think about it, because the reader has to fill in all the information that’s not there that would be, if the message was delivered in person or even with a voice over the phone.


    Just stumbled on this ridiculous nonsense on wackopedia:

    In 2002, Springsteen released his first studio effort with the full band in 18 years, The Rising, produced by Brendan O’Brien. The album, mostly a reflection on the September 11 attacks, was a critical and popular success. (Many of the songs were influenced by phone conversations Springsteen had with family members of victims of the attacks who in their obituaries had mentioned how his music touched their lives.)

    So, does this mean Springsteen, (who wrote my 3rd favorite song of all time, “Blinded by the Light,” in the version performed by Manfred Mann, I don’t like Springsteen’s own performance style, he always sounds like he’s passing a watermelon, lol), along with Sting and some of these other establishment show-biz clowns associated with the 9-11 narrative (post # 170 on the page)

    was fully “in-on-it” with the hoaxers themselves (knowing there would be no real “victims,” just a massive hoax to provide the pretext and excuse of using massive FORCE to push agendas of herd management and foreign policy) or was he one of the “non-playing” characters being “played” like a piano himself, used as celebrity bait, within the previously manufactured narrative, allowed to freelance “live” in this area, to psychologically keep the dissenters and questioners of the official storyline fooled and controlled.

    After all, if these “victim family members” talked to Bruce Springsteen on the goddamn phone about how they had mentioned his sorry multi-millionaire/transgender-bathroom-promoting ass and his crappy music in their faked obituaries, and how his watermelon-passing style of singing had “touched their lives,” how could they be lying?

    After all, wouldn’t Bruce Springsteen, the multi-millionaire-fighter-for-the-blue-collar-working-man rock musician himself, know when some clowns were bullshitting him their sob stories over the phone? Hey, if their bullshit is good enough for “The Boss,” it might as well be good enough for them! You wouldn’t want to piss off “The Boss” now with your disrespectful “conspiracy theorizing” now, would you? That’s a good boy! Now sit there and take the consequences and don’t even dare open your mouth to utter a single word in protest; not unless you want to be ostracized by “The Boss” and his millions of fans and what the Springsteen character represents in the game being played by today’s precisely applied mass societal pressures.

    • Samurai Blue

      Just regarding your opening paragraph, Negentropic, which I presume was in response to my comment. Yes, all those things you mentioned will have “pained” older generations, and rightfully so, IMO. I don’t hold technological progression with any lofty esteem. You and your meme say otherwise. I have no problems with that, mate.

  • Negentropic

    Cat’s foot, iron claw
    Neuro-surgeons scream for more
    At paranoia’s poison door
    Twenty-first century schizoid man

    Blood rack, barbed wire
    Politician’s funeral pyre
    Innocents raped with napalm fire
    Twenty-first century schizoid man

    Death seed, blind man’s greed
    Poets starving, children bleed
    Nothing he’s got he really needs
    Twenty-first century schizoid man

    Note: Schizoid personality disorder is a condition that renders the subject somewhat detached, apathetic, recluse in a fantasy world rather than tied to real connections.

    Hmmm, I wonder where we have seen “schizoid personalities” before? Could it be that we’re living in an entire society of “schizoids,” dysfunctioning themselves on multiple levels? And what level does the happy collective of conspiracy theorists represent? The “too far gone for help” level? lol

  • Have you ever tripped out and thought that EVERYONE was an npc except for yourself, and that this reality was a giant joke that was being put on with yourself at the butt of it all?

    Like a joke simulation, and its all being played on you.

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