Bon Earth Model

This page will serve as the hub of all Bon Earth material currently available on this website.

The pilot episode of the Alternative Cosmology Show will provide a good starting point for those interested in the Bon Earth model and alternative cosmology more broadly.

Further resources listed in order of importance/relevance to those interested in serious research.

Bon Earth Cosmological Model | 18,000-word written piece | First published 18-May-2017 | Available exclusively to Full Members

The most comprehensive explanation of the Bon Earth model available anywhere on the internet. Features videos, images, and a detailed analysis of fundamental concepts (such as empiricism and logic), the prevailing cosmological model (i.e. heliocentrism – both kinematic and dynamic), alternative cosmologies (such as Flat Earth), the objective evidence which needs to be accommodated by any true working model, and of course a a full articulation of the Bon Earth model itself.

Impromptu Chat #13: Flat Earth Reflections | Two-hour google hangout | Streamed live 17-May-2017 | Freely available

A casual chat featuring an overview of the experiences of both John le Bon and Matrix Decode, who have both spent more than two years studying the competing cosmologies (specifically Flat Earth and heliocentrism) and making empirical, documented observations about the earth on which we live. Includes an introduction to the Bon Earth model.

Flat Earth Belief vs Bon Earth Model – Sky Denial | 10-minute youtube video | Freely available

A brief overview of the fundamental concepts underpinning the Bon Earth model. Specifically, empiricism, logic, and how these apply to what we see in the night sky.

Debate: Heliocentrists vs JLB | Three-hour podcast | Published 6-Oct-2016 | Freely available

This podcast includes an impromptu discussion-turned-debate between JLB and an assortment of NASA-believing gentlemen, which was originally streamed live on 2-Jul-2016. The first 40-50 minutes may seem tedious to those not familiar with Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable Episode #11. What follows afterwards, however, will be of interest to anybody interested in skepticism, empiricism, alternative comsologies, and group psychology. Although the Bon Earth model had not yet been fully articulated or published at the time of recording this piece, the model was well into its genesis, and its empirical superiority over NASA Nihilism was demonstrated to amusing effect.

Radio Rollo #4 | Fifteen-minute discussion | Streamed live 26-Jun-2016 | Freely available

The audiochat itself is actually close to five hours long, but the relevant section of the discussion begins approximately 1:59:30 and runs about fifteen minutes. This chat was streamed (and is now archived) at which is a website generally interested in media fakery and related topics. Once again, the Bon Earth model had not yet been fully articulated or published at the time of this recording, but the basics of the model are covered well.

To learn more about the official cosmology as ‘believed’ by the majority of people alive today, see the following video: