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  • Negentropic

    JLB to Tim Ozman about Project Veritas:

    “If they are in any way controlled, why are they doing such good work exposing the hospital hoax?”

    The real question is why is JLB constantly forgetting the decades-old maxim of shillery?

    The maxim of shillery is:

    Direct agent or useful idiot/useful ego, the result is the same: disinformation or the creation and spreading of enough confusion so that everything becomes believable and nothing knowable.

    So “Project Veritas” are shills because the sum total of their output equals disinformation and confusion rather than clarity. It matters not whether they were hired as direct agents or the path of useful idiocy and useful ego-tripping brought them to the same place, the result is the same: paralysis of creative work, i.e., the finding of a solution to the problem, because of confusion, the opposite of fusion.

    The maxim is valid in all areas of human endeavor, which are strictly limited by the parameters set by media of communication. Power never comes from the “military” or any such macho, dramatic/traumatic nonsense, but from the barrel of the media which programs the military like robots just like everyone else into accepting a system of usury and legalized counterfeiting, a system of outright rape as “normal.”

    Power comes from total control of information in the media which is beholden to the usurocray for its very existence just like every other big business. It’s not very complicated at all, it’s just that for the majority of people understanding and acknowledging these facts means recognizing that their entire lives have been based on lies and therefore having to start from scratch and with nobody to guide them but those labeled “crazy nutcase conspiracy theorists” by the same all-pervasive media brainwahing machine engaged in manufacturing useful idiots and useful egos (the educated and indoctrinated versions of useful idiots who are even worse because more invested in the system) non-stop.

    Every TV-show, every movie, every “educational show,” every text-book, every banner, every billboard, every last media communication is geared towards manufacturing idiots or egos of one kind or another who self-destruct quickly or slowly but always self-destruct and being unconscoiusly aware of having been screwed themselves, make sure to enforce a culture of self-destructive and idiotic behavior on their own children and everyone around them, which a lifetime of indoctrination has defined as ‘intelligent’ in their heads.

    This means they never even remotely reach their true abilities and life-span and shut off from stress-induced diseases maybe even a century before their time, but expire thinking “that’s just the way it is,” “life is short,” “life is being addicted to sugars and carbs and never even eating your proper diet, never even drinking a single glass of real raw milk your whole life and then being surprised at being unhealthy and sick,” etc.

    Powerful people, meaning those who have managed to finagle for themselves the power to designate value upon things and force others to comply with such designations “or else,” would much rather have entire populations of self-made shills of the useful idiot and useful ego variety on their team, working through what they think is their own “free will,” than a few thousand direct agents anyway, since direct agents are hard to train and present problems of disloyalty, whereas useful idiots who dupe themselves through pre-programmed cognitive bias are as plentiful as flies and can be used indefinitely to advance all the agendas based on the central master hoax that runs it all: the “equality hoax,” all the while (falsely) thinking they came to their own decisions themselves and had true freedom of expression.

    Wrong, they had “freedom of expression” as long as their expression aligned with the agendas of power and they will have totalitarian and draconian censorship just as easily if their expression aligns itself against that power.

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