JLB Chats #14 ‘No More Realology’ (25-Dec-2019)

Why has the website Fakeologist.com seen an influx of realologists over the past couple of years? What is ‘elite gender inversion’ and when did Ab the Fakeologist appear on normie breakfast radio discussing transvestigations? How can somebody who sees through the hoaxery of 9/11 end up becoming a leading promoter of the ‘Mandela Effect’ trojan horse mind-mush meme?

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JLB Chats #13 ‘War Hoax’ (1-Oct-2019)

Why do many of the reported American casualties from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq look so similar? If fakeologists around the world agree about the various lies involved in the official narrative of ‘war’, why do some of these individuals still want to argue about the obvious conclusions which follow? And what does Stefan Molyneux have to do with all of this?

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Blast From The Past | Spinning Ball Earthers on the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable

There have been so many epic moments in my journey from normie to 'ultra skeptic' over the past five years or so.

One of those moments was to change not just my opinion on certain things but perhaps even the course of the rest of my life.

It was the day that we invited some Scientism believers onto my then-weekly YouTube livestream, the Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable.

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