JLB Member Skype #11 – Social Health & Wellbeing (11-Mar-2018)

How much do we really know about nutrition, exercise and health? Do the processed food and medical industries have a symbiotic relationship? Why are so many people today so unhealthy, and just whose responsibility is it?

Leading the call today is Russell a.k.a Watzzupsport, a man who lives in Australia's north-eastern state of Queensland. Russell is a former triathlete and at the ripe age of 61 still competes in regular runs.

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What Is a ‘Black Pill’?

The truth is not always a pleasant thing. On the most recent Member Skype call I detailed for the first time my own experience with learning about one of the blackest of pills: birth trauma. The relatively muted response to the call so far, as well as some correspondence received in private, encouraged me to go into further detail about birth trauma specifically and the broader concept of ‘black pills’.

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