Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #08 – Why Are You Different? (6-Feb-2024)

The eighth episode of the Late Night Truth Lounge.

Have hoax-aware people been different from normal people since childhood?

This episode includes responses to comments left on the related JLB youtube video and NOPOL reddit thread.


Video version not available for this episode. mp3 only.


JLBA #113 – Falling Down the Rabbit Hole (series)


John le Bon chats with Jesse and Elyse about natural birth and wild pregnancies.

Special Presentation: White Pill Podcast with Jesse and Elyse (2-Feb-2024)

John le Bon discusses Robert Anton Wilson and Maybe Logic.

JLB MDC S4 E1 – Maybe Logic (3-Feb-2024)

Livestreamed 6-Feb-2024. Podcast published 7-Feb-2024, with minor editing to improve audio. Available publicly.

5 thoughts on “Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #08 – Why Are You Different? (6-Feb-2024)

  • NativeNewYorker

    Thanks JLB, first time that i heard the Jonlebon / Lester Needham song….it’s fire!!

  • NativeNewYorker

    Yes, only a few are “sighted” and yes we have always been different. The big question is “Am I the only one?”. I’ve never met anyone in real life that I can say with any degree of certainty is not a Bot. I wonder how many people in the ACT realm have had the same experience…It becomes a bit burdensome (heavy) at times to only see my reflection and never another HUMAN BEING.

  • My absolute favourite parts of the Late Night Truth lounges are when you scathe the listeners about pretending to support truth content and also not doing their own research. The hypocrisy is boundless in peoples minds and JLB has the knack of highlighting it with comedy tones and targeted sarcasm that leaves me rolling in fits of laughter. I do overall like this ask a question format it makes for a show that is informative on multiple topics, great stuff JLB.

  • Negentropic

    Perfectly “happy”? What does that even mean?

    To answer that question instead of just glibly declaring the word “happy” as an already settled universal term beyond the most basic animalistic, sensational level, you have to first answer more fundamental questions that would underlie it. Such as:

    Is it possible to do right rather than wrong without knowing what is true and false? Can a morality adopted without regard for truth make us do “right” rather than “wrong.” And if you keep doing wrong, if you don’t know, for example that fire too close will burn but at the right distance warm , that whores and cowards will betray you or that foreign substances such as vaccines injected into the body will cause Anaphylactic shock & damage – doesn’t nature dictate an automatic punishment and ass-whupping for that so that you will correct yourself and come back into harmony with her? Of course it does. Why would this mechanism be there if it was only meant to apply to a tiny minority of creatives and high IQ’s with better bullshit detectors (or as JLB likes to call them the “different-but-not-better” club but that implies that truth is not better than falsehood, merely different and since when was that true according to nature? At what point does nature magically stop punishing false steps and rewarding true ones? When exactly do true and false and right and wrong become equalized?).

    Morons get punished in nature regardless of whether they get punished in an insane society programmed to cater to their whims.

    Therefore, JLB is entirely wrong in assuming druggies to be happy – sure they are better off drugged than sober and insane but there is no escaping misery for these phony “happy” people created by their cattle drivers. Sober and sane is the only real “happy” state possible – all others are forms of coping. Sober and sane is a chemical balancing problem and therefore can only be achieved through a raw animal foods diet. Actually being “high” is our natural state but only as long as raw animal foods are consumed. No cooked food will ever do it. None of you believe me do you? Wait till you try it for a year or two and see the results. You will spit in the direction of most restaurant food and alcohol then and curse your own stupidity a million times.

    Sorry to rain urine therapy on the big white pill party here but the only white pill is the truth and will always be the truth. The problem is that a truth-seeker in this society is the man seeking sanitation and sanity in a sewer of the insane. In a world where everyone is covered in dirt, the clean man is the offender. In a world of sheep the brave man is the offender. In a world of liars the honest man is the most endangered species as the Rush lyric goes. Was it always like this? No because that would be like saying lies are what create health, a total absurdity. PsyOps = lies or poisons for your mind – Junk Food = false-foods or poisons for your body

    The paradoxes of life cannot be escaped – only tamed and harmonized. Truth brings the pain, the pain bringer is hated, but without the pain, the injury cannot even be located for healing to begin. So the more truthful a person you are the more pain you have brought upon yourself and the more self-healing you have done. The sicker you are the more you seek. In a drugged state, a dying organism and society does know it’s dying. This is what we have. We don’t have “happy” people, we have drugged zombie s galore.

    And if you feed their fear and neurosis and psychosis by not at least occasionally saying fuck this nonsense and bitchslapping them out of their stupor, it will still come back and bite you 100% for sure. You cannot escape it. You can refuse to talk to anyone but other “truthers,” maybe not even any truthers except the ones who pass the media-fakery litmus tests. The sickness fostered in others through the drugging away of truth will still created misery and chaos in society that will come back to kick your ass. Covid Hoax proved this 100% – I don’t know why there is even any argument? We have to help others – at the very least those who show some interest, some interest in curing their pains rather than drugging them, yet we cannot help others without hurting them and hurting ourselves in the process. The narrow path will not walk itself as DaveJ used to say.


    P.S. “Falling Down,” what a disappointing movie that was. In general Michael Douglas sucks except in the first “Wall Street,” the only good film that complete shill Oliver Stone (father’s original name: Silverstein) ever made. That’s right, the guy who made JFK and that bullshit 9-11 firefighters movie “World Trade Center,” his real family name is Silverstein, same as Lucky Larry and he is of the chicken swinging tribe on his father’s side, and his son Sean Stone is a well-known “truther” who gatekeeps the 3000 victims bullshit 9-11 narrative and not only that, he converted to Islam! lol


  • bmseattle

    As to the question posited above…

    Have hoax-aware people been different from normal people since childhood?

    At first I thought the implication was that there was a subset of “people” who were just born different than the majority of “people”.

    But then the topic arose suggesting that early childhood traumatic events and/or abusive people could somehow trigger(?) a kind of “awakening”.

    I suppose that both of the above could be true.
    Clearly not everyone who has experienced childhood trauma can suddenly recognize the aluminum foil Lunar Module.
    I don’t consider my own childhood to have been particularly traumatic or abusive… so it doesn’t seem to be necessary for everyone to have those experiences.

    But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some event or circumstance or interaction that triggered it in me. Something that I am not consciously aware of anymore (if I ever was).
    It need not have been stereotypically traumatic, but still powerful enough to change my perspective on things enough to see the hoaxes, etc.

    My guess is that there is something inherently different in some people, ie, they are “born that way”.
    Even then, some of that subset might need a nudge, a push… a slap in the face, to fully realize their ability to “see”.

    Whether we can recognize these people by any sort of physical trait is an interesting question.
    My eyes are Blue…not Green.
    I do have what is an apparently rare blood type, however… so perhaps there is something to that theory?
    Blood type differences have always been a curious thing to me, in any regard.

    Anyway, interesting discussion… thanks JLB.

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