Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #07 – Are We in the End Times? (24-Jan-2024)

The seventh episode of the Late Night Truth Lounge.

Are we living in the ‘end times’?

Why do so many ‘awake’ people seem to believe so?

This episode is includes responses to comments left on the related JLB youtube video and NOPOL reddit thread.


Video version not available for this episode. mp3 only.


Bonversation #36 – Tim Ozman [3] (22-Jan-2024)

Livestreamed 24-Jan-2024. Podcast published 26-Dec-2023, with minor editing to improve audio. Available publicly.

4 thoughts on “Late Night Truth Lounge | Ep #07 – Are We in the End Times? (24-Jan-2024)

  • Negentropic

    I didn’t know “belief in the end times” was an optimistic belief! The World is Ending is optimistic? That’s a new one for me. I guess starting from scratch afterwards into something supposedly better is the optimism part! lol

    The trade-off in the current realm is this: we hoax a few thousand fake “quick kills” a year in order to dramatically & traumatically control, slow-bleed and slow-kill Hundreds of Millions of slaves at a time (before they can find out enough to de-program and decondition themselves and pass the knowledge on to their even more brainwashed or better yet non-existent, non-reproduced direct progeny).

    A very good deal for them don’t you think? Fear and trauma keep the cattle in line for the short duration of their sickened and retarded slavery (about 75 years but only 25 years of actual living currently when sleep, school and work are taken out) and the subconscious certainly does not know the difference between real and strongly imagined fantasy. The only good news is that 20 years of programming the subconscious by BS in one direction does not take 10 years to de-condition and re-program once you find out you’ve been bullshitted to your whole life. If you’re diligent in controlling what goes in and out of your senses every day – if you strictly cut-off the endless junk-food of the mind, de-programming can be done in 3 to 5 years. Skepticism might be necessary for some but it is the realm of immense danger – psychological danger and that is often far worse than physical danger.




    https://iili.io/JcAgjup.jpg (that’s because ‘air’ symbolized the psychological / brainwash barrier)


  • Negentropic

    Oh yes! The same gigantic pharmaceutical companies and medical industry elite that fry babies in the womb, mutilate the genitals of 70% of males in the USA, systematically and deliberately drug and destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, for all physical and psychological ailments which they all created in the first place by deliberately poisoning people with nutritionally worthless junk and vegetable-based foods plus the brain-cell, liver and kidney annihilating and family-destroying, violence promoting genocidal poison of alcohol, these same people suddenly and magically decided to only give zillions of ‘placebo’ shots of vaccines to everyone during the most massive hoax in history – the 3 year long worse-than-fema-camp, worse-than-concentration-camp (you were allowed swims in the pool and movies and concerts and theater and brothels and soccer and plenty of other social activities there) self-home-imprisonment of BILLIONS of people at once! They’re the magical snake that bit you a hundred times but on the hundredth and first and most massively promoted occasion magically decided: NO, this time we go “placebo” just to get the vaxxers and non-vaxxers to fight with each other. lol Imagine that!

    That is the most naive and hopium infected if not the most mentally ill thing I’ve ever heard and when it is actually declared, as if it presented no contradiction to their other views, by people who themselves did not take the shot, then it also reeks of hypocrisy and the same “ego” and “emotional investments” they’re criticizing in others.

    Besides, your gracious and loving slave-masters know better than that. In all things, they opt for the slow-kill rather than the fast, since the slow-kill is not directly traceable. Therefore, and I’ve said this here a hundred times in the past 4 years, unless someone who was vaxxed or drugged actually croaked over right then and there on the spot and could be examined by independent journalists and medical examiners (an unlikely scenario), there will always be those like JLB and Ozman who argue: “you can’t prove that the snake who bit you a hundred times did this also, that could have just been an actor or an old person, other factors might have been involved” blah blah blah. And the further away from the day of the drugging we get the less that a direct connection can ever be definitely made.

    The objective of disinformation by its best definition is merely this: to create enough confusion so that everything becomes believable and nothing knowable. This is what most of the remaining tiny segment of the supposedly real and media-fakery-wise “truth” movement is currently engaged in doing, all in their own way – making everything believable and nothing knowable and it does not matter one bit if they’re doing this through direct agency or useful egotism or idiocy, the result is always the same.

    So how do you know when you’re surrounded by disinformation? When everything is becoming believable and nothing clearly knowable.

    And how do you know when you’re actually truth seeking? Only when things are in the process of becoming more clearly knowable – and that can only be logically provable without contradiction, since you’re never going to get to examine the actual claimed dead or non-dead bodies themselves during a PsyOp – but you certainly can logically prove that they are lying and deliberately harming both physically (as in the case of the massive worldwide poisoned foods and drugs industry) and psychologically while never forgetting the always preferred slow-kill method of their operations (any slave who thinks they merely have a 75 year lifespan with only 1/3 of that at best to themselves is physically poisoned and has clearly never eaten their natural diet even once – raw uncooked and undamaged animal foods).


    • bmseattle

      Good points raised, Neg.

      The “slow-kill”, or “slow-(insert negative effect here), potentiality, is important to consider.

      Particularly if one is open to the idea of the various potential birth trauma effects, and other long-term negative effects of the various medications people are offered, and additives in food, water, etc, that are forced upon us.

      There are many, many instances of medical/health authorities, suggesting, pushing, promoting things that we suspect or presume to have potential, long-term, negative results.

      It is, therefore, reasonable to have the same concerns over the vax, and to avoid them for that reason.

      there is certainly a sub-set of people in the ACT community that is pushing the more immediate/short-term death angle of the vax.
      It is fair to be skeptical of this perspective, of course… and question their agenda.

      But how many people who refused the vax were worried about long-term vs short-term negative effects?
      That is impossible to discern.

      Bottom line is, if you think there are potential negative effects, short or long-term, you are justified in avoiding the shot.
      Absence of concrete evidence of negative results in the short-term, doesn’t change the legitimacy of the reason for avoiding them in the first place, imo.
      It was reasonable to avoid them if you feared any sort of negative effects from them…. even if, ultimately, you were wrong about the specific negative effects…or even if you can never pin a specific negative effect to the vax at all.

  • WarriorMonk

    I finally managed to half wake up one of my friends from Uni over the last couple of years. He, his wife & 2 young kids move to Borneo in 2 days to help me relaunch my candle business after both quitting six figure salaries, so it’s definitely a thing.

    I don’t think I’m retarded but my intensely researched opinion, and as a surgeon, is that certain medical choices are demonstrably not all placebos & I am somewhat surprised at minds I respect concluding that they are. But assuming they’re correct, since 2020 my brain managed to earn more than a million, from nothing, all honestly, without asking for donations & in addition to 10-12hrs a day of non-stop research. To give every single penny of it (that I didn’t drink or smoke) away to injured animals, people & those pushing back against lies of all kinds (alright maybe that was a bit retarded lolz).
    But how come the ascended masters couldn’t all do the same with their brains & need loose change from chumps like me? ūüôā

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