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Comment Response: Are People REALLY Waking Up?

I asked a question and received a lot of replies:

Are people REALLY waking up?

Let’s see what viewers and listeners
from around the world think about this.



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Are people waking up?

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JLB 21029. Recorded and uploaded 4-Aug-2021.

3 thoughts on “Comment Response: Are People REALLY Waking Up?

  • watermanchris

    Great piece! I really like these videos because this is a very important topic right now.

    I find that people who think the calvary is coming are less likely to take real steps to improve their and their family’s lives. This was stated in the “Why Does PAWU Matter?” article.

    Most of the members here know that I’m in the process of building a family compound that is intended to be a refuge if/when things get tougher. It is also serving as a great distraction from everything that is happening. I think leading by example is the way forward. Maybe if people see me living my life in a positive and fulfilling way, they will be interested in my way of thinking.

    On the other hand, the doomsday prophets do have a large following but their followers don’t seem to do much. They appear to be hiding in their basements discussing all the negative shit. The ironic thing is that this is the PAWU crowd who claim to be optimistic.

  • Why are we here in the ACT realm?

    I think the answer to this question is evidence that people are not waking up. If most of us are being honest the reason we’ve found ourselves in these online circles is because the people around us IRL not only think that the ideas we float are crazy but attack us if we even bring them up. The amount of people I can discuss these things with in my personal life is about 3, and even then I need to dilute certain topics. This is why I’m grateful for this site.

    One of my go to barometers for people waking up (at least for Americans) is whether or not they believe in the moon landings. Not believing in the moon landings in America is still seen as very taboo and embarrassing by most people. It‚Äôs true that about half of Americans are anti-COVID-restrictions now, but of those half they often still believe in the virus as described and keep the narrative alive in that way. In my opinion, this does not count as ‚Äúwaking up‚ÄĚ, although I appreciate that they‚Äôre anti-restriction.

    • watermanchris

      Exactly! If people can’t see that the moon landing is a joke, they aren’t awake to shit.

      All the people in my “real life” who are aware of some of the problems with muh ronas, are on the Trump train. That should be all you need to know.

      I also see the phenomenon of mirroring as a major aspect of the PAWU delusion.

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