Voicemail Response #01

Some cool people left me some voicemails, in this recording I share my thoughts.

Topics include the latest Matrix film, the rug-pull of the scamdemic,
and what we are doing with our lives?


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Aengus Darwin research – here.

JLB article about tattoos – here.

Outro track – here.


JLB Voicemail response #01. Recorded 13 / 14-Jul-2022, published early hours 14-Jul-2022. Available publicly.


One thought on “Voicemail Response #01

  • 15-July-2022 at 2:08 am

    I always like these long JLB solo recordings. You should make this voicemail response a regular thing.

    I agree with you about movie sequels. Most films we have in theaters today are art by committee and it usually sucks. You can see these companies milk formerly successful franchises into the ground.

    Some people if you treat them well they just act worse.

    This is a very interesting observation and relates to the question of positive vs negative reinforcement. I think ultimately you need to be frank with people and hold them accountable, especially in dire situations. Positive comments are necessary but should be sparse and where deserved. If you hand someone too many of them they mean nothing. I think Kevin Samuels did this pretty well.


    The tattoo caller comes off as a little insecure about his tattoos. If you grow old and your skin is firm and looks clear than your old tattoos will probably look fine. But if your skin gets loose and wrinkly, which it likely will, let’s be real man, your tattoos are gonna look shitty. But I don’t think any of us will look great when we’re old so to each their own. Someone’s old gut or fucked up eye might look worse than someone else’s old tattooed arms.

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